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(1) Cruz was an extremely troubled kid who was ignored time and time again by the police & FBI. He even called for help himself but was still ignored.

(2) Or was he? Was he tapped and groomed for a purpose? #KeepReading
(3) On the morning of the shooting, teachers were told in a faculty meeting to be prepared for a Code Red lockdown drill. Timing? Coincidence? Planned?

(4) Peterson saw Cruz enter the building. #KeepReading
(5) Cruz texted his friend in the Uber car on the way to the school. It was a casual "what's up" kind of text.

(6) Cruz was seen wearing black pants and a school shirt. He carried a backpack & longer bag (rifle bag?) into the building. #KeepReading
(7) Peterson recognized Cruz. He knew that Cruz was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE.

(8) Why didn't Peterson stop him from entering the building? He couldn't have known that he was entering with the plan of shooting people, right? So why didn't he STOP HIM? #KeepReading
(9) Instead, he called for a Code Red. Why? Did he think it was part of the drill? Part of the plan?

(10) Reports are contradictory. When did the fire alarm go off? When was the Code Red called? #KeepReading
(11) According to the timeline, Cruz entered the building, changed into FULL SWAT GEAR (including helmet, face mask, and vest), pulled out a rifle, hit the fire alarm, & started shooting in ONE MINUTE.

(12) One minute for all of that? #KeepReading
(13) Witnesses saw the shooter wearing a mask, helmet, and vest.

(14) Did ANYONE ACTUALLY SEE CRUZ SHOOT A GUN? Anyone at all? Anyone? #KeepReading
(15) WHEN did Peterson call the Code Red? Before or after he heard shots?

(16) Peterson pegged Cruz as the shooter.

(17) Peterson didn't enter the building. He didn't stop Cruz as he was entering or after he heard shots. Why? Why? Why? #KeepReading
(18) One student testified hearing shots across the building as she was leaving, then running into Cruz on the way out. She even said to him, "I thought that you were the shooter." Cruz said, "Huh?" #KeepReading
(19) Cruz took off all of his gear and left his bags and guns and left the building. No one saw him taking off the gear?

(20) Cruz left the building with the rest of the students. He went to Walmart, Subway, & McDonalds. He even sat down and ate. Odd. #KeepReading
(21) Cruz was stopped by an off-duty cop. He immediately laid down on the grass and surrendered.

(22) He hyperventilated and was taken to the hospital. He confessed. Odd. #KeepReading
(23) In a flash, CNN was in Parkland with their camera. They quickly found a small # of Ss to start the gun control narrative. We all know where that has gone and who became the face of Parkland.

(24) Police officers never entered the building during the shooting. #KeepReading
(25) The face of Parkland who displayed Hitler like behavior in the following weeks wasn't even at school that day.

(26) The face of Parkland's parents: CNN & FBI. Wow.

(27) The face of Parkland jumped on his bike & went to "report" the shooting. WTH? #KeepReading
(28) The face of Parkland just happened to create a video "as a shooting was happening" 2 weeks before the shooting? Odd. #KeepReading
(29) Marches & walkouts were organized by #BigLeft

(30) The #MSM didn't ask questions.

(31) The #MSM (especially CNN) & the "faces of Parkland" have been on a gun control mission.

(32) Cruz pled guilty. The judge said no, he would plead not guilty. #KeepReading
(33) The victims have been ignored.

(34) The lack of police response has been ignored.

(35) The sheriff, a known Democrat, who poses for pics w/Hillary, Obama plus go on a media "gun control" circuit & takes 0 responsibility. #KeepReading
(36) Cruz has no family. No support.

(37) Florida AG says they are investigating the Broward County response & that she knows things that the public doesn't know. #KeepReading
(38) Family members of actual victims are ignored by the #MSM & denied the opportunity to speak by the #MarchforOurLives organizers.

(39) 17 people died. #KeepReading
(40) A horrific tragedy was hijacked by the left for their political agenda.

(41) Once again, another mass shooting with reports of multiple shooters is ignored.

(42) Who killed 17 people?

#SomethingStinksInParkland #EndOfThread

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Jun 20, 2018
(1) The law that caused children to be separated from their parents (illegal immigrants) was passed in 1997.

Who was President in 1997? Who signed the law TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO?
(2) For TWO DECADES children have been separated from their parents at the border.

Where was the #MSM #MediaMonkeys?

Where was the outrage?
(3) During Obama’s administration children were separated from their parents, placed in cages, & given into the custody of CHILD TRAFFICKERS.

Where was the #MSM? Where was the outrage?
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Apr 26, 2018
(1) Dear America,

Teaching is an honorable profession.

Most teachers love kids, work extremely hard, and are highly educated.

Not all teachers are radical liberals.

(2) As a professional educator,

I've been shocked by social media and news stories

of teachers who behave unprofessionally,

of teachers who behave criminally,

of teachers who use their captive audience for political purposes.

(3) These people are in the minority.

They are bad apples (pun intended).

As in any profession,

there are those who are not honorable.

This is unacceptable.

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Mar 26, 2018
(1) Growing up, politics was not a center point of my life or family. If anyone discussed politics, I was completely oblivious to it.
(2) I went to a small 2-year college after high school. I don't recall ever having a political conversation.
(3) When I went on to a university, I found myself surrounded by Democrats. The left is very good at pathos (emotional appeal). I was drawn in. I recall trying to understand what the two parties stood for, but I didn't really know. I was acluistic.
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