2013 Thread - Part 6

🇷🇺🤝🤡 Did Putin become @realDonaldTrump’s BFF?

🙋‍♀️ I’ll take “Absolutely Yes”
for $20 Million, Alex.

($20M - The amount Trump was paid to bring his Pageant to Moscow. The Pageant was in deep in debt beforehand.)
2. 🧐Curious.

🛬🇷🇺@realDonaldTrump flew into Moscow on Nov. 8th, 2013.

🖥 The NEXT DAY, Nov. 9th -
RT (Putin’s Media Co.) published an article about a SKYSCRAPER, Donald Trump planned to build in MOSCOW.

📰The Moscow Times published the story 3 days later.

🤔Odd timing...
3. Odd timing...or not?

👸Recall the “Las Vegas Dine & Sign” earlier that year (2013) when @realDonaldTrump invited Putin’s Gang to the Miss USA Pageant?

(For details see my ⚙️ ‘Moments’ Parts 2 & 3)

🍔📝The gang dined & signed agreements.

Agreements for what⁉️ Exactly.
4. Trump Agreements with Moscow.
They’re not new. 🇷🇺🤝🤡

Quickie Review:

1987: The Soviets spared no expense flying Trump & Soviet-Czech Ivana to Moscow.

“I like the [Russian] people and they like me!”

Trump said his experiences w/Russians qualified him to be a diplomat!
5. #TrumpRussia

🎥 1993: Russian Movie Producer thanks Trump in the credits!
(“Donald Trump” in Russian!)

🤝 1996: Trump meets Vladimir Resin. Moscow Construction Rep.

📰 1996 The Moscow Times: Trump to build TWO TOWERS in MOSCOW.

🇷🇺Russia built AN ASSET -
NOT Trump Towers!
6. Trump’s “Weekend in Moscow,” the 2013 Pageant was the CULMINATION of 25 YEARS of Partnerships.

Review cont’:

Jan. 1997: Trump meets secretly w/Lebed to build “something major” in Moscow.

🇷🇺Ledbed: “Trump, they know.”

📰 Feb. 1997: The Moscow Times reports Trump’s plans.
7. 1997: Donald Trump forks over
$40 MILLION to a RUSSIAN ARTIST for a statue of Christopher Columbus.


We KNOW Trump doesn’t spend his OWN money on anyone but himself...

So... “Creative Money Laundering?!”

1998: Trump’s & Michael Cohen partner w/Ukraine Capital.
8. 🇷🇺🏖 “Moscow on the Beach”

Beginning in the 2000’s, bankrupt Donald Trump heavily markets his properties to Russians.

📰The Moscow Times: Muscovites can “make a good investment without ever leaving home.”

In other words: Launder Your Money in a Trump Tower!
9. “I really like Vladimir Putin. I respect him. He does his work well. Much better than our Bush.” Donald Trump

“The best property buyers now are Russian...they can buy apartments with cash.” Eric Trump

🇷🇺2005: Trump & Sater sign letters of intent to build a Tower in Moscow.
10. Both Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, have wives from Eastern Europe - Slovenia & Ukraine, respectively.

2003: Cohen and his Russian/Ukrainian partners bilked a bundle from an off-shore gambling boat company.

2005: Trump acquired the rights to build in the Ukraine.
11. Putin via the Agalarovs paid Trump
$20 MILLION to bring Miss Universe to MOSCOW.

It was the CULMINATION of 25 YEARS of #TrumpRussiaCollusion.

Review cont’:

2006: @DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump & @EricTrump visit MOSCOW.

Per Don’s request: FELIX SATER escorted them and...👇
12. 2006: “Ivanka’s Baby”
Trump Ocean Club Panama clients were criminals, including RUSSIAN MAFIA.

😈Trump residents were convicted of pimping prostitution, forgery, kidnapping & money laundering for drug cartels.

The #TrumpCrimeFamily NEVER ASKS where the MONEY COMES FROM.
13. 2007: Donald Trump is paid
$7.5 MILLION to hawk VODKA at the MOSCOW Millionaires Fair. Bottle looks like Lenin’s Statue.

Selling RUSSIAN Vodka to Russians...

No wonder Donnie ❤️ Russia!
They’ve fueled his EGO and funneled him FUNDS for 30+ YEARS.

🇷🇺Congrats Putin!
14: 2007: Trump discusses his RUSSIAN DEALS - UNDER OATH.

It’s ridiculous I wouldn’t be investing in Russia. Russia is one of the hottest places in the world for investment.

🇷🇺Trump’s RUSSIAN TRADEMARKS, 1996-2007 are RENEWED in 2016!

15: 2008: 🇷🇺 Sergei MILLIAN:
“Exclusive broker for the Trump Org. with respect to real-estate dealings in RUSSIA.”

Founder of an org. to “cultivate young up-and-coming AMERICANS as RUSSIAN ASSETS.”

🚪🇷🇺Offered Russian Backdoor to #TrumpCrimeFamily.

“Source E” in Dossier.
16. #TrumpRussia Exclusive Real-Estate Broker, Sergei Millian:

I am one of those very few people who have insider knowledge of Kremlin politics.

💰🇷🇺💰The TRUMP Org. received HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS through deals with RUSSIANS.

No Deals⁉️ @realDonaldTrump
17. 2008: @DonaldJTrumpJr’s infamous interview bragging about all the “money pouring in from Russia.”

Why? After SIX Bankruptcies and Money-Laundering Fines, US Banks refused to loan @realDonaldTrump money.

🇷🇺RUSSIA to the Rescue! They filled-up his empty coffers AND Towers.
18: 2008: Trump rakes in $54M PROFIT for a run-down estate.

His renovations? “A couple of coats of paint” and fake gold fixtures. “It was just terrible-looking, really gaudy.”

“I thought he’s never gonna sell this...then 🇷🇺THE RUSSIAN came along.”

19. 2008: Trump on Putin & Russia -GQ Interview w/Piers Morgan.

“Putin played Bush like a fiddle.”

“Russia has gone up like a rocket...It’s booming, and we’re the opposite.”

Russians are “smart, cunning...they know exactly what they’re doing when THEY HAND ME A BIG FAT CHECK.”

• • •

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Sep 16, 2018
🍑🚨🗳 ALERT Georgians!

ASAP: Let The Honorable Judge Amy Totenberg know you support PAPER BALLOTS! Judge Totenberg presided over the Hearing for Paper Ballots last week. Her clerk is taking email responses:

EMAIL Judge Totenberg’s Clerk: amy_McConochie@gand.uscourts.
Need ideas? Here’s an EXCELLENT letter from @kindlee55:

EMAIL Judge Totenberg’s Clerk: amy_McConochie@gand.uscourts.
🗽🍑🗳 I attended the Hearing for Paper Ballots last week. My letter to Judge Totenberg is based on testimony presented and my prior knowledge.

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Aug 28, 2018
1. 🗳🍑 Georgia: The Epicenter of America’s Corrupted Electronic Elections @jennycohn1 #gapol

GA is one of 5 states still using using voting computers that CAN NOT BE AUDITED.

Due to proprietary laws, courts have refused suits to audit results.…
2. 145 years as a BLUE State, Georgia suddenly flips to RED with the 2002 installation of Diebold Voting Computers.

Fun Fact: GA’s Voting Computers run on WINDOWS 2000.

(Our 20yo son, literally, did a spit-take when I told him. “Omg EVERYONE can hack into our Elections, Mom!”)
3. So how did easily hacked Diebold Voting Computers find their way to Georgia? @jennycohn1 explains:

In 2002 Cathy Cox, GA’s SOS* “allowed Diebold to use her image on their promotional materials.”

WTF? Conflict of Interest much?!

*The Sec. of State (SOS) oversees elections.
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Aug 11, 2018
@PeachResist @nytimes Coincidentally last week I was asking @MarilynRMarks1 @jennycohn1 @CoalitionGoodGv if anyone had written an OpEd in a major paper about Kemp and his criminal Election actions and now Ta Da!...a true example of ask and it shall be given;)
@PeachResist @nytimes @MarilynRMarks1 @jennycohn1 @CoalitionGoodGv A Breakdown of @ProfCAnderson’s @nytimes OpEd about our Sec. of State, @BrianKempGA’s CORRUPT control over our Election System:

My opinion: Kemp violates our Constitutional Right to Vote. He DISHONORS everyone who serves and has served our country since the American Revolution.
@PeachResist @nytimes @MarilynRMarks1 @jennycohn1 @CoalitionGoodGv @ProfCAnderson @BrianKempGA 2. “Voter suppression keeps Georgia a red state.” #gapol

I would also argue that Diebold Voting Computers not only keep Georgia a Red State - but artificially changed Georgia from a Blue to Red State from 2002 to today.
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May 25, 2018
1. Donald Trump requested an UNDERCOVER FBI SPY for his future casinos. (Docs via @funder) #SpyGate


Trump didn’t want “to tarnish his family’s name inadvertently.”

Why really?!

@realDonaldTrump was worried “that his life...would be subject to microscopic examination.”
2. Trump sought the FBI’s “advice” on building casinos in Atlantic City. (Agent advised against it.)

Why really?!

Trump asked the agent to “introduce him to the appropriate officials in the FBI with whom he could ‘discuss’ the matter.”

🧐 Ah ha. Now it’s all making sense...
3. “How does this make sense?!” you exclaim, “Isn’t it a good that Donald Trump wanted to work with the FBI and not tarnish his family’s name?”

In normal circumstances, yes.

But the #TrumpCrimeFamily wasn’t engaged in anything resembling normal at the time.

Let’s begin...
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