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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning March 8th.
Currently, Q posts can be found here:

My theme for this series is: "No Deals"
2) #QAnon posted this.
Jeff Sessions is at work. Some of what he does has public visibility. Much of it does not. I would take this as a hint that BIG things are going on out of view of the public.
3) #Qanon posted this.
4) #Qanon was referring to the President's speech that day on his proposed reciprocal tax on aluminum and steel. (Note POTUS used the term"set the stage.")
5) #Qanon posted a link to the video above.
6) An anon asked if #Qanon noticed the "Q" hand gesture.
7) Coincidence?
8) An anon noted that the tariff move was necessary.
#Qanon adds that there was a deliberate move by previous administrations to sell us out.
9) #Qanon posted these images.
His team has been tracking Edward Snowden on his trip from Russia to China. I believe this is where @Snowden is staying.
10) In response to #Qanon's confirmation that the previous administration sold us out, an anon asked Q to confirm there will be no deals for them.

12) An anon responds.
#Qanon reminds him that in one sense, they're not playing a game [it's serious business] but in another sense, [decoding riddles] we need to learn how to play his game.
13) An anon got excited at the news that President Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un later this year to negotiate peace talks.

#Qanon said POTUS already met with Kim on his prior trip to Asia.

He added that POTUS' negotiations with NoKo will break the Trump-hating media.
14) When #Qanon said think back _ NKpic(s) was referring to the picture the President Tweeted in November as he flew home from Asia.

(Q has previously suggested they were flying over North Korea at the time.)
15) An anon asked why they stopped in Hawaii on the way back.
#Qanon said they needed to take care of some business at NSA that involved the Hawaiian false missile alert. which Q warned us of in advance.
16) The false alert in Hawaii was on January 13th. #Qanon posted this on January 7th noting there would be an alert as if we were actually going to DEFCON 1, but that there was, in fact, no threat [non-nuclear].
17) #Qanon then posted this.
North Korea is just the beginning. Trump & his team are removing CIA/puppet master influence in other rogue nations.
18) The anons were curious to know more about when and where POTUS met with Kim Jong Un. #Qanon responded.
19) At the request of President Xi Jinping, Trump was the first foreign leader ever to visit China's Forbidden City. I would assume President Xi facilitated the meeting with Kim Jong Un. #Qanon…
20) #Qanon
21) An anon observed that Iran will be a difficult negotiation.
#Qanon says confidence is high that they will have it done by the time the veteran's day parade is held. [11/11/2018]
22) An anon said that that credit for NoKo negotiations is being given to the Olympics.
#Qanon knows that the MSM will only further prove their foolishness and bias by refusing to credit to POTUS.
23) For those of you who wondered why I tweeted a random picture from inside a car last night, now you know why.

#Qanon's team is in pursuit of Snowden. (The white sedan may have been @Snowden's.)
24) #Qanon seemed to be telling @Snowden he had 24 hours to make a move regarding Twitter or he'd face unpleasant consequences.
25) #Qanon said to watch the news.
Future Proves Past.
Oh, look.…
26) An anon posted this.
27) #Qanon responded.
28) The backstory on the Punisher.
29) An anon posted this and a link to an article announcing a "sudden change of plans by Jack Dorsey that will allow anyone to on Twitter to have a verified account.
31) #Qanon responded.
It looks like the puppet masters (Lynn DeRothschild, Hillary, etc.) were busted using code that illegally snooped on Twitter users.
Snowden assisted.
POTUS forced new ground rules for Jack and the terms were accepted.
[No Deals]
32) An anon asked if we'll have real freedom of speech in the near future.
#Qanon says yes because platforms like Twitter will be regulated [like public utilities].
33) The idea of regulating social media platforms the same way utilities are has gained a lot of momentum.
35) #Qanon says the big players already know that changes are coming to social media and they're taking positions to minimize financial loss. Watch their activity for proof of the coming changes.
36) Zuckerberg and others are getting their portfolios in order.
37) This website reports on insider trading.
On March 3rd, 4th and 5th, Zuckerberg sold 220,000 shares of Facebook each day.
Each transaction was worth almost $40 million.
(I did not look at other days this month)
38) Facebook insiders have been selling an average of 1 million shares a week of the company's stock over the last 5 weeks. (The total value of the stock is around a billion dollars.)
39) Investor Place has Twitter as one of 5 stocks to dump this month.
40) An anon asked for clarification about @snowden and Twitter.
41) Another anon (not #Qanon) observed that @Snowden doesn't seem like he's got the skills to pull off what Q has been telling us.
42) Another observation by an anon (not #Qanon)
43) An anon is concerned because what he knows so far doesn't add up.
44) #Qanon says we need to know who @Snowden is really working for if we want to understand the importance of his role.
45) #Qanon asked why @Snowden went public in Hong Kong.
My guess is that he works for their government.
It's why he went there instead of Russia.
It's why he's back there now.
They protect him.
46) #Qanon said we should look at @Snowden's family and their positions.
47) Here's a little information on Snowden's father.
An accomplished man.
48) Lon Snowden seems pretty proud of Edward. He said his son deserves a Nobel prize.
49) Another interview with Lon Snowden.
51) #Qanon posted this.
Rex Tillerson is wrapping up meetings with the President of Kenya. They discussed trade and national security.
Link to the President's Twitter timeline:
52) #Qanon posted this.
53) #Qanon
54) #Qanon posted these.
55) An anon asked what the previous code was about.
#Qanon said it was aimed at @Snowden & Jack and they responded appropriately with a public statement.
56) This just in.
The FBI @FBIRecordsVault Twitter account released a document detailing a FOIA request on the account's release of information on the Clintons.
57) Time for a little sleep.
58) #Qanon posted this asking us to look into the connections between the Clinton Foundation and Australia.
59) Bribery is illegal, but donations to foundations that support politicians involved in benevolent [sounding] activities are perfectly legal. Australia is one of the largest Clinton Foundation donors, pledging more than $25 million. #Qanon…
60) #Qanon responded to his post about Australia, asking us to make a connection concerning the leaked phone call between Malcolm Turnbull and President #Trump.
61) #Qanon then posted this asking us to consider the fact that #Trump knew there were bugs & leakers in the White House.
Why was the leak of the U.S.-Australian phone call strategic?
62) #Qanon says there was a strategic reason for the leak. Why would #Trump leak the call?

Perhaps to leverage Turnbull into cooperation letting him know that more sensitive [and embarrassing] conversations could be leaked like ones involving Australia and the Clinton Foundation
63) An anon noted that POTUS updated his previous comments on Twitter about North Korea.
#Qanon suggested it will all be resolved before November 11th. [11:11]
63) An anon posted about Planned Parenthood.
#Qanon let him know #Trump's people are working on ending Planned Parenthood.
64) Planned Parenthood is currently under investigation by the DOJ for selling fetal tissue. CEO Cecile Richards has announced she will resign later this year. #Qanon…
65) An anon asked if we're going to have a big week.
#Qanon responded.
66) An anon noted that Australia is part of the 5 eyes—an intelligence coalition between the U.S, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
#Qanon said the 5 eyes are important, the coalition will be dissolved but it should not be our focus now.
67) #Qanon posted an observation by one of the anons about the 5 eyes.
69) An anon made this observation about the 5 eyes from information leaked by @Snowden
70) For the record:
I don't post Wikipedia links because I find them to be the most trustworthy source. (There is reason to question the validity of some of their information.)

NORMIES tend to trust Wikipedia more than other sources, so I use it for THEIR benefit.
71) #Qanon posted this observation by one of the anons.

(I would be cautious about making strict rules regarding initials and names.
JB has been used to indicate Joe Biden, but depending on the context, it could be used for James Baker, Jeb Bush or someone else.)
72) An anon posted this quote from President #Trump asking about the #AwanBrothers The anon wanted to know if Israel was involved.
73) #Qanon responded.
There is a reason Israel has not (yet) been mentioned but they we will learn about them at some point in the future.
74) An anon asked if the team & operators are safe.
#QAnon said they appreciate our prayers.
75) An anon found it funny that POTUS hinted he may have already had discussions with Kim Jong Un, referencing November, which is when #Trump visited Asia.
#Qanon thinks we'll be surprised when we learn who has been talking to us.
76) It seems that in his previous post, #Qanon had given @Snowden a 24-hour window in which to Tweet, or there would be consequences. Snowden complied.
77) #Qanon reminds us that in light of the announcement by Jeff Sessions that he has already appointed someone to oversee allegations of corruption in government, we should consider his previous drops about indictments.
78) Conservative Treehouse article.
79) This was the 4th post by #Qanon when he began dropping crumbs in October of 2017. He touched on many subjects including the fact that as people are indicted, they'll still be in the public eye and that #Trump will remain [more or less] neutral for public optics.
80) This post by #Qanon from November gives more information on indictments, including that fact that some will be sealed and that #Trump is expediting judicial appointments for a reason.
81) #Qanon reminded the anons to keep an updated list of corporate resignations and graphics related to his posts.
82) #Qanon suggested that a group of people created Hollywood stars with the intent of leading gullible people into a life of darkness.

Marina Abramovic and spirit cooking are a big deal.

The perversion of the word "conspiracy" was intentional.
83) The term "Conspiracy Theory" was popularized by the CIA in the 1960s to prevent average people from questioning official government and mainstream media explanations.
84) For the record: Unlike many of you, I'm not inclined to question official explanations. I don't investigate conspiracies, the occult or paranormal activities. They don't interest me. I research #QAnon because God asked me to and I try to confine my research to Q posts.
85) Full disclosure:
I have been investigating the Clinton Foundation for a couple of years after finding their link to pedophilia. But again, that was only after a series of dreams where God asked me to research that subject.
86) Generally speaking, conspiracies don't interest me. So if you tag me in links to articles or videos or send them by private message, I probably won't read or listen to them. (Please don't take it personally.)
87) #Qanon noted that the misspelling of Marina Abramovic's name was accidental.
88) #Qanon posted a link to a video where retired Admiral Lyons discussed the lack of interest in previous administrations to appropriately deal with terrorists.

Q says things will be different with #Trump at the helm.
89) #Qanon's link.
90) #Qanon turned to the subject of Angela Merkel's past and asked the anons to dig into her past and the naming customs of Germany.
91) #Qanon said the mention of Merkel now will become more clear when future events unfold.
92) Merkel faced criticism when pictures of her turned up showing her association with East German communists in the 1970s.
93) #Qanon suggested that Merkel and Europe have been warned that the U.S. will not be taken advantage of under #Trump.
94) I believe this is the tweet #Qanon was referring to.
(The President also addressed Europe and trade in his speech from Pennsylvania last night.)
95) #Qanon responded to his previous post, noting that Merkel has been given time [10 days/months] to comply. If she does not there will be consequences.
96) #Qanon says the control that puppet masters have over the public through the MSM is coming to an end.
97) Speaking of resignations:
An anon asked if the resignation of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was related to the President's Dec 21 Executive Order.
#Qanon said no. It was related to Gary Cohn (#Trump's former Economic Adviser) and that Blankfein was being used as a pawn.
99) An anon said he never trusted Cohn.
#Qanon said more shakeups are coming in the #Trump administration and we should be on the lookout for them.
100) #Qanon posted this. picture.
101) #Qanon replied to his previous post.
102) There was a plan to use North Korea to bring about World War III [The Sum of All Fears], Hold POTUS hostage (perhaps not literally, but figuratively) allowing the puppet masters to disarm the American public, setting the stage for the NWO to take power. #Qanon
103) #Trump and the U.S. military detected the plan and are actively dismantling the globalist apparatus.
104) The image #Qanon posted was in reference to the churches of the Nazi party. (Global dominance requires compliance from religious leaders.)…
105) #Qanon encourages us to believe (trust) that President #Trump and his team are working with people around the globe who support freedom.
106) #Qanon says the "N" does not refer to Nazi, however, the philosophy behind the Nazi party is the same one that undergirds the present-day globalist agenda. More information & events will bring further clarity.
107) #Qanon posted an observation from an anon. The same people/forces that backed Hitler are behind the leaders today (Merkel & others) who are pushing for a global state.
108) They're even recycling their icons.
109) A look at the banners used back then.
#Qanon says these people are Maxine-level stupid.
110) #Qanon said it took maximum self-control for CNN not to cut the feed of #Trump's speech last night.
As a response [threat?] they aired a documentary of JFK's assassination.
111) #Qanon says opposition was being tested last night during #Trump's speech.
112) The anons discovered that NWO can be translated "Natural Economic Order. (Sound harmless, doesn't it?)

#Qanon said they went too far and need to reassess to avoid negative consequences.
113) Speaking of Europe, it looks like the thought police are now a reality. Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were arrested in the UK for merely wanting to interview Tommy Robinson.
114) On a positive note, it seems like word of #Qanon is spreading far and wide.

• • •

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