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LAST BATTLE OF THE NIGHT! #3 seed Berlin Boar (Sus scrofa) vs #6 seed Bobcat (Lynx rufus) #2018MMM
Tonight's battle is a collaboration w/ @je_light @chumblebiome @AnneWHilborn & me! #2018MMM
Both of these urban competitors had an easy time of things in R1: Berlin Boar scared off an Eastern Grey Squirrel & Bobcat outwaited a Striped Skunk to advance #2018MMM
Wild pigs are "ecosystem engineers" bc they can completely changing the way their ecosystem functions. All thanks to their schnoz: "rooting disturbance could be comparable to tillage treatment in agroecosystems". #PlowDownToChowDown #2018MMM…
Although wild pigs & bobcats are adapted for diurnal activity, in urban and suburban landscapes both species shift activity to nighttime to avoid humans (& their dogs) #2018MMM
Although not their primary prey, bobcat can bring down deer, launching to deliver a kill bite to the neck or throat of the MUCH bigger mammal… #2018MMM
Our male Bobcat is large, ~12kg (60 stoats), but our female Berlin Boar is even bigger, ~100kg (454 stoats) #StoatsAsMeasurement). #2018MMM
t's springtime in Berlin & you know that that means? It's piglet time! Our female Berlin Sus scrofa recently produced a litter of 5 piglets #2018MMM…
While sows are smaller than their boarish male counterparts, wild pig sows "temperament also becomes increasingly
protective & unpredictable" when they have piglets to protect. #2018MMM…
Bobcats are known to prey upon wild pigs (…), & the bobcat cousin Iberian Lynx has a proclivity for piglets (…) #2018MMM
Tonight the cloud cover has warmed things a bit above freezing, but the piglets are snuggled together to keep warm. The sow is foraging about & walks further and further away... #2018MMM
Bobcat is concealed behind the bushes & begins his stealthy approach… & @Mammalogists #2018MMM
As a felid, the bobcat's "soft paw pads ensure a silent, firm grip during the stalking & final approach to prey" (Kitchener et al. 2010) #2018MMM…
Bobcat pounces into the piglet pile- their squeals of fear obscure the patter of approaching cloven hooves... #2018MMM
Charging at 25 miles an hour, MOMMA SCROFA plows into bobcat, catching one of his haunches IN HER TEETH! #2018MMM
"Boars tend to slash & stab with their lower tusks, while sows tend to bite, in their use of these teeth as weapons" #Carnage #2018MMM…
Oh lookee here... a pic of a bobcat femur in the jaws of a Sus scrofa that we just happened to have laying around that was taken this morning by @je_light #2018MMM
Bobcat howls in pain & fury, slashing with his claws down the sow's face!! #Carnage #2018MMM
"The ever-sharp claws" deploy like "switchblades" lacerating one of the sow's eyes! (Kitchener et al. 2010) #Carnage #2018MMM
The sow loosens her grip on the felid
& with the powerful neck muscles she more typically uses to up-turn 100lb rocks,
Bobcat tries to stand
but his back legs collapse.
He crumples to the ground.
#Carnage #2018MMM
AND never say that #2018MMM doesn't take requests.

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Mar 30, 2018
Next Up: #1 seed Orinoco Crocodile vs #2 seed Anaconda! #2018MMM
Tonight's battle is a collaboration among @chumblebiome, @Drew_Lab, & me @Mammals_Suck #2018MMM
To reach tonight, Orinoco Crocodile consumed a praying mantis, a goliath tarantula, and a secretary bird foot. So, ah, he is HUNGRY TO WIN! #2018MMM #AlltheNopes
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Mar 29, 2018
Next Up (For Real THIS TIME): #2 seed Anaconda (Eunectes murinus) vs. #3 seed Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) #2018MMM
World's Heaviest Snake vs World's Largest Lizard #2018MMM
Komodo Dragons have "ziphodont" teeth, meaning they are laterally compressed, sharp, & with serrated edges. In 1928, Burden described what they could do (other than give you nightmares) #2018MMM
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Mar 27, 2018
More specifically: #3 Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis) vs. #6 Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) #2018MMM
Komodo Dragon swallowed the snot otter to advance to round 2, while Eurasian Eagle Owl perforated the Beaded Lizard, relative of @gilamonsterasu #2018MMM
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Mar 22, 2018
Next Up: #6 seed Eurasian Eagle Owl vs. #11 seed Beaded Lizard! #2018MMM
But first a quick PSA: Anaconda ADVANCES
(and gets the point if you are keeping score)...
while Tardigrade #AltAdvances!
Find out in ROUND 2!
Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) is a widely distributed avian predator that does well in diverse habitats across Eurasia with subspecies stretching from Scandanavia to Siberia, into the steppes of Central Asia, & down into the middle East & into North Africa #2018MMM
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Mar 20, 2018
Tonight's FINAL BATTLE is 6-seed BOBCAT (Lynx rufus) vs. 11 seed STRIPED SKUNK (Mephitis mephitis) #2018MMM
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: This #2018MMM battle will not feature ANY Warner Bros skunk gifs that involve him harassing and grabbing a lady he's after. #OnlyYesMeansYes
In this head to head match-up the two are going carnivora-e-carnivora although they last shared a common ancestor ~54 MYA #2018MMM
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Dec 28, 2017
News reports that Erica Garner @es_snipes, daughter of NYPD-slain Eric Garner, is "brain dead" after asthma induced heart attack exacerbated by recent pregnancy. Everything about this statement is #ApartheidInAmerica…
Environmental, medical, dietary, reproductive, educational, judicial, TIME... the #ApartheidInAmerica list goes on and on and on.
and on.
White folks need to recognize apartheid in America, the policies, procedures, & laws that codify it, and we need to dismantle them. Now.
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