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40,000+ Hindu temples are now used as Masjids, Dargahs across Bharat. Please share widely in all social media as we publish their details, evidences here.

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Atala Masjid in Jaunpur UttarPradesh is a Hindu temple for Goddess Atala Devi. It was ransacked by Sultan Firuz Shah and converted to Masjid by Sultan Ibrahim.

It has Hindu temple architecture , pillars and many evidences that prove its a Hindu temple.

The Hindu temple for Goddess Atala Devi in Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh now exists as a Masjid.

When will Hindus restore worship of the Goddess in her temple?

Bijamandal mosque in Vidisha Madhya Pradesh is actually a Hindu temple dedicated to Charchika Devi.

The temple was attacked by Iltumish in 1235 AD and Allauddin Khilji in 1290 AD. Aurangzeb destroyed the temple in 1682 AD and built a Masjid in its place.

In Bijamandal mosque Vidisha Madhya Pradesh can be found mutilated idols and sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses remain there awaiting worship. Hindus should demand immediate return of the temple site.

In 1432 AD, Sultan Malik Mugith ransacked and converted a large Hindu temple in Mandu Madhya Pradesh to a Masjid in his name.

The pillars of the Masjid and architecture clearly reveals its Hindu past.

Jama Masjid Mandu in MadhyaPradesh is a Hindu temple which was converted to a Masjid by Sultan Mahmud Khilji.

The temple was stripped clean of all sculptures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. However it still retains the Hindu temple architecture.

Sufi saint Muhammad Ghaus helped Babur to capture the Gwalior fort in 1526 AD. The Dargah of Sufi Muhammad Ghaus in Gwalior MadhyaPradesh is a Hindu temple.

SultanGhari tomb in Delhi regarded as the first Islamic Mausoleum in Bharat, is a Hindu temple converted to a tomb by Sultan Iltumish for his eldest son Nasiruddin Mahmud.

Architectural evidences and ASI website evidences that its a Hindu temple.

SultanGhari tomb in Delhi reveals the humiliating situation of Hindus in Bharat.

Dead bodies of Muslim invaders now remain buried in Hindu temples where our ancestors once worshiped Hindu Gods and Goddesses and prayed for prosperity of Hindu civilisation.

Please do watch and share the 2 min video on SultanGhari, a Hindu temple in Delhi now existing as an Islamic Mausoleum.



Jamali Kamali Masjid in Delhi is a Hindu temple which was converted to Masjid by Sufi saint Shaikh Fazlu'llah. The Hindu architecture and motifs can be still seen.

The temple site was used by Muslims to bury their dead.

Hindu temple at Pottalpudur, Tirunelveli TamilNadu. See the Hindu temple architecture, temple pillars, Garbhagrihas and has rituals like lighted lamps.

Muslims now occupy the site, claiming its a Dargah.
Under the stairs of Jama Masjid Delhi was buried idols of many Hindu Gods and Goddesses after destroying their temples. This was done to humiliate Hindus, as Muslims trample the Hindu Gods under their feet every day.

Demand excavation to liberate our Gods.

AhmedShah Masjid in Ahmedabad Gujarat is a Hindu temple seized and converted to a Masjid by Sultan Ahmed Shah 1 in 1414 AD.

Hindu temple ceilings, pillars, motifs and other temple designs can be seen. However all the sculptures of Hindu Gods were removed.

Jama Masjid Ahmedabad in Gujarat is a Bhadrakali temple which was forcefully converted into a Masjid by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1415 AD.

Garbhagrihas, mutilated sculpture of Hindu Gods, Hindu temple motifs prove that it is a Hindu temple under Muslim occupation.

Video on Jama Masjid Ahmedabad and the evidences of it being a Hindu temple. Please watch and share widely. For more videos visit


Jami Masjid Khambhat Gujarat was once Shakunika Vihar, a Jain temple built by Princess Sudarshana. In 1299 AD Muslim ruler Alauddin Khilji destroyed the temple sculptures and converted it into Masjid.

Jami Masjid in Khambat Gujarat still has the temple pillars, motifs and architecture of the magnificent Jain temple it once was.

Adina Masjid, Malda West Bengal was built by Sultan Sikandar after destroying a grand Hindu temple. The Masjid has remnants of the Hindu temple and mutilated idols of Hindu Gods.

West Bengal govt website confirms that Adina Masjid is a Hindu temple site. However Muslims now offer Namaz inside and has also buried their many dead at the temple site.

Masjid i Ala or Jama Masjid Srirangapatna in Mandya district of Karnataka is a Hindu temple which was forcefully occupied and used as a Masjid by Tipu Sultan.

You can find no dome, but can see Hindu temple foundation, pillars, and also a pond.

Deval Masjid Nizamabad Telangana is actually Indranarayanswamy temple.

The temple was forcefully occupied and used as Masjid by Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.

Help us build awareness about the destroyed Hindu temples of Bharat, and about 40,000+ Hindu temples which are now used as Masjids.

Please recommend our Facebook , Instagram pages to your followers on social media.

Just say it once publicly, then say it again.

"Muslims must return all 40,000+ Hindu temple sites which they are using as Masjids and Dargahs"

Zafar Khan Ghazi Masjid in West Bengal is a Hindu temple that was seized by Muslim invaders.

With mutilated sculptures of Hindu Gods, the structure now stands as a mute witness to the barbaric onslought of Muslim invaders in Bengal.

ZafarKhan Masjid is one amongst 1000s of Masjids across Bharat where you will find Hindu temple architecture like temple doors, Garbagrihas, temple motifs, sanskrit inscriptions.

Dead bodies of Muslim invaders now lies buried inside the Hindu temple site.

Sikandhar Badusha brutally imposed Shariah during his brief rule of Madurai. His Dargah is a converted Hindu temple at Thiruparankundram.

Sikkandhar was killed alongwith his army by great Pandya ruler Thirupandiyan who liberated Madurai from Islamic oppression.

SitaRam Goel in 1990 published list of 1862 Masjids across Bharat which were actually Hindu temples seized by Muslim invaders.

He believed that one day Hindu Samaj will reclaim all of them and revive worship at these temple sites.

The history which should have been etched in the minds of every Hindu will soon be forgotten, if we don't make a conscious attempt to retell them.

Hindus should have a Holocaust remembrance day on 9 April when Aurangzeb ordered all Hindu temples to be demolished


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Aug 10, 2018
Ambarnath Siva temple near Mumbai in Maharashtra was built during 11th century and has a unique architecture. In April 2018 Maharashtra @BJP4India govt notified land at a mere 200 m from temple as a burial ground for Muslims.…

In year 2017, @narendramodi govt had written to Maharashtra government supporting the demand to allot land for graveyard for Muslims near the Ambarnath Siva temple in Maharashtra.

Hindu Samaj is protesting, agitating and fighting court cases against @BJP4India Maharashtra govt notifying land near Ambarnath Siva temple as Muslim graveyard.

Support the fight for Dharma against the traitors who backstab Hindus for political gains.

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Jul 27, 2018
Our Karnataka team visited Nijagal hills temple complex in Bangalore Karnataka. Found five ancient Hindu temples lying in ruins even as two Dargahs slowly encroach the entire area.

Nijagal Hills temple complex near Bangalore Karnataka has two Dargahs existing near the Hindu temple ruins. The construction of one Dargah near the temple pond is ongoing, while another is at the top of the hill.
This particular tree growing on the temple ruins situated on top of Nijagal hills near Bangalore, has coins placed all over its roots.

Is it a custom, is there details available about this particular practice.

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Jul 3, 2018
Do you know the Hindu temple in your locality that was demolished by Muslim invaders. Do you know the temple built by your ancestors which is now used as Masjids.

We are making an effort to ensure that every Hindu knows these details. Help us spread the word.

Jami Masjid in Mandu Madhya Pradesh, a Hindu temple seized and converted to Masjid by Sultan Mahmud Khilji.

Lal Darwaza Masjid in Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is actually a Hindu temple converted to Masjid during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah.

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Apr 29, 2018
Today 29.4.18, Swamy Bharati Maharaj lighted lamp and restarted worship at Alathiyur Subrahmanya Swamy temple in Malappuram Kerala.

Temple was destroyed during 1921 Moplah riots, later encroached by a Mullah. Temple site was retaken by Hindus after litigation.

Site clearance work at Alathiyur Subramanya Swamy temple Malappuram Kerala, which was destroyed during 1921 Moplah riots.

Next stage is Devaprashnam ritual where astrologers, temple priests, temple architect, devotees decide on temple plan, design, worship.

Rebuilding of Alathiyur Subrahmanya temple Malappuram Kerala #KL002 :

Devaprashnam ritual will be held on 14 Jun 2018, and the temple renovation plan will be finalised as per TantraShastra.

This is 2nd temple being rebuilt as part of the #ReclaimTemples project in Kerala.
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