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I wanna write this series for my Patreon about all the Prototypes I ever did, what I used, what I've learned and how you can do that too.
So I crawled threw all my HDDs, picked 1 gif of every project and wrote a short note. Here it is, 39 Prototypes in 1 Thread, enjoy
(1/39)Cube - 2012
My first own Project wasn't even a Game, it was more a "concept"... a pretty bad concept. It was Minecraft, just in isometric perspective. This project never made it into anything and all thats left of it, is this screenshot ;)
(2/39)Konstru - 01/2014
I would say this is my first real Game. The idea behind it was to create something like Harvest Moon for the Phone. It came pretty far! Ive created a whole building and character system for it and it even had some Premium currency (Diamonds) in it ;)
(3/39)Voxelville - 11/2014
At this time I was a huge fan of the Game "Stonehearth" and wanted to pitch a mobile version to the creators. I never heard anything from them so I ditched it at some point
(4/39)RGB Gang - 02/2015
Quick idea for a mobile version of "Zelda: Four Swords" where you can play all Charters instead of only one by switching between them and solve simple puzzles - unfinished
(5/39)Jetpack Football - 04/2015
A Game I did on a train ride. Its pretty much what became Last Man Kicking a few years later. It was even finished but I somehow lost the build.
(6/39)Micro Destruction Derby - 08/2015
I used the "Randomation Vehicle Physics" here for the first time. Inspired by Micro Machines, but with more Destructions. unfinished.
(7/39)iMaze - 08/2015
The last time I tried to create a mobile Game. The Idea is simple, you have a random generated Maze where all parts are rotated randomly. And you have to find a way out. After that, you have to tilt your phone to get the ball to the exit. unfinished
(8/39)Footbrawl (v1) - 10/2015
280 character aren't enough to describe how much this project means to me. This startet everything and showed me how important social media and "gifable" projects are. There will be some more Footbrawl Posts along this line
(9/39)Adventure Game - 10/2015
I really don't know what this is, what the Idea was, and it also had no name. But i just found this gif ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(10/39)Carboom - 11/2015
Also hard to remember. Something with... cars? I think @knecke was involved? The Street tiles are made by @KenneyNL and the Level Editor based on the "Multiplatform Runtime Level Editor" from the Assetstore
(11/39)Planet Explorer - 12/2015
tried to re-skin the "voxelville" project but as I said before, my motivation to create mobile games was at 0 at this point. so I ditched it pretty quickly.
(12/39)Casual GTA - 04/2016
A more "Toonie" approach on GTA. @Knecke did the cool truck and the character shape was pretty much a gangbeasts copy. Fun times! :)
(13/39)Footbrawl GO - 05/2016
Concept of how Footbrawl on a phone could look like as a flick soccer spinoff. unfinished.
(14/39)Footbrawl Playground - 08/2016
My First released Game! Horray! Was quite okay successful and got played by some bigger Youtubers. It didn't had much Gameplay and was more a Sandbox thing where you can have 5 minutes of fun. available at:
(15/39)Prison Brawl - 09/2016
a Free Game to celebrate 100 sold copies of Footbrawl Playground. Was a huge success on youtube and got downloaded 25k times. you can get it here:
(16/39)Noodle Ball - 09/2016
Evan Greenwood from Free Lives did this talk about Character Physics at the amaze festival and was so kind to share his code. So I did this mini game pretty quick (6 hrs i think) out of it. get it here for free:
(17/39)Footbrawl (v2) - 10/2016
After the mild success of Footbrawl Playground I did a reboot of Footbrawl. Rewrote everything and also gave it a graphical update. Plus I hired someone to take over the Ai part.. it ended in a disaster. see here:…
(18/39)Kosmonaut - 11/2016
Oculus was so nice and sent me a GearVR (no, not the rift) and i wanted to create this short Space Adventure. Developing for the GearVR was a pain in the ass so I ditched to project very fast again.
(19/39)ZOMB - 11/2016
Fun project I did with @knecke. A Zombie wave defender with lots of explosions. We still have to finish it one day! :D
(20/39)Ice Hockey - 12/2016
while waiting for The Footbrawl Ai to be done (I still had hopes at that point). I did a re-skin of Footbrawl - just for fun... and turned it into an ice Hockey Game. The unity post fx stack was also brand new at this point.
(21/39)SKTBRD - 02/2017
This and Footbrawl are the Games I am most connected to. I really really really wanna do a Skateboarding game one day. Even if nobody will buy it because there are coming out A LOT of skateboard games in the next time. One day...!
(22/39)Domestic Commandos - 02/2017
Global Gamejam 2017 Game - tbh, I worked a bit longer on it then the Jam was, but anyway, you can get it here:
(23/39)Astro...not? 03/2017
The Astroneer fever was heavy at this time. I played it day and night and created this little Astroneer x The Martian Crossover thing. so your job is to rescue some space cowboys - filled with accidents ;) unfinished
(24/39)UnityGo - 05/2017
I was always keen on prototyping game ideas in the train/on the go but working on a surface pro with unity is extreme tedious. So i thought – how could unity for touch devices look like? more about it here:…
(25/39)Bob Fight - 05/2017
More an Experiment then a Game. My First attempt on creating my own Physics Animation Controller
(26/39)Fist'n - 06/2017
again, featuring @knecke - A Paintball beat em up shooter. Heavy influenced by countless hours of playing GangBeasts. sadly unfinished
(27/39)SNWBRD - 07/2017
Quick experiment if the SKTBRD stuff would also work for a Snowboard game. spoiler alter: yes!
(28/39)Speed Fighter - 08/2017
I think i never showed this? This was my Ludum Dare 39 Game, but the Flue brought me down pretty quick. Based on the Noodleball stuff. Street Fighter on crack more or less :D
(29/39)Norwegian Hiking Simulator - 09/2017
Ive spent the whole August 2017 with traveling around Norway. After I came back I wanted to put the impressions into a Game. No, I haven't seen a bear and also had no gun with me. But you get the point ;)
(30/39)Last Car Standing - 09/2017
Inspired by a "funny" Nascar crash Compilation. The Last Car in the ring wins a chicken dinner ;) available at:…
(31/39)Super Hero - Tales of Hans - 10/2017
It was extreme hard to decide for a gif from this project. Definitely in my personal Top 5 of Concepts. Hans rulez!
(32/39)Where the fuck am I, Mate? - 11/2017
First time i played around with Mapbox. The idea was, you get a random piece of a city and have to guess where this is. easy ;)
(33/39)Mapbox GTA - 11/2017
I think this is the most ambitious Project I've ever started. The Idea was to make a GTA like Game, just in your City. So potentially everywhere in the world... madness! :D
(34/39)Last Man Sitting - 12/2017
Do i really have to say anything about that?…
(35/39)Robot - 12/2017
Also more a Concept then a Game. I played around with Avatar by Deep Motion (a physics toolkit) and did this little robot. Boston Dynamics would be proud!
(36/39)Last Man Kicking - 01/2018
After I realized that Last Man Sitting will take longer then i thought, I wanted to create a minigame to shorten the wait a bit. and so Last Man Kicking was born! get it here:…
(37/39)Rise of the Penguins - 01/2018
my Global Gamejam 2018 Game, sadly my SSD died and killed the whole project. The Idea was that you have to rescue the penguins on a melting ice floe with a catapult. sounds reasonable, right?
(38/39)Mini PUBG/Fortnite Clone - 02/2018
Started as a simple learning project about how to do Online Multiplayer for LMS, ended in a Fortnite X Commandos crossover :D
(39/39)K-Zero DX - 03/2018
The most recent Project - the Problem with SKTBRD was always the character. So I tried to think of how I can reuse my Skateboard controller without the Character. So K-ZERO DX aka Tony Hawks pro glider was born!
Thats it! Hope you enjoyed the show, I am in vacation mode now.
If you have any questions to any project, just ask - i will try to answer them.
I didn't plan to use this as a ranking thing, but its interesting to see which project is the most "likeable" so here the top 6:

1. UnityGO
2. KZeroDX
3. Norwegian Hiking Simulator
4. Real Life GTA/Mapbox GTA
5. Superhero Game
40: Augsburger Puppenkiste Royale 03/2018
a more advanced version of game number 28 (speed fighter) - a physics based puppet fighting game
41: Mech Spider - 05/2018
I don't even know what the concept was/is? i just wanted to create a stupid looking mech thing and play around with final ik
42: SKTBRD v2 - 06.2018
after the 100% physical approach of SKTBRD turned out to be very boring and not fun at all, i restarted the whole project, mostly using animations and very little amount of physics. turned out great! still on it, working on it with @AwkwardnautPlay
43: Bam Ponk Pow - 07/2018
Mostly my games/prototypes reflect my current mood. I leave time for interpretation how I felt that day. Cinematic Endless Runner where you mostly causing Chaos and full of violence
44 - Pugs Life - 08/2018
Dogs Life Simulator - started as a Battle Royal Dog Game (PUGG, mostly PUBG with Dogs) but i somehow felt it would be more fun to just do normal dog stuff(bite into electronics, pee, shit, bark, cuddle) instead of killing other dogs?

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