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1) A quick thread on energy and intent. As you all know we're engaged in a fierce Spirtual War for the direction of our Nation. We have an opponent who wants to grid the Constitution to dust, scatter it to the winds and join a Global Community with oppressive Fascist Leadership.
2) We, as Patriots, are fighting their dark vision with every ounce of our Strength. I'd like to offer a few pointers on how to increase your effectiveness in dealing with these demons of darkness.

a. Realize that you are a child of light and that you thrive on positive energy.

b. Realize that they are demons of darkness and thrive on fear/anger energies.

When you start every intended action in the World with that concept you will maximize your action while starving their need, which is fear & anger.
4) For example, right now we have two individuals, Hogg & Stormy Daniels as their Poster Children. They look like they're advocates, but you know what they really are? Magnets. Magnets to pull out and absorb the worst of you, your fear, your anger.

Here's how to change that:
5) When you see a Stormy Daniels, don't focus on the object. Focus on what the object represents. In her case, she's a weapon to cause a distraction and to fool you into thinking you need to explain her presence and her statements away. That's when she becomes the magnet for fear
6) You're now focused on an object and your energy is based in fear & anger. That's exactly where they want you. How do you change that? Be for something. If you're against what that object represents a threat to, don't be against her, be FOR what she represents a threat to.
7) If she is threatening @POTUS then defend the President by being FOR him, by talking positive about WHY you're for him, by praying for God to protect him. That's how you neutralize that object. Don't be against something. Be FOR something. Be POSITIVE about something.
8) Take David Hogg, the poor lost Soul who has been raised in darkness his entire life. Don't be against him. Be FOR what he is threatening. Talk POSITIVELY about why the 2nd Amendment is a good thing. Speak WELL of Gun Ownership. Don't give David Hogg what he wants: Anger / Fear
This is a Physical Realm dominated by Spiritual Energy. What you bring into this World is what makes your World. If you want a World of Light then BE the Light. If you want a positive uplifting World then BE positive and uplifting. Avoid the Negative. Reject the Fear and Anger.
10) Remember

Evil = Negative

Good = Positive

You make the choices of what you bring into this World second by second. DO NOT give the Enemy comfort. Stand FOR not against. God Bless You and God Bless the USA. /end

#MAGA #QAnon #TQFam #TheGreatAwakening @POTUS #MakeItRain

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Oct 9, 2018
1) On September 14, 2001, after holding a ticket on the Airline Flight that crashed into the Pentagon, but changed it to a day earlier at the last moment...
2) I was in LA & I went to the Reagan Library on the morning of September 14th, early, confused and grappling with 9/11 days earlier.
3) I was too early for the opening of the opening of the Museum so I walked out to the Reagan Library side to see the view & after a few minutes a Security Guard approached & told me that I'd have to go back up to the Museum.
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Oct 8, 2018
1) I'm really getting put out by the fear porn - Let's review - New York & California are suffering their WORST housing crisis because they were BILKING the Federal Government out of Trillions of $ by insanely raising their property taxes because people could write them off.
2) When Congress lowered your taxes & put a cap on how much could be deducted from your taxes from property taxes is automatically BY DESIGN turned over the tables on the greedy States that were taking advantage of the Federal Government.…
3) The States specifically that are suffering from the new tax laws because they were playing the Federal Government by charging excessively for property taxes are:

New York Connecticut Rhode Island Delaware Massachusetts California Washington DC New Jersey Maryland & Vermont.
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Oct 8, 2018
1) Silicon Valley, over the last month has given every byte of user data to the Dem Party from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google & Youtube so they can filter & target prospective voters. Don't believe me?
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Oct 6, 2018
1) It is my sincere hope that each & every one of you will share what the #MSM #FakeNews will not...
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Oct 5, 2018
1) The Genesis of what we're now prosecuting to get our Nation back started on Nov 23rd, 1963 with the @USMC - They saw, with Eisenhower, the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex & they became the 'Knights Templar' of the Republic, documenting the subversion...
2) ... and creating a strategy / timeline of defeating the subversion to our Constitution. The whole time Hollywood, DC, the East Coast, etc were planning this subversion & uprising, the @USMC were RIGHT ON TOP of them.
3) And for anyone that wonders what how why when and who did what they did for America? Answer: Because we swear to defend America from enemies, Foreign & D O M E S T I C !
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Oct 5, 2018
1) Economies must be driven from the bottom up. The most important, most lucrative, most disassociated, most stable industry is at a local level in towns of 100,000 or less.

A Republic is the only Government that supports the bottom up Economical Model...
2) & it has been re-validated over & over again over thousands of years of it's widespread use in Western Civilization. The essence of the 'Republic' model is this: Let life processes take care of themselves. The Republic only protects one from another personally & societally.
3) In an educated & literate Society, the best Government is limited in size & scope & provides only the boundaries for the margins of social norms. We, the People must be freed & empowered to create, invent, inspire, revolutionize & re-invent all that is around us.
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