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On the 8th Anniversary of #ACA it's crucial to demonstrate how our President has undermined healthcare for MILLIONS via #ACASabotage since his inauguration.

This THREAD is dedicated to everyone who used their voice to save healthcare & why we all must be a #HealthCareVoter 1/30
1/20/17: Trump's #ACA Executive Order directs federal agencies begin ❌ ACA “to maximum extent permitted by law.”

EO delays ACA provisions imposing tax, fee, or other costs & develops “free & open market” in health care among states.

Repeal legislation begins. #ACASabotage 2/30
1/26/17: Administration stops planned ads for the final week of open enrollment for marketplace health coverage. As a result, 400K+ are not enrolled.

Final 2017 plan selections come in below 2016. #ACASabotage 3/30
2/14/17: Trump creates uncertainty by preventing the IRS from using new tools to enforce the individual responsibility provision of the #ACA (a crucial part of keeping a healthier pool & keeping premiums affordable). #ACASabotage 4/30
2/15/17: Trump Administration’s first health care rule is billed as #ACA market stabilization, but would discourage enrollment and undermine market stability by making plans less affordable. #ACASabotage 5/30
3/14/17: The Trump Administration sends a letter to governors signaling it is open to considering #Medicaid waiver proposals that would make it harder for beneficiaries to get affordable care & would increase the number of people who are uninsured. #ACASabotage 6/30
3/28/17: @HouseGOP #ACA repeal fails & Trump Administration continues to discuss bringing that or a similar bill to the floor. Insurers’ sense uncertainty, triggering worries about premium increases & bare markets for 2018. #ACASabotage 7/30
4/12/17: President Trump threatens to withhold #ACA cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers. Forcing @HouseDemocrats to negotiate with him on legislation, after @HouseGOP fail to advance health care bill in March, holding millions health care hostage. #ACASabotage 8/30
5/1/17: Trump Administration & @HouseGOP fail to include a measure guaranteeing continued payment of #ACA (CSRs) in the fiscal year 2017 spending bill, endangering coverage for millions of people & risking increases & marketplace disruption. #ACASabotage 9/30
5/4/17: @HouseGOP #AHCA bill pass & will add more than 20 million to the ranks of the uninsured, eliminate the individual mandate, slash subsidies in the marketplaces, & end federal standards for benefits and cost-sharing in the private insurance market. #ACASabotage 10/30
5/22/17: Trump Administration asks for 90-day delay in CSR court case, which would allow payments to continue but insurers have to finalize #ACA rates in August w/o guarantee they will continue to be made. Trump reportedly tells aides he wants to end payments. #ACASabotage 11/30
5/23/17: President Trump’s budget requests -21% funding to administer #ACA marketplace in 2018 vs. 2017. More than 1/2 of Trump budget's proposed cuts fall in 2 categories of marketplace funding: “consumer information & outreach” & “eligibility and enrollment.” #ACASabotage 12/30
6/8/17: @HHSGov refuses to say if Trump Administration will fund CSR payments in 2018 during questioning at a Senate Budget Committee hearing. Senators note that lack of certainty about payments is causing insurers to submit higher premiums & stopping coverage. #ACASabotage 13/30
7/20/17: @HHSGov continues attacking #ACA. HHS releases 23 videos featuring individuals explaining how the ACA has harmed them & removes content promoting ACA, including enabling young people to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26. #ACASabotage 14/30
7/20/17: Trump Administration ends contracts w/2 private firms to provide in-person assistance in states using for #ACA enrollment.

2018 open enrollment being cut to 6 weeks & loss of assistance is expected to see fewer sign-ups. #ACASabotage 15/30
7/29/17: After failure of #SkinnyRepeal, President Trump takes to Twitter to threaten that he will stop making CSR payments to insurers. Trump falsely calls these payments a “bailout.” 2 wks before deadline for insurers to finalize premium rates for 2018 plans. #ACASabotage 16/30
8/31/17: Trump Administration slashes #ACA outreach (-90%) & ACA navigator programs (-40%). Leaving many people unaware of availability of coverage options & likely remain uninsured. Bipartisan efforts to stabilize #ACA develop, but cuts make goal challenging. #ACASabotage 17/30
9/22/17: Consumers won’t be able to complete #ACA applications on all but one Sunday morning during the upcoming 45-day enrollment period due to system maintenance, @CMSGov announces. #ACASabotage 18/30
9/25/17: @HHSGov stops staff in its regional offices from participating in #ACA marketplace enrollment events. In past years, regional office staff played an important role in outreach & other events promoting enrollment. #ACASabotage 19/30
9/25/17: @HHSGov responds to criticism of its decision to prohibit regional staff from attending #ACA marketplace open enrollment events by lashing out with false claims that the ACA has failed and is harming people. #ACASabotage 20/30
10/6/17: Trump Administration announces employers can opt out of covering contraception based on moral or religious objection. 62 million women could lose access to essential contraceptive care. An inappropriate short cut puts change into effect immediately.#ACASabotage 21/30
10/12/17: President Trump issues EO allowing health coverage exempt from #ACA w/o requirement plans cover a package of “essential health benefits” & the prohibition against charging people different premiums based on their health status. #ACASabotage 22/30
10/12/17: Trump Administration ends CSR payments to insurers, which lower deductibles & other out-of-pocket health care costs for 6M low & moderate income people. This will raise costs for consumers & further disrupt health insurance markets. #ACASabotage 23/30
11/1/17: Trump Administration reduces email outreach for #ACA open enrollment. @HHSGov will only contact current enrollees. #ACASabotage 24/30
12/22/17: President Trump signs #TaxBill into law that repeals #ACA individual mandate beginning in 2019. @USCBO estimates premiums will rise by 10%, 13M people will become uninsured, and the non-elderly uninsured rate will increase by 50%. #ACASabotage 25/30
1/5/18: Trump Administration proposes a new rule to increase enrollment in association health plans (AHPs), coverage offered by trade & professional associations. People in AHPs w/#preexisting condition or develop costly health needs at significant risk. #ACASabotage 26/30
1/11/18: @CMSGov allows states to block some low-income adults from getting #Medicaid coverage if they’re not working. CMS justifies claim tying coverage to work improves Medicaid beneficiaries’ health & economic well-being, b/c people who work are healthier. #ACASabotage 27/30
1/19/18: @CMSGov rescinds 4/16 guidance reaffirming #Medicaid “free choice of provider” provision, allowing beneficiaries family planning from all providers of services. States will be allowed to restrict women on Medicaid from choosing providers like @PPact #ACASabotage 28/30
2/20/18: Trump Administration proposes rules to expand the use of short-term health plans as an alternative to plans that meet more stringent standards under #ACA An increase in short-term plans would also expose more consumers to coverage gaps & higher costs. #ACASabotage 29/30
3/21/18: After MONTHS of #bipartisan efforts by @SenAlexander & @PattyMurray, their #ACA fixes are thwarted and NOT included in Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018. #ACASabotage 30/30

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Sep 17, 2018
The courage of #ChristineBlaseyFord to #StopKavanaugh has given me strength to speak out about an experience I had years ago.

I was dating a man 19, I was 17. We had consensual sexual experiences together.

We went to dinner, movies, & 1 night he forced himself on me. 1/4
I lived at home, my mom was out. We were in my bedroom. I knew him for months. What began as kissing, escalated a bit further, but I had wanted to call it a night. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He threw me down on my bed, & pinned my arms behind my head. 2/4
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Sep 13, 2018
Feb. 2018, 18 @GOP AG's & 2 GOP Governors Filed a Lawsuit to Repeal the #ACA in the U.S. Northern District of TX

This lawsuit is currently being heard. This is what it means to YOUR healthcare if Kavanaugh is confirmed. #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake (THREAD)1/15
These are the Republican state attorneys general and governors from 20 states that filed the lawsuit in February 2018 in the U.S. Northern District of Texas.

#ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake 2/15
In June of 2018, the Trump Administration said it would not defend the #ACA and actually AGREED in part with the plaintiffs, arguing that protections for people with #PreExistingConditions should be overturned.

#ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake 3/15
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On the 17 Anniversary of #September11th, 2001. I wanted to share my story.

I was born & raised in Manhattan. When I was young, I loved going to the Twin Towers, they were a magical place for me.

Being 100 stories high and seeing the whole island of Manhattan was amazing.
I was at work. At the time, I was working for NBC and had an office with a TV. I came in that bright, blue-sky crystal clear morning early to catch-up on some work. At 9am someone came running into my office and told me to turn on my Television.
A plane had apparently hit. There was now a roomful of people gathering outside my office debating the type of plane, with most deducing, it must be a small plane. No commercial plane could possibly make such a mistake.
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Sep 11, 2018


On 9/20, I have 14 DC Senate meetings to protect #ACA #PreExistingConditions #Medicaid & #Medicare



DM your healthcare story w/FULL name CITY/Zip by 9/17. 100% confidential!

Need your VOICE!

On 9/20, I have 14 DC Senate meetings to protect #ACA #PreExistingConditions #Medicaid & #Medicare

DM your healthcare story w/FULL name CITY/Zip by 9/17. 100% confidential! Need your VOICE!

On 9/20, I have 14 DC Senate meetings to protect #ACA #PreExistingConditions #Medicaid & #Medicare

DM your healthcare story w/FULL name CITY/Zip by 9/17. 100% confidential! Need your VOICE!
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Aug 26, 2018
On 7/27/17, the day of the #SkinnyRepeal Vote-A-Rama, I went to DC to meet with any Senate office that would listen to my healthcare story. I was terrified of #ACA repeal.

I had 8 spontaneous meetings that day.

At 515pmET I met w/@SenJohnMcCain Legislative Assistant. 1/5
@SenJohnMcCain's LA began to cry when I told her I had #Lupus (turned out her friend has it). She apologized & explained her friend had to move from DC, to a climate more conducive to the disease. But now she didn't have the same care. So I provided resources to help. 2/5
I was grateful I could help. I asked her to please tell @SenJohnMcCain to vote no on repeal, enhancing #ACA would be more beneficial for everyone. She would pass along my message. I left his office, got on a train back home & felt I did everything I could to stop repeal. 3/5
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Jul 22, 2018
Under The Affordable Care Act, Health insurers can NOT charge more or deny coverage to you or your dependents on your insurance b/c of #PreExistingConditions of ANY kind.

Here are the 20 @GOP state AGs & Governors trying to nullify the #ACA

What YOU need to know!

(THREAD) 1/15
Feb.18: 20 States, led by TX, sued, claiming #ACA was illegal:

ME (Gov. Paul LePage)
MS (Gov. Phil Bryant)

Lawsuit argues w/o #ACA individual mandate (repealed in 12/17 #TaxBill) the entire law should be illegal! How? Why? What?

In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts stopped a 2012 lawsuit to make ACA illegal. Roberts said Congress could not order people to buy insurance....BUT

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