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Activists say the US $ is selling at 48,000 rials in #Iran‌'s currency exchanges.
People are saying a month later & after Trump's May 12th decision deadline on the fate of the nuclear deal, prices could skyrocket well beyond the 50,000 mark.
March 25 - #Iran
Reports indicate the US dollar is now selling at 50,350 rials.
More signs of #IranProtests taking their toll on Tehran's mullahs, as they fear #RegimeChange becoming imminent.
March 26 - For the second consecutive day, #Iran's currency, the rial, is trading at over 50,000 against the U.S. dollar.
U.S. dollar = 50,230 rials
Euro = 61,700 rials
UK pound = around 70,000 rials
More signs of #IranProtests taking their toll on Tehran's mullahs.
March 26 - #Iran - 4 pm local time
Sources indicate the country's currency, the rial, is now trading at over 50,610 against the U.S. dollar.
More signs of #IranProtests & international isolation are taking their toll on Tehran's mullahs.
March 26 - #Iran
Sources indicate the country's currency, the rial, was trading at 51,100 against the U.S. dollar.
The ruling mullahs are feeling the straing of growing #IranProtests & global isolation more than ever before.
Reports from inside #Iran indicate the US $ is selling at 51,700 rials & the euro is literally hard to find. Activists say the regime refuses to report the truth in this regard & state media are denying such numbers.
#IranProtests are taking their toll.
On the first day after the Iranian calendar new year holiday season, #Iran's currency market is half-closed & only dealers are selling US dollars, reports indicate.
#IranProtests are taking their toll.
"It was good for the dollar to become more expensive," says Akbar Torkan, an advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Iranians are in the streets in #IranProtests demanding #RegimeChange as unemployment & poverty are skyrocketing.
"US dollar on the rise / Currency exchanges: No buying or selling"
#IranProtests taking their toll.
Latest reports from inside #Iran indicate the country's currency, the rial, is now trading at over 54,000 to the US dollar.
#IranProtests taking their toll.
Long line of people seeking to purchase US dollar at 54,550 rials.
Reports indicate websites showing currency rates in #Iran are no longer accessible.
#IranProtests taking their toll.
I'm hearing reports of #Iran's rial selling at 67,000 against the US dollar, witnessing a massive hike.
Large number of people & security forces seen at Tehran's Ferdowsi St.
#IranProtests are taking their toll & the economy may be on the brink of a nosedive.
Reports indicate after the currency crisis in #Iran, senior officials are asking Khamenei to stop sending billions to #Yemen, #Syria, #Lebanon & "Islamic centers" in 45 different states.
Secret police & plainclothes agents stationed in currency exchanges across the country.
#Iran officials are terrified of protests as regime desperately attempts to control the currency nosedive. Economy experts believe after the US exits the #IranDeal & sanctions return, the US dollar will likely surpass the 70,000 rial mark.
Point of no return.
#Iran's regime is losing control over the currency market. More importantly, production lines procuring raw material with US $ will go bankrupt. A wave of unprecedented unemployment & skyrocketing prices are in the forecast.
The regime has no choice but to stop funnelling billions to #Yemen, #Syria, #Lebanon & "Islamic centers" in 45 different countries across the globe, local experts believe. Otherwise, #Iran's economic meltdown will materealize much faster than expected.
Tehran under serious domestic & international pressure as #Trump’s remarks on #Iran’s involvements in #Syria will make it very complicated for Khamenei.
April 9 - Reports this morning indicate #Iran's currency, the rial, dropped another 1,600 rials to 58,200 rials against the US dollar.
#IranProtests are taking their toll. All this one month prior to #Trump's deadline on the #IranDeal.
April 9 - Incoming reports show #Iran's currency, the rial, reaching the 60,000 rial mark against the US dollar.
#IranProtests are taking their toll. Experts are now speculating how the nosedive will continue after #Trump's deadline on the #IranDeal.
April 9 - Further reports show #Iran's currency, the rial, is selling at 61,600 against the US dollar.
#IranProtests are taking their toll. Experts say this trend will continue at an even more alarming rate after #Trump's deadline on the #IranDeal.
April 9 - Image show #Iran's currency, the rial, is selling at 63,000 against the US dollar in Niavaran, northern Tehran.
#IranProtests are taking their toll. Experts say this trend will continue at an even more alarming rate after #Trump's deadline on the #IranDeal.
Tehran, #Iran
Ferdowsi St.
People rushing to currency exchanges to purchase foreign currency.
Iran's currency, the rial, is nosediving and security forces are present. This signals the ruling regime's deep concern of #IranProtests & the society tumultuous atmosphere.
#Iran's Economy Minister says the state police must be held accountable for the sudden nosedive of the country's currency, the rial, against the US dollar.
Latest report: 1 US $ = 63,000 rials
#IranProtests taking their toll on the regime.
April 10 - Tehran, #Iran
Tensions spark in "parliament" as Central Bank chief Valiollah Seif prepares to speak after the country's currency, the rial, witnessed a nosedive against US $.
September 2017 - 36,000 rials
February 2018 - 47,000 rials
April 9 - 63,000 rials
April 10 - #Iran
Interesting how Tehran is attempting to fix the rial/dollar rate at 42,000 rials for each US $, while the euro is no longer available and the UK pound is selling at 85,000 rials!
The economy is nosediving, most likely triggering more #IranProtests.
After #Iran VP Eshaq Jahangiri said the US $ will be sold at a fixed rate of 42,000 rials, this sign reads:
US $ - 61,000 rials
Jahangiri $ - 42,000 rials
To purchase Jahangiri dollars, go to the fruit store at your corner.
April 10 - Tehran, #Iran
Long line of people seeking to purchase US $.
#IranProtests have taken their toll & the economy is on the verge of a major nosedive.
April 10 - Qazvin, NW #Iran
In response to VP Eshaq Jahangiri announcing US $ will be sold at fixed rate of 42,000 rials, currency exchanges around Ferdowsi St. & N. Khayam Rd. refused to open for sale.
#IranProtests taking toll & the economy is on the verge of a major nosedive.
April 10 - Tehran, #Iran
Central Bank chief Valiollah Seif says the country's currency, the rial, is crumbling because of Telegram, a popular messaging app (!)
#IranProtests are providing increasing troubles for the regime.
Prof. Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins University provides an alarming review of the consequences of #Iran's plunging currency, the rial, resulting in inflation skyrocketing to 66%.
These goes parallel to the US Treasury Secretary announcing heavy sanctions to come against Tehran.
#Iran's central bank has officially issued order banning currency exchanges from physical sale & purchase of currency "until further notice."
This comes after the government imposed a fixed-rate currency policy, setting the rial at 42,000/$.
April 16 - Tehran, #Iran
Istanbul Crossroad
Currency exchanges refuse to show any rates.
The regime announced a fixed currency rate, the rial, at 42,000/dollar, to control its nosedive. This is how currency exchanges are responding.
Tehran is facing a major economic crisis.
May 1 - #Iran
Reports indicate the US dollar is selling (on the black market) at over 60,000 rials.
Economic crisis escalating as domestic & international dilemmas pile up for the ruling regime.
May 3 - #Iran
Reports are indicating the US dollar is selling (on the black market) at 61,500 rials.
Each gram of gold is selling at 1.19 million rials (around $19.35).
Tehran is sensing the intensifying heat of escalating domestic & global crises.
#Iran's economy is in ruins under Khamenei's regime

None of the world's main 100 banks are working with us, says deputy chief of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce

#ThursdayThoughts for Tehran's ruling elite
#GameOver comes to mind
With only seven days left to U.S. President Donald Trump's May 12th #IranNuclearDeal deadline, word on the streets in #Iran indicate the country's currency, the rial, has plunged to 68,000 & 70,000 against the U.S. dollar.
Update on #Iran's nosediving currency, the rial

(Black market prices)
US dollar = 63,000 rials
Euro = 75,000 rials

7 days until Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - #Iran currency update

(Black market prices)
US dollar = 68,000 rials

6 days until Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - #Iran currency update

(Black market price)
US dollar = 70,000 rials

6 days to Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - Currency update
Arg Road, Mashhad, NE #Iran

Voice of activist says:
Dealers buying US dollar at 68,000 to 68,500
Selling US dollar at 70,000 to 72,000 rials
(All black market prices)

6 days to Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - Currency update
Ferdowsi St., Tehran, #Iran

Sources saying black market dealers are refusing to sell US dollars at even 80,000 rials.

6 days to Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - Currency update
"Honar" gold market in Isfahan, #Iran

US dollar is priced at over 70,000 rials

6 days to Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - Currency update
Tehran, #Iran

Sources say US dollar is priced at 70,000 & even 80,000 rials in some locations.
There are stores that no longer accept Iranian currency for their goods.

6 days to Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - Currency update
Mashhad, NE #Iran

Gold market closed due to skyrocketing US dollar rates.

People warning each other to withdraw their banks accounts as the regime may claim the banks are bankrupt & steal their savings.

6 days to Trump's #IranNuclearDeal deadline
May 6 - Currency update
Qom, central #Iran
Source says many banks are bankrupt & a number of Bank Sepah branches have merged.

The empty Bank Saderat (Export) Iran branch in this video is in the most crowded part of Qom during rush hour.
May 7 - Currency update
Sources say US dollar is selling at 75,000 rials in some cities.
Speculations indicate the price could skyrocket to even 150,000 rials.

5 days to #IranDeal deadline
May 7 - Currency update
Arg St., Mashhad, NE #Iran
(City's currency black market)

Voice says US dollar is selling at 63,000 or 64,000 rials.
All currency exchange dealers are closed.

5 days to #IranDeal deadline
International Monetary Fund says #Iran's gross official reserves reached $95.1 billion at the end of 2017.
This shows a $20.6 billion decrease in comparison to the same period two years before.
Sign reads:
"Due to the fluctuating price of the US dollar, item prices may change until the moment you exit the store."

#Iran in crisis
22 hours & 21 mins until Trump's decision on #IranDeal
When #Iran agreed to the #IranDeal, the Iranian people were deceived to believe the US $ would trade at 10,000 rials.

Nearly 3 years down the road, people are fearing the rial will plunge to 100,000 against the $ after Trump's decision.

Thanks to Khamenei/Rouhani & Obama/Kerry.
There is word that #Iran's currency, the rial, has lost 40% of its value against the US dollar and $10-30 billion in capital will be exiting the country in the coming weeks.
Following Trump's JCPOA exit, the US dollar is selling in #Iran's currency black market at 85,000 rials.
(Official exchanges are closed)
Less than 12 hours after Trump exited from the highly flawed #IranNuclearDeal, my sources inside #Iran indicate currency exchanges have opened and the US dollar is selling at no lower than 80,000 rials.
Reports from Tehran, #Iran, indicate security forces are preventing any two individuals from talking to each other near the Ferdowsi area, home to the city's main currency exchange market.
Anyone attempting to exchange currency is arrested.
Report from Mashhad, NE #Iran

US dollar trading at 68,000 rials
Euro trading at 83,000 rials

#IranDealWithdrawal impacting the country's already troubled economy.
#Iran decreases Euro air travel currency cap from 10,000 € to 5,000 €, or equivalent.
2,000 € for ground/sea travel.
#IranDealWithdrawl taking its toll.

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Oct 9, 2018
U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador.

My gut tells me an even bigger story will develop.

Rest assured #Iran's regime is terrified about who Trump/Pompeo will appoint as their new envoy.
Amb. Nikki Haley spoke six months ago with President Donald Trump about the subject of resigning.
Will be staying at this post until the end of the year.
Amb. Nikki Haley saying she will be campaigning for President Trump in 2020.
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Oct 9, 2018

Add this to the long list linking #Iran's regime with international terrorism.

This time, the al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab militant group of Somalia.

More reason why a firm policy is needed against Tehran.
"Criminal networks are using Iran as a transit point for illicit Somali charcoal exports that earn Islamist militants al Shabaab millions of dollars annually in tax, U.N. sanctions monitors said in a report seen by Reuters."
"... domestic revenue generation by al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab 'is more geographically diversified and systematic' than that of Somalia’s federal government."
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Oct 9, 2018
October 9
Shiraz, south-central #Iran
Stores are closed as the merchants' strike continues on this second day.

Store-owners in 50 cities launched this protest movement on Monday in solidarity with the truckers' nationwide strike.
October 9
Karaj, #Iran
(West of Tehran)
Fardis sector
Stores are closed as merchants continue their strike for a second day.
October 9
Qazvin, NW #Iran
Store-owners in this city are on strike again for this second consecutive day.
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Oct 8, 2018
Cities across #Iran are witnessing a general strike as stores are closing across the country.
This goes alongside the truckers' nationwide strike that has spread to over 310 cities now.
October 8
Tehran, #Iran
Sources say all gold market stores are closed.
October 8
Images of stores closed in the cities of Saqqez, Baneh, Marivan & Sanandaj.
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Oct 7, 2018
Reports indicate atmosphere in #Iran's parliament (the Majlis) is very tense as members review the anti-money laundering Financial Action Task Force (FATF) signing bill.
Sources say "hardliners" are voicing threats about the signing of this bill.

(File Photo)
"Regarding the FATF, should we commit suicide today by signing this bill because we're going to die in the future?" says Behrouz Nemati, a member of #Iran's Majlis (parliament).

Read more about Iran & the FATF here:
"Hardliners in Iran’s parliament have opposed passing legislation toward compliance with FATF standards, arguing it could hamper Iranian financial support for allies such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which the US has classified as a terrorist organization."
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Oct 6, 2018
Short Thread:

#Iran's #FakeNews machine at work:

"It did not say where Zahedifar was arrested. In a video carried by state broadcaster IRIB, a blindfolded man who identified himself as Zahedifar denied he had fled Iran."
Here's the video.

What a coincidence (!), all of this developing just "a week after Tehran sentenced three people to death in a drive against economic crimes."

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