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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning March 3rd, 2018.
Currently, Q posts can be found here:

The theme for this series is:
2) In my last update, I missed a post by #Qanon from February 22nd. Here it is.
MSM & elites want us divided to weaken us so they keep control.
False flags allow them to establish the narrative they choose.
3) #Qanon estimates 20 million people have been reached with his message so far.
Keep talking.
Keep fighting MSM narrative.
How do they control children?
What prevents a child from revealing the truth?
(A child must first know the truth.)
4) This was #Qanon's first post on March 3rd.

You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.
(If we had no power, the MSM and elites would ignore us.)

You simply forgot how to PLAY.
5) #Qanon says we need to fight the censorship. In the last week, Youtube has taken action against Titus Frost, Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi and others in a move that seems to be aimed at silencing conservatives.…
6) It's not just Youtube. All the big social media platforms are clamping down on dissenting voices. #Qanon…
7) Twitter's eggheads have found a new way to demonize dissent. Rather than admit they're censoring viewpoints, they say they're "assessing the health of conversations." #Qanon…
8) We’re committing Twitter to help increase [force] the collective health [public discourse] openness [discrimination] & civility of public conversation [censorship] and hold ourselves publicly accountable [we own this platform] towards progress [liberal indoctrination]. #Qanon
9) Jack's "healthy conversation" [censorship] thread. 👇🏼
10) Of course, the only viewpoints that are deemed "unhealthy" are ones that oppose the views of the global elites and Silicon Valley think tanks.

(And if something is unhealthy, doesn't it make sense to eradicate it?)
11) They want you silenced.
We are WITH you.

"Make it Rain?"
(I don't know if there's a secret meaning but I like it.)
12) #Qanon's next post.
13) This anon has the right idea.
(I'm not saying we can never understand what these posts mean, but the main thrust of #Qanon's message to us is not found in these posts.)
14) Lots of questions in #Qanon's next post.
(Pay close attention to sentence structure. Q says it's important.)

Note the missing or extra words and letters in this sentence: What I say a class action lawsuit?
15) Speaking of class action lawsuits, a class action lawsuit was filed against Google for censorship (a lawsuit has also been filed against Twitter by Chuck Johnson).
16) Who wrote the censorship algorithm and who deployed it across multiple platforms?

Someone working with, for, or above Google. [Clowns?]

This article reveals the many ways in which Google can blacklist you (or an entire industry if it wants).
17) A 2015 article on Eric Schmidt's goal of censoring the internet.
18) Where is @Snowden?
(Not in Russia. Is he with the other ES (Eric Schmidt?)

Why did ES leave G?
(Eric Schmidt left Google on the day POTUS signed Executive Order freezing assets of corrupt people/organizations.)
19) Why has NK out of the news cycle?
(Missing the word [been] or why [was]

NoKo is in the news when it's to the MSM/elite's advantage.
If Noko is not in the news, is it because they're being turned from a rogue nation [under CIA control] to an ally?
A unified Korea?
20) The account @NoonInKorea reports on news coming from the Korean peninsula. They did a thread on attempts this week by South Korea to negotiate with North Korea. #Qanon
21) Define false flag?
22) What event(s) change the news cycle?
(False flags are intended to change the news cycle.)

Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?
(The LasVegas shooting wasn't a false flag. It was a covert op that went sideways and had to be covered up.)
23) For an analysis of what happened in Las Vegas, you might check out Mike Closer's summary in this periscope broadcast from December. (Go to the 1 hour and 50-minute mark.)
24) BOOM
25) #Qanon's next post.
We should take note of misspellings and odd sentence structures. They have meaning beyond what is obvious.
26) #Qanon draws our attention to the man who killed himself outside the White House on Sunday. He says the act was intended as a threat. Drama destabilizes certain people making them suSPECTable to control.
You're not seeing the whole picture.
Keep an eye on the news.
28) #Qanon reminds us that the media perverts everything.
All they want is your mindless obedience.
Up is down left is right.
Don't believe them.
29) BOOM
30) #Qanon used a play on words.
What is a suspect?
Someone suspected of being involved in a crime.
Does mind control make certain people SUSPECTable to criminal behavior?
(Susceptible to becoming suspects?)
31) The next #Qanon post is long and covers a lot of [related] subjects.
32) Last week, # QAnon posted about the BRIDGE and Stanislav Lunev.
This week the reference is back.
33) My suspicion that the BRIDGE was related to Snowden and spies seems to be confirmed. this week, Q says it's connected to murder [187], Edward Snowden and the CIA [clowns]
-2 could be a countdown.
34) I suspect that the LINK is a connection between Snowden, the CIA, Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. The deep state and the elites try to control the public narrative through social media.
35) #Qanon mentioned Russia's announcement of its advanced nuclear weapon technology and asked why Putin told the world about it.
36) One reason for the announcement is that Putin is facing an election on March 18th.
A second reason was to deter Kim Jong Un from further nuclear weapons development. #Qanon…
37) Today's #Qanon posts can be found here:
38) HRC open source. (Unsecured server)
SAP. (Special Access Programs)
Will incriminate 🔽
JP. (John Podesta)
TP. (Toby Podesta
Highest levels of US-G[overnment]
Over their involvement in 🔽
U1. (#UraniumOne)
North Korea operations
39) #Qanon asked :
Why is SR back in the news?
A recent Seth Rich story:…
40) And another.
The narrative that the DNC server was hacked by Russians is falling apart. It's only a matter of time before the more plausible story is confirmed that Rich leaked the files and was killed because of it. #Qanon…
41) #Qanon asked:
Why is SESSIONS acting weak?
IG report?
No legit leaks.
MSM staging narrative.
IG appointed by SESSIONS for?
Enjoy the show.
42) Trump & Sessions are playing a game in the lead-up to the release of the DOJ OIG report.
They need the MSM to be sympathetic to Sessions and IG Horowitz.
That means Trump has to feign disdain for them.
Sessions doesn't sell it well, but the MSM is buying it.
43) Dead cat bounce
44) "Dead cat bounce" in an investment term. It's a short recovery in a long downtrend.
Was #Qanon referring to the stock market?
The deep state?
The fall of the MSM?
45) #Qanon posted this graphic illustrating proof of identity.
On Jan 13 Q asked if we trusted the Chain of Command ommand.
On Jan 15, the DoD tweeted a #ChainofCommand show on the Discovery Channel that happened to have a Q mug in it.
46) This is a good place to discuss speculation about who Q might be.
A friend sent me this link, which takes you to a website that describes the organizational structure inside the NSA, which for years was kept secret.
47) In the directory, there is a list of letters. Each Letter corresponds to a different division within the NSA. The "D" in the directory corresponds with the Agency's Director.
48) The "E" in the directory corresponds to the Agency's Education division.
49) The "Q" in the directory corresponds to the NSA's Security and Counterintelligence division which in essence, is the NSA's own police force. Among other duties, they investigate leaks and security breaches.
51) This makes me wonder if #Qanon is a member of the NSA Q group that's responsible for tracking down Snowden and bringing him to justice.
52) Did you notice that some of #Qanon's posts seem to come from NSA sources? This image was linked to an NSA traffic camera.
52) I'm not going to say that we've discovered where #Qanon and his team work, but I do find this information interesting.
53) #Qanon's next post seems to be a big picture view of the war between the CIA and NSA.
Did NSA leak CIA Vault 7 to warn public about built-in vulnerabilities being exploited by rogue operators?
Did CIA return fire by sending Snowden into NSA to leak PRISM info?
54) The first part of the CIA/Snowden's operation consisted of:
Mission 1: Infiltrate [NSA]
Mission 2: Centralize [gain access to critical data without being detected]
Mission 3: Secure [data]
Mission 4: Expose to HARM [leak to press]
55) (Date)
Snowden made first contact with Glen Greenwald and Laura Poitras in April of 2013. He gave them sample documents. They chatted via secure channels and eventually, Snowden invited them to meet him in Hong Kong. They flew there on June 1st.
56) Business Insider created a timeline of all known Snowden's leaks concerning NSA and British intelligence (GCHQ).
57) #Qanon says:
(WH interference)
(WH directive)

The Guardian article about Snowden discloses the fact that President Obama directed the NSA to install surveillance on fiber-optic cables that carry communications around the world [A covert directive].
58) #Qanon says:
Mission 5: Russia LINK

CIA helped Snowden defect to Russia. He used his own name at the hotel in Hong Kong & his own credit cards even though the CIA & DoD had a worldwide Nat Sec hold on him. Impossible to do without help [LINK]
59) #Qanon says:

On January 17, 2014, President Obama gave an address outlining reforms to the NSA in the wake of Snowden's leaks.…
60) Here is one excerpt from the article. I believe it's part of the Presidential Directive #Qanon wanted us to find.
61) Obama created a review group [insiders] who determined no [admitted] abuse of the NSA database had occurred.
62) Pay no attention to this. It's part of a FISA Court ruling noting high levels of noncompliance with minimizations procedures over multiple years. this document says the FBI allowed private contractors to access raw intelligence without proper authorization or training.
63) Good news. President Obama felt it necessary to provide even more security against the potential abuse of FISA 702.
64) Odd how some people tell you exactly what they're planning to do by telling you what they're opposed to.
65) #Qanon says:
Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME
(I'm still working on this)
Mission 7: CLAS
(I need a higher security clearance)
Mission 8: Whistle Blower traps - jobs C-3567k
(CIA traps whistleblowers through [Un]SecureDrop, Tor browser & other apps endorsed by Snowden.)
66) CLAS +relay
(Have not figured this one out yet.)
67) #Qanon asks that we listen carefully to this video and trust that the patriots know what they're doing.
68) #Qanon Link:
69) #Qanon says.
70) BOOM, indeed.
71) #Qanon asks:
72) #Qanion asks:
73) #QAnon's question is in reference to this.
He says it's not a coincidence. It's a threat.

How safe would you feel if a stranger made their way into what you thought was a relatively secure home?…
74) An anon wondered if #Qanon ever mentioned the internet bill of rights. Q said he has and posted a link.
75) Here's the link #Qanon posted:…
76) #Qanon then asks why so-called patriots oppose an internet bill of rights.
77) #QAnon's next post.
78) Which referred to this.
79) In the wee hours of March 5th, #Qanon posted this.
80) Is #Qanon a fan of John Lee Hooker?
(Stay tuned.)
81) I believe we caught the first boom. (Oil boom) Looking forward to the rest of them.
82) #Qanon welcomes Snowden to... China?
-3 (countdown?)
83) Spartans in Darkness is a book containing previously classified intelligence information, describing the history of signals intelligence during the Vietnam (Indochina) war. #Qanon
Link to PDF:…
84) This is an excerpt that describes the author's mission in writing the book.

I suspect that #QAnon is trying to help us understand signals intelligence better so that we can better work with him on this assignment.
85) Wikipedia page for signals intelligence.
86) The NSA has a Frequently Asked Questions page for signals intelligence.
87) An anon posted this image and #Qanon responded.
88) The photo was taken at this week's meeting between North and South Korea where they're discussing unification.

NoKo is out of the MSM news because the clowns control NoKo and peace talks threaten their control.
89) #Qanon posted this. He's been telling us to watch the water for a couple of weeks.
90) #Qanon posted this.
Note the background water.
Turbulent on the left.
Peaceful on the right.
91) An anon noticed that North Korea is talking about denuclearization.
#Qanon says we should sit tight and watch what happens.
92) #Qanon says:
Eyes in the Sky.

Previously he's referred to owls and good hunting.
93) The National Reconnaissance Office manages our satellite intelligence program. They provide satellite intelligence to the NSA, CIA, DIA, and other intelligence agencies.
One of their symbols is an owl.
94) #Qanon mentioned "Sum of All Fears."
I believe it's a reference to the film based on the Tom Clancy novel where the U.S. and Russia narrowly avoid World War III.
(We dodged a bullet.)
95) #Qanon made these observations about the latest photo of Kim Jong Un.
96) An anon asked a good question.
#Qanon says, "Trust the plan."
97) #Qanon posted this reminder.
98) #Qanon posted this.
99) Here's the link to the PDF and the document image.
It references the Red October Steel plant in Stalingrad, Russia.
(Hmm... where have we heard that name before?)
100) The Wikipedia page for the Red October Steel plant.
101) #Qanon replies.
"The hunt" was removed from Red October because [now] it's not about the film but the steel company.
Why is steel in the news so much lately?
Hint: Q says it's not [really] about money or trade.
102) #Qanon posted this link.
103) #Qanon's link takes you to a news report revealing that Japan's third-largest steelmaker (Kobe) fraudulently certified inferior steel for nearly 50 years. The CEO is resigning amid the scandal.…
104) An anon posted this in answer to #Qanon's question "Why is steel so important?"
105) Another anon answered #Qanon's question with this.
106) #Qanon indicated that the anons had given 2 of 5 reasons why steel is important. And then he asked if steel had been made poorly for a nefarious reason.
107) In response to the article about Japanese steel fraud, #Qanon said it's going to get worse when the reports on Chinese and Russian steel come to light.
108) President Obama's Secret Service code name was Renegade.
It's been reported (but hard to verify) that few marines volunteered for President Obama's detail.
109) #Qanon is looking forward to the parade that President Trump is planning for this coming veteran's day.
111) An anon posted this observation about Victor Pinchuk, the Ukranian steel magnate who contributed millions to the Clintons.

Bribing public officials is illegal. But making donations to foundations is not. #Qanon says that's why politicians have foundations.
112) Here's the link the anon posted.
113) An anon asked #Qanon for confirmation that President Trump and Q were over North Korea when this video was taken.
114) #Qanon said:
"Do you think the Asia Live original post (OP) was for nothing?"
115) #Qanon asks if the stage is set for the release of a high quality (5x5) raw (unedited) x-rated video (EX-rvid5774) of Hillary Clinton.
116) One anon weighed in on prospects of a public release of the Hillary video. #Qanon
117) Another anon asked if the pattern of the plus signs signaled a date — 3/15.
118) Another response.
119) An anon gets a brilliant idea.
#Qanon responds.
120) In anticipation of the Hillary video being released, there's a buzz now about how easy it is to put someone's face on another person's body in a video.
So if a Hillary video does appear, they have a handy way to refute it.
121) Here's the article #Qanon posted.…
122) #Qanon notes that there is a lot of publicly available information on the crimes of the Clintons yet much research needs to be done to connect the dots.
124) #Qanon posted this about the Clintons and Haiti.
126) #Qanon posted this link.
127) The link takes you to a disturbing document on the CIA website revealing how the Agency collaborated with Nazi criminals after World War II.
128) #Qanon has changed the lives of some of the anons. Here are some of their testimonies.
129) #Qanon testimonies
130) #Qanon testimonies.
131) #Qanon testimonies
132) #Qanon testimonies
133) #This morning, #Qanon posted this.
He recently welcomed Snowden to China.
134) Some of you are old enough to remember this.
135) #Qanon posted this.
He's suggested that an "Internet Bill of Rights" would be in our best interest.
136) Today, the State of Washington became the first state to sign into law a "Net Neutrality" bill.

Should we trust politicians to level the playing field?
Should we be concerned about the influence of corporatists and lobbyists?
137) #Qanon posted this.
Trump's people are working to take control of the internet away from the puppet masters who control Google, Facebook, Twitter, and give it back to average people.
138) It seems that in 24 hours [-24] Trump's people will have a message for us on the Internet Bill of Rights [IBOR].
(I'd look for something from @AjitPaiFCC - President Trump's FCC chair.)
139) #Qanon asked again how Edward Snowden got through customs when a Global Nat Security hold was [supposedly] placed on him.
140) It's odd that Snowden didn't go directly to Russia but stopped in Hong Kong. He used his own name and credit cards while there & was not apprehended. The People's Republic of China must have coordinated with the CIA to assure him safe passage. #Qanon…
141) The U.S. was after Julian Assange at the time (June, 2013).

Julian Assange - have you learned & eliminated L-6?
(What is L-6?)
142) #Qanon posted this.
143) 🤡🤡[CIA] perform in a circus.
🤡🤡Control social media
🤡🤡Wrote the censorship code used on social media platforms
China & Hong Kong are where electronic devices are made.
144) Why Russia?
Russia is where Kaspersky labs is based.
Russian companies are notoriously corrupt and can be used to accomplish nefarious [CIA] objectives.
145) [ES] Eric Schmidt personally set up back-channel communications [C-link] in multiple countries (North Korea, Russia, China) to help run CIA Operations.
(He has access to the technology & does what the puppet masters say because they own him.) #Qanon…
146) An anon noted that Edward Snowden's girlfriend (Lindsay Mills) worked in a circus.
#Qanon asked about the father.
(I'm assuming he means the girlfriend's father.)
147) An interview with Jonathan Mills, the father of Snowden's girlfriend.
148) Link to The Guardian article that the anon posted.
149) An anon confessed he was skeptical about the Internet Bill of Rights. But after giving it some thought, he realized it's needed.
150) #Qanon responded, noting that private companies (Twitter, Facebook, Google) are not required to allow users free speech, giving them the ability to control the narrative & silence dissent. If we leave, they lose [advertising] revenue. The CIA supports them. But not for long.
151) Petition for the Internet Bill of Rights. #Qanon…

• • •

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