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I see Putin went into hiding after shopping mall inferno in Russia. What a great leader he is!
Mayor of Kemerovo told Putin personally called him after the shopping mall inferno and instructed what punishments have to be carried out. Plus asked to bow before the families of the victims. He's too busy with other tasks to pay attention to the tragedy.
Kemerovo locals estimate the death toll of the shopping mall inferno to be between 200-350 people. Most of the perished were locked up in 3 cinema theatres. The man below lost his wife, sister, daughter, and three grandchildren.
As the men describes the rescue service was unprepared, no oxygen masks, claimed no one is inside, didn't go in nor tired to rescue. Just waited till the inferno calms down.
In Russian there is meaning лютый пиздец (Lyutyi pizdets). Пиздец alone is horrible expression of horrible situation, only overridden by полный пиздец. Лютый пиздец is light years above anything one has ever experienced. This is far beyond лютый пиздец.
Remember - what happened in Kemerova is by far worst tragedy that ever happened in Russia, let alone during Putin's reign, but he's solely responsible for what has happened as the society has degraded to the point that these catastrophe happen regularly.
I'm not even sure does лютый пиздец cut Kemerovo infermo tragedy deep enough. I think even лютый пиздец has nothing on this.
Next of kin perished in Kemerovo shopping mall are forced to sign NDA prior receiving information or the bodies. The governor of Kmereov Oblast said anyone who'll spread information will face the FSB investigation. It means the families of victims.
As I've said before лютый пиздец has nothing on this. And лютый пиздец is the extremes one could express. I don't know what would come after лютый пиздец.
She got intoxication from the fumes in less than 2 minutes. She died today in the hospital not recovering from comatose.
Kemerovo residents will stage rally on Tuesdays. It will be regarded as unsanctioned rally. I don't know what it will turn to.
Per this YouTube video people suspect the Kemerovo shopping mall inferno was an act of terror. The suspect has been pointed out and the place where he laid his package was the starting point of the flame.
BREAKING Putin arrived to Kemerovo.
CORRECTION The man lost in the Kemerovo shopping mall inferno 3 of his kids, wife, his sister and other family member. 7 y.o, 5 y.o. ...
Full 13 minutes of testimony of the man who lost in Kemerovo inferno 3 of his kids, wife, sister, and other relatives, mostly kids.
The dick got balls to arrive 72h after the inferno when the news of possible arson has been confirmed by the FSB. Not before and not on time, but when he can brush the blame away. Unfathomably horrendous person!
Sorry my French. I should have used лютый урод.
From this video of the terrorists who threw arson device into kid's playground contraption clearly seen the 4th floor got into toxic fume in less than 6 seconds. I repeat - in less than 6 seconds. The inferno is just shattering.
Better video with time stamps. From initial flame to inferno it took 4 minutes. After the blaze went out of hand it filled the floor in 6 seconds. The mall didn't have fire alarm or any sprinkler system.
The man who lost everything. He's sole survivor of his family. All else perished in the inferno.
He's sole survivor of his family. All else are dead. Perished in the Kemerovo inferno.
I don't know how he'll survive this. I literally can't fathom.
BREAKING Peskov refutes the news Putin arrived to Kemerovo.
Indeed! Did something happened? No? What's the fuss then?
On the gathering in Kemerovo people started to count perished. Later will go to all places where the officials might hide the bodies. Putin arrives 96h after inferno for news & media pictures. And they claim to be the best superstate ever.
Watch the video of Putin laying wrath, that was brought by an aid and not with him, in Kemerovo prior at shopping mall victims memorial that was swept clean from the angry mob. Horrible person.
After Putin laid wrath at the makeshift Kemerovo blaze memorial he went to meet the journalists, said his condolences and w/o meeting the gathered mob left the region. Mob meanwhile accuses the whole government in the incident.
Putin, via media, asks the mob in Kemerovo not to believe the information in social networks.
Even Kemerovo mourning people has to be for Putin controlled, safe mob.
To scare off people in Kemerovo not to gather at the city municipality a rumour was send around army is arriving to the city to kill protesters. Some abstained the meeting in fear for their lives.
BREAKING Kemerovo oblast government demands arrests for those who spread rumours of hundreds of dead in the shopping mall inferno.
The Kemerovo oblast senior official who demand arrests for those who spread rumours of hundreds of dead in the shopping mall inferno admits he's ready to resign if wrongdoings will be discovered during investigation.
BREAKING On March 25 a Kemerovo firefighter on What'sApp says local hospital received total 237 dead bodies of the shopping mall inferno from which only 30 were adults. Everyone else were kids who arrived to cartoon premier.
BREAKING On March 25 it was known in Volgogradsk morgue they had already 173 dead kids from Kemerovo inferno. Parents couldn't claim the bodies unless they sign NDA.
The bodies that were take out of the mall were done under strict secrecy and every worker nearby was warned will get sacked if film the recovery procedure.
BREAKING On March 25 Russian Emergency Service officially reported in Kemerovo inferno at least 355 person perished and estimation are at 400 total.
My God! Russian law enforcement draw large amount of OMON to Kemerovo rally. 355 kids dead & death toll totalling at 400 and this is what the government is doing with people who challenge official media news.
BREAKING The crowd counting of Kemerovo mall inferno victims have reached to 150 dead.
The whole square where the relatives of the Kemerovo inferno dead gathered is tightly encircled with OMON fighters.
In 18 years of his reign Putin made only once an idiotic decision to meet with the relatives - It was Kursk. He took a good lesson from that encounter. Not even Kemeroovo incident made to change his mind.
BREAKING Governor of Kemerovo oblast thanked personally Putin again for calling him. Said the mob which gathered at the city municipality is only 200 strong, professional provocateurs, no relatives of the victims.
In his excessive extraordinary mea culpa ass licking to Putin Kemerovo oblast governor asked for forgiveness such thing happened on his territory. Reminding him he follows exactly as he said, did, and instructed during the other incident.
BREAKING In Putin's theatrical visit to hospital in Kemerovo the FSO managed to smuggle in the local policeman as a victim of inferno. Take a good look at the pictures.
BREAKING Russian media showcase this policeman as Kemerovo inferno hero next to Putin. What a farce they produce for evening news!
BREAKING Kemereovo hospital ER doctor said 70% of victims were kids. The local officials dispute his claim and say he's a provocateur.
One thing I'm not sure is the fact claims 800 people are affected and all the morgues of Kemerovo are full of the dead. It might be he meant 400 dead and 400 in hospital but not totally sure.
Kemerovo oblast governor reinstates that the figures he gave to Putin were correct, the thing happens in the city is opposition seizing the moment, they are not relatives of the victims, thy are imposters.
I thought I won't post of hint to words Putin said during meeting with Kemerovo oblast but as they have been publish will put it here. This is beyond comprehensible.
BREAKING Kemerovo locals report the OMON forces have suddenly increased 10-fold and exceed the gathered mob by 1:2.
BREAKING Novokuznetsk locals confirm at least 100 bodies of Kemerovo shopping mall victims have been smuggled to the city morgue, which is 223km away and takes 3h of drive.
МЧС, the Russian Emergency Agency, on March 25 already officially reported of 355 dead, estimated the total would be around 400. МЧС is run by Shoigu.
Kemerovo oblast governor truly keeps his words and started to sweep the bodies with the help of local FSB. It won't take long after the FSB will take on the grieving relatives not complacent with official figures.
Please remember Russian authorities managed to cover up confirmed 334 KIA of PMC Wagner mercs. No more than 15 has been ID. All else are gone anonymously. It cost nothing to do the same for the Kemorovo victims.
BREAKING Father of the girl who suffocated in the shopping mall cinema said he rushed to the scene where she called him in 5 minutes but the firemen on the 4th floor didn't let him get through and dragged away. The firemen didn't save but stood & waited.
Not just Putin declared one day mourning of Kemerovo victims, he was even introduced in hospital with staged shopping mall inferno survivor. Like the fake "fishermen".
BREAKING Russian media report the prohibition of bad news prior the elections have been extended until Putin's inauguration, which explains the silence on Russian state TV regarding the tragedy in Kemerovo.
I seriously tried to abstain to repost this usurper micromanager's midget tirade in Kemerovo. I don't know why I do this. This is appalling. It's his fault but demands to seek everyone's part of the incident.
BREAKING A Kemerovo local at the mob gathering yells not to demand the exact figures of the dead as it would cheer the Americans over the actual loss of Russians. Some protest that they don't care about the Americans.
The Hermitage Museum not waiting for Putin's mourning hoisted the flag in half the pole. Moscow city municipality to derail Muscovites imprompty rally to commemorate Kemeorovo victims will stage own civilized strikebreaking commemoration rally.
Dilute. Rinse and repeat. People's initiative is a bad omen on Russia. I hail the courage of the Hermitage Museum.
The faces one will encounter in Russia when 355 kids burn alive in in a shopping mall.
WOW! Gawd, how sweet! I'm in tears. Such tenderness! WOHOO!
Moscow city authorities said they won't forcefully disperse the impromptu gathering of Muscovites who will come to commemorate the inferno victims.
The reason why Putin is mad at Kemerovo incident is the fact it stains his forthcoming inauguration. He doesn't care nor has feelings towards the victims.
Bear in mind the Moscow municipality commemoration rally is necessary only to have a good footage for the evening news program.
The faces of 355 perished kids of the Kemerovo shopping mall inferno in one picture.
The saddest thing is that she demanded not to request the truth as people are so agitated and "the Americans will know" is just a side effect.
Kemerovo authorities published official list of the victims. They insist there's no more than 64 victim. I can't figure out 38 marked as missing are included or excluded. Nonetheless this figure is 6 fold downsized what has been reported & known.
BREAKING Russian media report a Ukrainian prankster is suspected in making viral the news of 300 dead in Kemerovo blast. When something, then must be an Ukrainian.
For deployed OMON forces this is clear sign of weakness.
Russian senior lawmaker Voloding said the mourning of the Kemerovo victims in the light of forthcoming presidential inauguration is a cynical disregard of millions of voters.
For a senior Russian lawmaker there should be no bad news whatsoever regardless of severity until Putin is inaugurated again. Who cares about dead children, they don't matter nor can be brought back.
BREAKING In light of FSB latest instructions all exits from all public premises must be locked and sealed. This is the FSB's method to curb possible terror acts in Russia.
Even most modern schools in Moscow have implemented the FSB anti terrorism requirements and locked all emergency exists with bike anti-theft chains. Whatever happens the kids can't get out, but at least there are no terror acts that threatens Putin reign.
BREAKING GRU InfoOp Steshin spins again the FSB injection Ukraine prankster spread the lie of 300 dead children in Kemerovo. Remember in #Skripal case he said the Soviet Union didn't have CW program and #novichok was the KGB misinformation infoop for checking the leaks.
BREAKING Kremlin controlled Russian state media have started fake spin on claims the Kemerovo inferno death toll in hundreds is a prank by a Ukrainian prankster.
But the evening news programs will show this footage & won't mention any other rally, including the ongoing for last 12h in Kemerovo.
This is how Moscow riot police is preparing for the people's impromptu rally for mourning the Kemerovo dead. Shields, batons, massive lines. After Navalny supported the rally Mayor of Moscow demanded to cut it off.
GRU InfoOp Kots, too, have joined Steshin in spinning the fake trying artificially downsize Kemerovo inferno death toll close official or less. Actually they don't try, they want to kill the claim of w/o providing clarification. Obfuscation.
BREAKING The world renown Putin's staged fake "fishermen" has been ID'd on March 27 Kemerovo impromptu rally of grieving relatives of the victims acting as strikebreakers. This is a clear sign the FSB or FSO send in their agent to dilute the tragedy!
And then the Kremlin will spin fakery of Ukraine prankster making 355 dead of Kemerovo inferno fake viral in the same time smuggling 100 dead bodies out of Kemerovo to Novokuznetsk. Not to mention they staged in hospital a fake inferno victim for Putin.
My Gawd! On Kremlin's staged fake commemoration event for the Kemerovo victims they bought all the plush toys in bulk! IN BULK! They can't even fake their genuine grief!
BREAKING In Moscow's impromptu the Kemerovo victims commemoration rally is not present a single Russian state TV channel camera crew. They only filmed the diluted fake by Moscow municipality. That will be shown in the news.
Nothing is sacred for those fake fishermen.
BREAKING News is coming police in St. Petersburg is ready to disperse the impromptu gathering to commemorate the victims of Kemerovo inferno.
I'll just leave it here. What a charming mash-up.
How charming! Per Stalin 355 burned alive children would have been just statistics. No tragedy whatsoever.
In 2014 the same resident of Kemerovo, who now mourn the death of 355 their children, clapped in both hands when called to support reunification of Crimea with its historical homeland & regarded Ukraine as patch of land that has to follow by the same faith.
BREAKING News is coming 4 mothers of the Kemerovo fire victims have committed suicide.
First pictures secretly taken, disobeying the no visual media stern warning, of the Kemerovo blaze victims, mainly kids. Like the kids in Syria killed by Russian army the kids of Kemerovo are too non-existent for the Kremlin media.
This is remarkable video of Putin's arrival under controlled, swept, encircled, heavily sowed with the security details, 96h too late, to fake commemoration of the Kemerovo victims. And he declared just one, ONE, day of mourning. ONE.
The Kemerovo oblast deputy governor who went to his knees in-front of the relatives of the victims in less than 12h later says the rally was deliberately staged to discredit the government and many participants didn't know what they were doing.
I'll rather go before this escalates too quickly. This is very in-line with the Soviet mindset. As he said yesterday - he's not elected, he's appointed.
There's very fine line between love and hate, but there's no doubt I wish them all death. There are moments when one can't wash the sin away with just blood alone.
It did escalate quickly. God, I know, right?
I truly don't care were there 355, 64, or 41 perished kids burned alive or suffocated. I don't understand what stops them to come w terms /w the reality they caused it, they made it happen, it's their responsibility, they must face the reality, acknowledge
BREAKING First fruits of the Kemerovo fire fallout. Duma will vote on legislation that will regulate how SMS and bloggers must write and mourn prior and during national tragedy.
Vice governor of Kuzbass just created a new meme: "Fired up youth in locked up cinema theatre".
He accused the gathered relatives of the victims to be "fired up youth".
Some very serious reckoning is going on in Russia in regard with the Kemerovo fire victims. Some basic human values have to be reinstalled via unorthodox bodily cavities. Some very clear messages have to be aired in clear text.
Russian MoD official newspaper Zvezda published article claiming the falsified high number of the Kemerovo fire victims is deed of American Cyber Attack Command in Ukraine.
Russian MP Muzilin in lament over the dead children of Kemerovo fire issues sincere condolences to Putin saying it's hard burden fall upon him, it's backstabbing. He does unimaginable good things for Russia, single-handedly spiked birthrate.
Russian MP Mizulina tells of Putin's divine deed of rising single-handedly birthrate in Russia as if talking about progress in meat farming and cattle breeding.
She, Mizulina, and that serious inhuman blasphemy she preaches.
The XXI century Russia in a nutshell.
BREAKING Governor of Kemerovo oblast on 3rd day, on day of national mourning, openly, without any doubt of a shadow declared the fire is contained, victims are counted and everything else is deed of radically minded opposition.
Governor of Kemerovo oblast asked Putin to forcefully kidnap the owner of the shopping mall to put him into prison. The governor doesn't see any fault of his in the tragedy.
BREAKING The footage of caught fire bus that was taking journalists on Amend the image" PR tour in Kemerovo to show fire safety there is top notch.
Actual fire exit in Russia. Yes, that's a brick wall.
BREAKING Duma MP representative on Russian live talk show said the 355 burned alive children scarified themselves for the nation & the leader, to man up & unite to be one united fighting force and everything around the tragedy is abused by radically minded.
Russian MFA spox Zakharova wrote a poem about the Kemerovo victims justifying burning in alive as young kid, depicting them as the state induced child heroes of WW2, heroically taking the blame of dying with the other charcoaled & suffocated kids.
You can't fathom how rabidly loaded this poem is. You need to command Russian in higher level. But this is beyond one can bear. They literally seized the tragedy into radicalising the populous into forced support of the leader. (Führer).

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