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Watch Lok Sabha right now!!
Speaker is passing Ministry budgets one after the other while other members are going crazy!

ZERO discussion on the Budget. ZERO!
Demands for grants PASSED!
ALL Ministries!
In under 13 minutes!

Now she's passing the Appropriation Bill. Finance Minister just moved an amendment and I don't have any clue what that is.

Appropriation Bill passed with amendments while MPs are screaming "NOOOO NOOO NOOO!"

Speaker be like, "The ayes have it."
The Government has been given permission to withdraw from the Consolidated Fund of India... by the Parliament?
She's passing the FINANCE BILL!!!

This bill has a provision to legalize shady political donations from 1976 onwards!

Minister has moved a few amendments here as well!
Last year, they did exactly this and made Aadhaar Compulsory for Banking THROUGH a shadily amended Finance Bill!

What are the amendments this year?! What is happening even!
People, this is the Parliament now. THIS.

MPs screaming their heads off. Speaker rattling away and passing bills one after the other. Not just bills, but the country's BUDGET is being passed while we can't hear or make out shit.

Go watch the death of our democracy.
This is so fucked up.
Like SO fucked up.

Good lord. Someone stop this! PLEASE SOMEONE STOP THIS!

A precedence is being set here. They will do it next year too, then the next, then the next. So disturbing!
Watch the Legislative Pillar of our democracy finally crumble.
This mass of faces is watching on. Just... sitting there and watching.

Finance Bill being passed. Speaker continues to rattle off clauses and passing them.

THIS is minutes away from becoming a reality.
Zero people discussed it.
Zero MPs cared about it.

Now someone is screaming, "LOK TANTRA KI HATYA BAND KARO!"

The BJP Government is murdering democracy on Live TV.
The Opposition MPs are just screaming away telling them to stop.

This seems extremely engineered for some reason.
The ayes have it the ayes have it.
Finance Bill passed with 21 new amendments.

Just... can't even right now.
Supplementary Demands for Grants being passed right now.

Jaitley is now introducing a new Appropriation bill.

He moved that it should be passed. It is being 'considered'.
Lok Sabha Adjourned till tomorrow.

The country's whole budget and the Finance Bill 2018 was passed without discussion in 30 minutes.
This is absolutely scary. SCARY AF!

It's like the current Government is blantantly saying: "Why have a Parliament at all anymore? You elected idiots aren't important. AT ALL. Only the Government matters."
Here's a sample of the kind of douchebaggery that went down in Lok Sabha today.

(Warning: LOUD)

• • •

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Sep 26, 2018
Seems like it's a 4 - 1 #AadhaarVerdict.

3 Partial read downs in favor of Government.
1 in favor of Government.
1 Ultra dissent

This is good though. It means the Supreme Court has acknowledged that not all is well in Aadhaar land.

There were some major problems which have been rectified.
The biggest one is disallowing private companies to use Aadhaar data. Now all those techies who were supporting Aadhaar will slowly dwindle out. We'll be left only with the Govt in power defending the program.

If there's no profit there, why bother, eh? Waste of time.
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Sep 12, 2018
.@CNNnews18 has counted tubelights and fans in Vijay Mallya's designated jail cell. Apparently they're looping "the video that will bring Mallya back"

One panelist keeps calling Mallya a Congress baby.

*slow clap*
While Rahul Shivshankar asks why UPA did meherbani on Mallya, Shehzad Poonawala on @TimesNow made an epic observation:

This @aajtak really has some next level promos.

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Sep 11, 2018
You're still wondering why it's important to create a hue and cry about the Huffpost story?

Think about this scenario: A 100 folks from say, China, sitting in one room and creating Aadhaar after Aadhaar using a patched software which has geo-location disabled.

Every single day.
This is an actual national security issue of gigantic proportions. Mind is reeling thinking about possibilities of how this can be misused.

For all you know, terrorists in sleeper cells must have procured Aadhaar numbers and are living amongst us. Totally Legitimized by Aadhaar.
For a change all the chest-beating nationalists should be pouncing on this story and questioning the Government & UIDAI.

Where are you nationalists?
The country is being threatened!
For real!
Read 6 tweets
Sep 11, 2018
Big story!

A patch that allows operators to create multiple Aadhaar numbers bypassing biometric security features has been found. Who knows how many fake IDs were created using this.

Now waiting for UIDAI to come in & scream, "THERE HAS BEEN NO BREACH!"…
This is a consequence of allowing random enrollment operators to create IDs, driven by per-enrollment incentives. They found a hack to maximize profits by creating multiple IDs.

This means that corruption in service delivery is still happening. Aadhaar is a total failwhale!
Whats worse, given this Government's epic push to make Aadhaar mandatory and legitimize it, this leakage and corruption of services has been LEGITIMIZED.

Now we know what UIDAI cancelled licenses of 39000 enrollment ops. They're now holding secret camps to fix these entries.
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Aug 30, 2018
If the Congress did Demonetisation and we were in 2013, the media would be calling it the biggest scam ever done by a political party.

A 15 lakh crore scam.
People would be out on streets, Anna Hazare would be going crazy. Sibal would be giving Zero Loss theories, trying to justify their move. Ramdev would be screaming about black money.

Wait... we've seen this happen somewhere before, haven't we?
Maybe it's just my imagination.
It won't happen now because nobody trusts the media anymore. BJP has ensured nobody believes anything in the news.

The media house owners are still happy because they get to bank on a pro-Government nationalist sentiment to sell ads. They don't lose anything.

The people do.
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Aug 25, 2018
Aadhaar through the ages.

A #thread -
Nilekani: Let there be an ID that is voluntary in nature & would prove to be an empowerment tool for millions!

UPA: Cool. Like a citizenship ID?

NN: Nope. Just an ID. No rights will be granted... But eventually... all citizen rights will be dependent on it! Get it?

Activists: Um I think you need to create a law. This is kinda big. YUGE project. YUGE

UPA: Let there be an ID which will be created by a random attached office in the planning commission!

Activist: Wait. What?

UPA: Oh hey, Planning Comm is doing a lot of PLANNING for this, OK?
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