1) Good Morning, #ClearFlynnNow supporters, what a day for our cause yesterday was. America is winning its identity back. For clarity, let's never forget that McCabe sent Strozk to interrogate @GenFlynn. If you forget everything else, remember that. @JosephJFlynn1 do you agree?
2) As to @vabelle2010, I dare say she'll never forget where she was when she heard the news. Robyn shared on Facebook that she was in a restaurant and screamed out loud! All of America shares the joy of that moment with you as our hero. We must...

3) The simplest thing I see is that @vabelle2010's work got in the way of the Iran deal, and that's why an honored agent was targeted and her career destroyed. Has this been proven? I don't know. I do know that McCabe destroyed Robyn's career.
4) Finis. I also know that the rewards of corruption rise very high. Consider the evil that has been averted. The truth of the story in this meme is chilling. What if McCabe were the head of the FBI today? That's a cautionary nightmare tale to be told and retold.

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Oct 4, 2018
How does history make sense? It's an important question. The best answer I've found - and there's no proving it - is that goodness grows. Consider slavery. 1776's Declaration states all men are created equal, while it's creators were slave owners. Yet, the Revolution was good.
The Civil War was horrible beyond description. Yet, the slaves were in fact freed. No, not to be equal partners in America yet, we needed 100 more years until the 1960's in order to win civil rights for all. But, it came. Goodness grew.
Stepping back a moment, WWII occurred, and evil reached what was perhaps its greatest expression, but it lost in the end. Then, in the decades that followed, there were many terrible wars, worst of all for America was Viet Nam. Yet, we won the Cold War.
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Oct 3, 2018
There is a part of our country that is now promoting and perpetrating political violence. We must look this in the face and call it what it is. Consider that term, political violence. It is organized and purposeful.
It is not mere reactionary, reacting to events. It is rather, strategic, planed and is in fact a "design," that is, it is perpetrated by design for a strategic purpose. What is that purpose?
It is the destroy the very basis of our nation, in law. It is to destroy the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and deriving from, rooted in our Declaration of Independence. A true understand of this requires the homework of reading this book:

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Oct 1, 2018
* Remember the Forgotten Americans
* Rule of Law
* American Jobs
* Quality of Life for Every American
* Heal Our Cities
* Build the Wall
* Make America Wealthy Again
* Make America Strong Again
* Make America Safe Again
* Make America Great Again
The 10 points are what we should be talking about. We need to stop reacting to all the evil in the air, and refocus on our own vision forward. If you just meditate on these 10 points you'll immediately feel better. Try it!
To dive in more deeply, you will love @shestokas review. His clear thinking wipes clean all the mental cobwebs that Democrats are spinning in your head.

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Oct 1, 2018
When listening to the Republican-skies-have-fallen-forever analysis out there, keep this in mind. No one has any data. Every time you hear "this will happen" and "here's the reason why" etc., they're either guessing, projecting or flat aout lying.
The Deep State has always twisted data, but right now it is facing an existential threat unlike any it's ever confronted. It's not just the corruption of polls - that's old news! - it's also the newness of the conditions on the ground. No one knows what questions to ask.
And of course it's far worse than that. From poll construction (and tipping the scales) through to analysis and reportage, who cares to penetrate the surface to find the truth underneath? No one. So remember...
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Sep 28, 2018
So what now? Let us assume Kavanaugh gets his confirmation. What then? First, be certain, the Democrats will ratchet up their evil behaviors to ever higher planes. I'm happy if you disagree with me, but try to hear me anyway. They have released their playbook into the world.
Picture the attempt to impeach. Of course, this requires victory in November, which, I believe, they've now made almost impossible for themselves. Still, imagining the terrible, they win the house and not only impeach Trump, but also the newly seated Kavanaugh. Impeachment..ssss.
It's far worse, though. There is a clear, fundamental principle that the Democrats have calculated is ready to be destroyed. The presumption of innocence, and the necessity of evidence. They're ready to top-end the entire idea of justice in America.
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Sep 23, 2018
I don't want to ridicule Senator Feinstein. Rather, I am calling her decisions and actions on the line. She has sabotaged a good man, and sabotaged the process of his appointment. She has held all of us hostage to her reprehensible tactics. That's enough to judge her by.
I can't prove that Senator Feinstein knows that Brett Kavanaugh is innocent, while I'm confident she does. We don't need such certain knowledge. All we require is the simple memory that she never once asked him about this matter when she should have. This is proof of ill intent.
Take one more step with me. Where is Senator Feinstein's honor? How could you, as a faithful servant of the people, withhold this information if you believed it credible? Or, knowing it is false, wait till the last moment to reveal it? Why isn't her honor a topic of question?
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