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Let Me ask some questions to DMK & ADMK
1. In 1967 when dravidian parties came to power there were over 44000 lakes and ponds in Tamil Nadu , Today there ar less than 6000 water bodies, What happened to the rest 38000 + water bodies

2. When you came to power in 1967 you said you will protect the natural resources of Tamil Nadu, instead of protecting the water resources of Tamil Nadu , havent both Dravidian parties looted and swindled the water resources of Tamil Nadu ? #TNBandh
3. Before both Dravidian parties came to power, you promised to solve Cauvery problem in one term, but now its over 50 years, during this course both DMK and ADMK have been in power both in the state & Center (coalition) , but still you have not solved the cauvery issue, #TNBandh
4.Why did Karunanidhi allow the construction of Dams in Karnataka ? Karunanidhi has given green signal to karnataka to build additional dams on the floor of the assembly. Didnt you betray the interests of Tamil Nadu when you did that?are you shedding crocodile tears now #TNBandh
5. When Dravidian parties came to power in TN the average underground water table was around 30 feet , today it is around 700 feet, by virtue of destroying the water bodies in Tamil Nadu , you have destroyed and depleted the underground water table across Tamil Nadu ? #TNBandh
6. Every stream leading to the water bodies were encroached systematically , water supply to these lakes were cut, some time later when the lakes dried up the dravidian parties converted it into commercial and residential plots ? Massive loot of Himalayan Proportion ? #TNBandh
7. How did the rank and file of both these Dravidian parties make money ? Real Estate ? selling these water bodies and temple lands ? can you explain ? #TNBandh
8. When dravidian parties came to power in TN, people had the land and these dravidian politicians had bottle in their hands, now the same politicians have given the bottle in their hands and taken away their lands , arent you shedding crocodile tears now ? #TNBandh
9. When these Dravidian parties came to power, Govt was running Schools and PVt persons were selling liquor, now Govt is selling Liquor and Pvt persons are running schools. These Dravidian parties have commercialized education and are looting TN people #TNBandh
10. Isn't it true that on an average TN receives more rainfall than Karnataka & Andhra, such being the case what have both Dravidian parties done to safeguard this prescious resources of Tamil Nadu ? #TNBandh #TN
11. How many Dams have these Dravidian parties built across The Rivers in Tamil Nadu over the past 50 Years ? can you name them ? #TNBandh
12. How many rivers within Tamil Nadu have been interconnected over the last 50 years ? if so kindly name them ? #TNBandh
13. When Both Dravidian parties were dolling out several thousands of crores for Freebies, why couldnt they spend a fraction of it to interconnect rivers within tamil nadu ? #TNBandh
14. Have both Dravidian parties done anything to save the surplus water from Cauvery going into the sea ? Have you spent any money to recharge lakes in TN over the past 50 Years ? #TNBandh
15. How many rivers have both Dravidian parties destroyed in TN due to indiscriminate sand mining in the rivers ? reports of Cauvery has been dug upto 30 feet in many places to mine sand, Isnt it going to affect the river eco system ? #TNBandh
16, Reports say that over 2500 Trucks full of Sand mined in Cauvery in Tamil Nadu were sold to Karnataka every day for years ? is it true ? if so where was your love for Tamils and Tamil Nadu ? #TNBandh
17. Both Dravidian parties should share the tree plantation records in public for the past 50 years. Is it true that as per records you both together have planted many times more trees in Tamil Nadu that the ones in Amazon forest ? Where are those trees ? #TNBandh
18. Every Day hundreds of acres of Forests and Trees are being illegally cut in TN, right under the nose of both these Dravidian parties, Without the patronage of these Dravidian parties is it possible to loot our forest resources ? #TNBandh
19. Both Dravidian parties have systematically destroyed the forests, rivers , water bodies and water resources as such in TN and are shedding crocodile tears in the name of cauvery ? #TNBandh
20. I have more questions to ask, but i know these Dravidian parties will have no answer, they cant stop people from asking inconvenient questions to them anymore, time for them to come out with a white paper on what they have done to safeguard water resources in TN #TNBandh

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Oct 9, 2018
Journalists are not special avatars. Law is the same to every one. Cartelisation of press is happening. Action on one of them is termed as action against all of them. Are they law unto themselves ? Action against a rogue journo is billed as threat for democracy. Wake up call
It's time for India to scrutinise The press.
If one has to organise press meet - sponsor lavish lunch or dinner
If you want coverage - give cover
If you want articles written - give advertisement
If you want to whore the news - It's money honey
If you want to suppress - money
During kargil war, I had mobilised a 15000 strong group of people in salem for a three km kargil March. Next day papers flash that the March was organised by a local businessman/ politician.

Height of whoring the news
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Oct 7, 2018
Dear friends we are forming special trending teams that would help BJP win MP, RJ, CH, TL & MZ elections. We need one hour of your time thrice a week.

Those interested to take part kindly RT .

Note :- those RTing kindly follow me so that I can add you in the groups. 🙏🙏🙏
Humbled & overwhelmed by the response & RTs. 🙏🙏🙏 I expected 50 RTs, now it's 200+ . I pity congress .
By evening we will take a list of all those who have RTed, then we will screen if there are any Congies, commies & aaptards. Rest will be added in our groups. Thank you for your fabulous response. Humbled & honoured 🙏🙏
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Oct 7, 2018
Glad to see #HinduCharter trending

I am not aware of the agenda or objective of this # , but I would like to put forth my list of demands for (Sanatan Dharma ) Hindus.
In most countries of de world Sons of the soil enjoy special privileges, Despite Sanatanis being sons of the soil of this great land Sanatanis are ridiculed, humiliated,called as a fringe & treated as second rate citizens in their own land #Hinducharter
#HinduCharter Since time immemorial Sanatanis have been the natives of this land. Right from Himalayas to kanyakumari, from Gandhara to far east they have sacrificed a lot to preserve their culture & race. Rivers of blood have flown to save this divine land .
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Oct 6, 2018
Today's sankalpa for salem
Shobana Muhurthae
Adhiya Bhramanaha
Dwithiya paradhae
Shri swetha varaha kalpe
Vaivaswatha Manvanthare
Bharatha Varshae
Bharatha Khandae
Godawariya dakshinae parshwae
Saliwahana sakhe
Asmin vartamane
Chandra sowrya mane
Vilambhi nama samwatsare
Varusha ruthu
Badhrapada mase
Sukhla pakshae
Dwadishi thithya
Magha nakshatre
Subha yoga
Subha karna
Doing pooja sankalpa in USA differs from doing pooja sankalpa in baratha bhoomi. We cant refer baratha varshe Jambu dveepe dhandakaranya etc as if from our original sankalpa

any pooja sankalpa comprises two parts:

The place where we are doing
The date we are doing
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Oct 5, 2018
Tamil Cinema is controlled directly by dravidian parties & indirectly by Christian missionaries. Agenda
1. Mock & insult Bhramins & their traditions
2. Insult sanskrit & Hindi
3. Talk about Tamil Nationalism.
4. Talk of fake secularism

Cladwell's santan
In most movies these Cladwell's Pidi's (tamil cinema industry) mock Brahmins in the form of a joke & most Bhramins watching it laugh too, that's the irony.
Has anyone seen these Cladwell's Pidi's (tamil cinema) mock muslim or Christian traditions ?

Brahmins have never interferred or insulted others believes or traditions. Yet ridiculed

On the other hand Christians call us as Satan's & Muslims are no better. They are praised
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Oct 3, 2018
Ujwala scheme success in salem
Part 2
Part 3
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