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🚨🚨🚨Key Pieces on the Global Geopolitical Chessboard Are Being
Stealthily Rearranged for the Hot Phase of World War III.
Pray for @POTUS
The Brits are, indisputably, the most skilled prevaricators and provocateurs on the planet. Especially where it concerns executing false flags, the British intelligence community is both unsurpassed and peerless (Yes, they often work in tandem with the CIA and MOSSAD).
But their real skill and long-time experience lie in falsely blaming Russia for everything they themselves are guilty of.
The spooks in MI6, MI5 and GCHQ conspired to frame Russia for an attempted murder of the Russian Skripals with a deadly nerve agent that likely originated at Porton Down.
Porton Down is a United Kingdom science park, situated just northeast of the village of Porton near Salisbury, in Wiltshire, England.
It is home to two UK Government facilities: a site of the Ministry of Defence‘s Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl), known for over 100 years as one of the UK’s most secretive & controversial military research  facilities.
The British government then deceitfully used their own criminal acts as justification to expel several Russian diplomats.  Furthermore, the Brits expectedly conned the U.S. and various nations in the EU to likewise expel numerous Russian officials.
The Brits are using this poisoning scandal to generate Russophobia worldwide, as well as to effectuate other specific preconceived outcomes.  As always, British black ops like this are multi-purposeful.
The Deep State globalists will do everything in their power to keep Trump and Putin apart.  TPTB know that such a powerful collaboration for peace would wreck their New World Order agenda—forever.
Russia holds the key to world peace.  Putin has worked to stop wars that could have been much worse. His efforts are met with unparalleled persecution from Western powers. He is consistently demonized as a new ‘Hitler’ while Russia is unjustly prosecuted for baseless accusations.
The British have intensely coveted that resource-rich Russian landmass for centuries; in fact, for as long as they have known how far it stretches from east to west.  They even initiated the Great Game as a means of stealing and/or controlling the Russian border areas.
The never-ending Great Game is actually an unending war on Russia that the Brits (and now the Americans and Israelis) refuse to abandon.  Nowadays, both London and Tel Aviv use the U.S. military and/or NATO whenever it concerns poking the bear.
The Third World War can only be staged with the full participation of Putin’s Russia.  Hence, the neocon warmongers do all they can to entice the Kremlin into a manipulated conflict. The good news is Putin et al. have already been around this block.
President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev & every other major player in the Kremlin know just how profoundly misguided & ill-fated such a harebrained scheme truly is. They are equally determined to avert war by every means possible.
Nevertheless, the extraordinary March Madness of 2018 indicates that the NWO cabal will not relent until they fulfill their most apocalyptic (and fake) prophecy known as the biblical Armageddon.
Was this year’s March Madness manufactured to set up “April Aggression”
Given the spate of obvious provocations being staged by the  neocon warmongers of Britain , Israel & America against both Russia and China, it appears that the Western powers are getting ready to rumble.
There has been such a steady stream of patently false allegations leveled at Russia that the only purpose must be to soften up the mainstream media audience for naked war propaganda.
Waging war by deception is always preceded by a blatant campaign of disinformation, particularly when the UK, US and Israel are behind it.
For these and other reasons, April is likely to see a dramatic uptick in all forms of outright propaganda.  There are now clandestine plans afoot to start wars and conflicts on various fronts.
For instance, while Trump says he will withdraw the remaining 2000 plus U.S. troops from Syria (an excellent move), he gave his tacit approval for another NATO military power — France — to take over (a terrible move).
Should hostilities in Syria heighten after an invasion by France, the many warhawks throughout the Trump administration will certainly scream for NATO intervention.  And that means the ‘official’ commitment of U.S. Armed Forces.
Is this how they will attempt to confer a veneer of legitimacy on any US/NATO aggression?
April is a pivotal month for the war-makers. They know there are unique ‘windows of opportunity’ for combat that, once closed, will be gone for good. Therefore, Trump’s best response is to do everything in his power to slow them down.
The critical point here is that the globalists know they are going down, and sooner rather than later.  And, they know that they have only a couple of ways out of their preordained and impossible predicament.
The 1st is to start a world war that sufficiently terrorizes participants as it traumatizes spectators. This strategy, used from time immemorial by governments the world over, distracts people from widespread governmental criminality, political malfeasance & official wrongdoing.
In fact, there is no more effective way of diverting the attention of the citizenry than to wage war on a fictitious enemy.
Their 2nd option is to execute a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System.  While this alternative will make many folks quickly forget the ongoing globalist crime wave, it may also backfire.
Because the Internet has made available so much truth about the controlling crime families, as well as the actual history of the major wars over the past two centuries, who doesn’t know the perps by name and face by now.
Were TPTB to crash the markets, particularly the stock and/or bond markets, their own corporate empires could also collapse in a day & night from the inevitable domino effect. The jobless masses just might pick up their torches and pitchforks and make short work of you know who.
There’s nothing else that scares the globalists like people power.  They know that mob mentality can degenerate very rapidly into a “French Revolution” scenario.
Given the amount of extreme rage being expressed across the World Wide Web today, the victimized around the globe won’t even take time to set up guillotines or erect gallows.
Consequently, the globalist warlords and banksters who lead this international crime syndicate have no choice but to evacuate the premises.  Unless, of course, they start WW3 or crash the markets first.
A review of all the wild and wacky things that took place from March 1st thru March 31 makes clear that the mainstream media (MSM) has been completely taken over by Operation Mockingbird.
In other words, nothing is released by the MSM organs of propaganda unless explicitly approved by the C.I.A.
The crucial matter here is that there is always a series of destabilizing events staged just prior to any major black operation of global import.  This tactic knocks everyone off balance so that the perps can control the crime scene(s) and the narrative.
The pervasive chaos and palpable anxiety create an atmosphere of unpredictability and trepidation.  This is just what TPTB thrive on before they work their black magic.
With the Internet running at full tilt, the globalist plans for world war are being thwarted at every turn.  Implementing their false flag attacks and subsequent psyops just get harder by the day.
That’s not to say the psychos in charge won’t try to blow up the Middle East!  They have already shown themselves willing to destroy anything, anywhere, anytime in the interest of achieving their NWO objective of One World Government.
However, the globalists know that they must first disarm the American people.  They know that there will be “a patriot hiding behind every blade of grass” should a foreign power or UN troops ever encroach on U.S. sovereignty.
The bottom line is that the ongoing gun grab will only intensify until something gives.  After all, the  Purple Revolution can only begin in earnest when the Right is defenseless.
Only when the political elite and corporate leadership fear 'We the People' more than they fear their masters in Deep State will things really change in America.  It’s really that simple.  Which means that the American people, themselves, must take back the Republic.
Our POTUS is only one man; he can’t do this alone.  How 'we the people' actually organize to accomplish this necessary feat is certainly subject to much discussion and debate.  Nevertheless, it’s a civic task that cannot be shunned or ignored. #MAGA #KeepAmericaGreat

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