1. You’ve probably seen articles like this today and, hopefully, you’re reading them — and not just for the joy of watching the #GOP squirm at a squeaking defeat in what should’ve been a GOP blowout. The reactions of the opposition are strategic clues. apple.news/AmbTmoZhNTRqtK…
2. Particularly, I want to draw your attention to this statement from Paul Ryan. Basically, he’s pointing out that because Lamb didn’t have a primary opponent, he was able to run as a more conservative Dem which allowed him to win a district DT won by 20 pts.
3. Let’s unpack that a little. Two things are implied here. One, they know that GOP (and their support of DT) is frowned on enough that there is willingness to vote Dem in red districts with palatable messaging (moderate, willingness to work in a bipartisan manner).
4. They are counting on the fact that even with their poor approval and DT’s toxicity, constituents will still vote for them over a further left candidate. They’re reading the room on the division on the Left. They’re relying on primaries to drive candidates left.
5. Why do they feel confident in this? The idea has been thrust over the past 18 months that Dems can only win by running more progressive candidates to spurn enthusiasm. That voters will come out and vote if we do this. That this is the path to victory. Don’t they see that?
6. Clearly they don’t. Because the numbers don’t tell that story. They know what’s worked in the past. They’ve mastered the fear of ‘progress’ and diversity. They’ve demonized ‘overreach of the government’. They all too happily allowed DT’s campaign of blame, fear and hate.
7. They’re willing to ride the wave of backlash against progress. After all, they’ve been doing so for a long time and as the world has gotten smaller, strife and hardship has grown, and their method has gained power. Throw in propaganda and anti-intellectualism - even better.
8. They know some other things, too. They know GOP dwarf us in vote-turnout. They usually completely outfund and outspend us. And they know our weakness is self-righteousness. The intellectual and moral high-ground that so many have no use for.
9. So, are they right? Is #PA18 an outlier because Lamb was a ‘unicorn’? Is the electorate truly just that conservative? Or is there this great untapped source of voters yearning for a more progressive candidate? There is an answer here, it’s just not simple.
10. Democrats are never going to be a one-size fits all party. It’s not who we are. We are a ‘big tent’ and will have differing views as a matter of course. But, our legislative process hinges on a majority AND bipartisanship. Without it, no policy sees the light of day.
11. The red-state Dems that people call DINOS are Democrats who vote with the party 80% of the time. They are elected as a harbinger that their constituents are willing to take a risk - to loosen the reigns. This isn’t something to take lightly or put in jeopardy.
12. The reality is that we’re all right. The difficulty is figuring out and applying a successful strategy. Like our party, there is no one-size fits all candidate. Long time grassroots activist knew this when we came together to form @DemsWork4USA.
13. District by district. Candidate by candidate. We recognized we had to rigorously assess each constituency and find the candidate that had the best chance of winning there. Those candidates look very different from each other - because they must.
14. There are indeed places where a more progressive candidate will fare very well. And there are places like #PA18. If Ryan is right, we would‘ve trapped ourselves into defeat in the primary process. Don’t disregard the strategy of the opposition when it’s given. Take heed.

• • •

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Oct 8, 2018
1. #Millennials we are reaching the final days for Voter Registration! The policy direction determined by the 2018 midterm elections WILL absolutely impact your life choices and options. The #Healthcare vote matters even if you're young and healthy.
2. Company/employee loyalty has become a nominal factor in career trajectory. Boomers lamented how often GenXers would change jobs, but #Millennials have figured out how to make lateral moves work in their favor.
3. Young workers move on from companies relatively quickly, enhancing their resume and generally increasing earning power with each lateral move. Companies are able to keep their employee costs down - for many industries it's a win-win.
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Oct 7, 2018
1. When the actions of our government spark mass protest it is a sign that the democratic process is unwell - that the government is operating well-outside the mainstream. Historically, the reasons differ.
2. Usually, it is because the government is resisting change that is wanted by the majority of the country - as with the Suffrage and Civil Rights movements. It can also be due to a disagreement of the majority with policy - as with the Vietnam War.
3. The mass protests witnessed since 2016 are a bit different. We have seen a majority party not just resisting progress, but wishing to dial it back - fully aware it is against the wishes of the majority of the population.
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Sep 29, 2018
1. Mitch McConnell's Legacy. This has been the consistent explanation that has created the backdrop of the past two chaotic years. His desire to leave office having effectively stacked and shaped the Courts to support Right Wing ideology for subsequent generations.
2. In his singular pursuit of this mission, he has shrugged off a barrage of damage to our Democracy. He has supported unfit leaders, ignored breaches of Constitutional and Institutional norms, looked the other way as justice, ethics, truth and faith in our systems are damaged.
3. The reality is that @senatemajldr has already confirmed his legacy with his Faustian approach. That's the problem with 'slippery slopes' - you end up at the bottom. McConnell's gravest error has been trying to force the American people to the bottom with him.
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Aug 17, 2018
1. As I'm sure many of you have, I often wonder about Post-Trump America. Obviously, there will be the arduous, and likely, long task of repairing policies, foreign relationships and treaties. But, what of our culture?
2. Will this careening journey through the gutter permanently lower the bar? Are our institutions permanently damaged? Our sense of truth permanently broken in a portion of our citizenry? Will class, honor, honesty and respect find their way back as pillars of our offices?
3. Yes, we were never perfect, but there were expectations of behavior. Norms that supported respectful checks and balances. Norms that have been shattered to the extent that we are no longer even shocked by extreme behavior from this administration - a cultural numbing.
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Aug 12, 2018
1. Scapegoating immigrants and 'valuating'people based on race/ethnicity is not new. I say this to draw attention to the shame that we haven't evolved past this and to remind that, as Americans, we must stand against the hatred that plagued the lives of many of our own families.
2. Are you aware of your genealogy? Are you familiar with the trials and tribulations experienced by your ancestors when they came to this country? If you turn a blind eye to this hatred because it's targeted at POC - are you aware that European immigrants faced hatred also?
3. My mother and father's families both immigrated from Ireland in the early 1850's - fleeing starvation and oppression to a promise of freedom and opportunity in America. My mother's family first went to CO to take their chance at the Gold Rush.
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Aug 11, 2018
1. We don't actually know if votes were altered or registrations affected by Russians in 2016. There has been no adequate investigation - partially because we don't have a comprehensive way to do so and partially because our gov is probably afraid to look in that dark corner.
2. We do know we were attacked in a sophisticated and multi-pronged military-level campaign. We know people were manipulated through social media and targeted ads, we know individuals and political campaigns were targeted. We also know they're doing it again.
3. The GRU has already inserted itself in Florida election systems - one of it's targets from 2016. Without adequate protection, they are positioned to attack the systems. The government must act...but, what can we do as voters in the face of all this?
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