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Don’t worry every1, just vote.
It’s the answer 2 all our problems. Voting. Elections will fix everything! Yeah, they just blatantly rigged a primary in every way possible. No, no1 has been punished 4 it. But now, with no reform & no convictions, they’ve decided 2 stop cheating
No one is thinking logically on this issue. It’s insane. Why do people think our corporate owners are just going to become suddenly benevolent and stop rigging elections? Why am I the ridiculed one for pointing out the obvious? WTF is wrong with ppl?
The fact that it’s been two years & no investigation into any of the 2016 fraud is astounding. Ppl have allowed the Russia distraction to numb their outrage over Arizona voter suppression, over stolen state conventions & rigged machines, over voter purges, over NPP ballots in CA!
Watch citizens of Arizona explain what they went through in 2016, and then tell me just go VOTE! WTF!
Have people forgotten that the audits were more corrupt than the election in some cases. Like in Chicago, as this woman explains!
Have people forgotten the coin tosses in Iowa? Seriously?!
Have people forgotten what happened in New York? Can anyone out there remember?
I’ll never forget what happened in NV. Never! It’s what makes me adamant about being done playing their silly games.
I’ll never forget Joy Reid telling NY voters not to vote since they were leaning towards Bernie, not Hillary.
Then when they discovered we were tracking the fraud using exit polls, they stopped doing them!
Remember this one: AP calls CA for Hillary the night before the primary! WTF! Yep, that happened!
What about the ballot shredding in CA? No big deal, huh? Nothing to see here. Move on ppl
What about the voter purges in NY? They admitted to it and no one went to jail. No one!
This is a good segment on the New York purges.
Ever wonder how voters get purged? Let Bob Fitrakis explain
How the “Red Shift” became the “Hillary Clinton” shift
Bernie won CA. Period. Anyone who doesn’t know this wasn’t paying attention
But, dear me! None of this matters! VOTE! Get out there! Don’t give up your right to vote!! By all means they need those bodies at the polls to justify installing the next round of “candidates.” They’ll thrown in a few “Progressives” to make you feel good.
I felt it at the NV Convention but it hit me between the eyes in Philly. We’ve lost our Democracy. The fiction they showed on MSM was so far removed from reality!
Let’s not leave out the #DNCFraudLawsuit where Democrats argued in court they have a right to rig the primary. In fact, recently they claim a 1st Amendment right to rig. But hey, no problem here folks, just vote! As Obama loved to say,”Don’t boo, vote!” While the Fraud occurred!
Until we demand reform & accountability for the fraud of 2016, the rigging will continue. “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and it never will.” - Frederick Douglas. Our country is in danger. Wake up!
Every time I challenge the current rigged system I get dragged thru the coals!
They say “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” Really? Well I f*cking tried!!!!
Logic is lost on too many people. We are ranked 48 out of 48 on election Integrity among long standing democracies. But VOTE! Just VOTE! It will all be better then

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Jul 21, 2018
It’s going to take millions of us to stop playing by their rules to break it. Our Constitution has been suspended for decades. There is no more rule of law. Corporations own the entire apparatus. Let’s SMASH IT!
The Duopoly only gives the illusion of choice. It’s a tool to divide the populace. It’s worked beautifully. Families, friends and coworkers have all taken sides against each other while the Deep State laughs & greases the palms of their puppets.
The children of the elite are elevated beyond anything they’ve earned while ours are sacrificed in wars for profit. There is nothing Nobel about the wars Empire have waged. Us & our kids are expendable pawns to line the pockets of the corporate state!
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Mar 27, 2018
No one wants to see children killed.
But targeting “mentally ill” for a civil rights grab when they are only 4% of the perpetrators is wrong & dangerous. Lists R being made, diagnosis R being created. “Excessive video gaming.” Look it up & they don’t want your gun, they want YOU
“Mental illness” is the new big tent for circumventing civil Rights. 100 years ago people were thrown into mental asylums in America if they were disabled or “promiscuous”. Subjectively applied to women pregnant out of wedlock, even as a result of rape. See Buck v. Bell.
Carrie Buck was raped by a friend of her guardian. She became pregnant & was placed in an asylum. “Promiscuous” was her “mental illness” diagnosis. Her mother had Carrie out of wedlock, showing a hereditary pattern of imbecility. So she was sterilized
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Mar 24, 2018
“We have to break the lie. Partisan Politics is ripping this country apart. All of them (politicians), are serving g at the feet of the billionaires, war profiteers and the shadow power.” @saneprogressive #BreaktheLie
“If the presidency of Barack Obama teaches anything it should B that presidents R nothing but tools of the elite 2 concentrate wealth & power. It should teach us that the words Democrat & Republican R absolutely meaningless.” #BreaktheLie
Reagan coined the term “Welfare Queen, but it took a Democrat, Clinton took away the social safety net of AFDC. It took Obama to enact a Republican health care plan. 1,400 fracking permits under Obama #BreaktheLie
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Mar 2, 2018
For more than a century a lie was taught in school about what started the Spanish-American war. The explosion on the USS Maine. This lie was instigated by the govt., propagandized by the media, and embraced by the public. But the Spanish didn’t do it. They didn’t want war.
Twenty years ago a 12 person jury, after hearing 70+ witnesses over a month period, (Witnesses that included former PD, military and FBI) concluded that MLK was killed in a conspiracy that included our govt. But if U tell the truth Coretta Scott King asked us to, U R called liar
Our govt lied about the JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations. From Lincoln to McKinley 3 out of 9 presidents were assassinated. That’s 30%! That was the first Gilded Age , this is the 2nd. Elites will lie & kill 2 stay in power. They R lying about Russia 2 start WWIII & cover DNC crimes!
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Feb 23, 2018
When America Awoke
When America awoke from such ignorant slumber
Reality’s nightmare had torn us asunder
America’s founders were rolling in graves.
Most people unknowingly had become slaves.
Media outlets served a corporate state.
Propagating divisions that they helped create.
Divide them and conquer was working so well.
Carlson and Maddow were giving us hell.
Yes, when we awoke and the nightmare was real.
Corrupt DNC had primaries to steal.
They couldn’t allow us to get in their way.
They disenfranchised voters who got in their way
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Feb 23, 2018
While America Slept
While American slept a thief snuck inside
And stole away things never imagined denied.
Motivated by greed using each careful tool
They kept you in slumber so they could make you a fool
Then softly they whispered & fed you some lies
To distract from the real things that would bring your demise
The opiates they on the masses bestowed
Fox News, CNN and reality shows
Your religion they twisted to serve their own greed
While they racked in profits that were clearly obscene
Then they threw in some Facebook and taught you to tweet
About the next cup of coffee or the daintiest treat
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