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Timothy J. Cunningham, ScD. Team Lead, Division of Population Health. Mid thirties, close relationship with sister, and parents. Named "ATL top 40 under 40." Worked on Ebola and Zika. Missing since February 12. Left work early, not feeling well. ajc.com/news/breaking-…
Body found with running shoes and 3 crystals in his pocket. A preliminary cause of death is listed as "drowning." CNN headline reads "No signs of foul play." On the morning of his disappearance, he tried to text his mother "Are you awake" at 5:21AM and called her at 9:12AM.
2. I run the Chattahoochee a lot. It's a wide river with lots of developed shore trails. How do you leave work sick, wake up early, go jogging with 3 crystals in your pocket, then jump in the river in February to drown? Why is this headlined as "not a sign of foul play?" #Qanon
3. Dr Cunningham was Team Lead and the CDC says, "has been deployed for numerous public health emergencies including Zika." The first "outbreak" was reported on Aug 1 2016 in Miami-Dade and Broward County. DWS and Sheriff Israel's home. #Qanon #Zika emergency.cdc.gov/han/han00393.a…
4. The CDC has chosen their patsy, it's the Aedes species mosquito. Zika and can cause birth defects during pregnancy, and the CDC reports, "There is no vaccine or medicine for Zika." However, the CDC does have a solution... Aerial spraying. A teaspoon every acre. #Qanon
5. The CDC utilizes, "Naled and other insecticides." Saying, "State and local officials make the decision on what insecticide(s) to use for aerial spraying. In 2014, almost 6 million acres of land in Florida was aerial sprayed with Naled by mosquito control programs" #Qanon
6. CDC says, "Naled has been extensively used since the 1950s and is currently applied ... to an average of approximately 16 million acres of the continental United States annually." That sounds okay i guess right? Afterall, the FDA approves it. #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
7. Ask anyone besides the #CDC you find that Naled has the UN hazard classification of 6.1 (inhalation hazard) and is prohibited for use as an insecticide within the EU. Repeated exposures is linked to neurological and "behavioral" problems including Parkinson's disease. #Qanon
8. Like #Parkland, we have a mosquito (patsey shooter) causing terror to thousands of pregnant women. And the only solution is to unload a locally chosen pesticide across 6 million acres of the most densely populated area in Florida. Run by two of the most corrupt people. #Qanon
9. One month after the first "outbreak" in Miami/Dade, this happens. Over 3 million honey bees die in one afternoon. The CDC approved, FDA sanctioned, Naled pesticide was sprayed up and down the southeast coast. #Qanon #EPA usatoday.com/story/news/nat…
10. Dr Cunningham was the CDC Team Lead for Zika. A few days after Dr Cunningham went missing, the company Takeda announced a new Zika vaccine. They even fast-tracked it. #Qanon asianscientist.com/2018/02/pharma…
11. Takeda's vaccine press release came out the exact same day Dr Cunningham went missing. His profile: close ties to family, community respected, into crystal-energy, career military, characterized as very traditional, a known mentor. Sounds like he'd be hard to corrupt. #Qanon
12. JP firm Takeda was paid $20mil by BARDA a division of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) within the US DHHS. Our tax dollars funded this new aluminum gel vaccine under the direction of Dr Robert Kadlec. #Qanon asianscientist.com/2016/09/pharma…
13. #Takeda pharmaceuticals (Japanese stock exchange) started a long healthy upturn in stock value beginning the summer of 2016, the same time the #Zika outbreak occurred. (note the huge selloff starting 2018). Something else happened that summer also, the norovirus... #Qanon
14. The Norovirus results in about 685 million cases of disease and 200,000 deaths globally a year. It's particularly nasty in the gastro region. On July 16 2016, 11 California RNC staffers contract it prior to the convention. #Qanon cleveland.com/rnc-2016/index…
15. The Norovirus RNC outbreak was coincidentally the same month Takeda announced a vaccine candidate for norovirus. Coincidentally, the same month the stock went bullish. And coincidentally 2 months prior to the first Zika "outbreak" in Miami/Dade. #Qanon takeda.com/newsroom/newsr…
16. Did Dr Cunningham see this pattern of virus-to-vaccine-to-money? Why was he urgently trying to contact his mother on Feb 12th? Is his disappearance connected to Takeda's massive stock drop in January? Why did CDC 1st report him disgruntled, then report he was promoted? #Qanon
17. Here's a summary timeline of deceased CDC employee Dr Cunningham and the viral outbreaks/vaccine releases. This covers two virus/vaccines and their respective outbreaks. #CDC #CDCwhistleblower #VaxXed #Qanon @POTUS
18. In 2014 Takeda hid the dangers of cancer for their diabetes drug Actos. A jury awards 8,000 plaintiffs $9 billion in damages. Bush appointee District Judge, Rebecca F. Doherty changed the settlement to $35 mil. The Actos drug earned Takeda $16billion in 10 years. #CDC #Qanon
19. 2 drownings 5 days apart ... Apr 5 2018, Dr #Cunningham's body found in Atlanta river. Apr 10 2018, Milagro de Mier found dead in DC pool. Both deaths reported as "drowning" and "no foul play." Both were connected to the #CDC Zika program. #Qanon memoryholeblog.org/tag/mila-de-mi…
20. In addition to #vaccine injuries and deaths, there are now two drowned humans, and 3 million dead honeybees connected to our #CDC and #FDA. Do you trust them to release a mosquito mutated by Pharma? Shared article: steemit.com/vaccines/@jame… #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening

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More from @jarue369

Oct 8, 2018
Gnosis. Dr Ford incident had nothing to do with Kavanaugh. The cabal already knew they lacked the votes. Dr. Ford was placed on camera as a trauma thumper; a pied piper calling the inner victim of injustice in every one of us. The voice of Dr. Ford sounded that way on purpose.
You can weaponize body trauma by insisting it's a celebration. This causes dissonance that many are simply not in touch with their bodies yet to discern. We are crammed full of propaganda in school. You can create a class of trauma survivors with pictures and sound.
You can activate this trauma army later with a simple story or a facial expression. This technique is far from new. It's not accurate to relegate it to #mkultra. We are all Manchurian voters thanks to academia and tribal pressure. This proves we are not in touch with our bodies.
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Oct 7, 2018
It is a psychological trauma to have an abortion. It's not reproductive as much as it is a form of self-mutilation. If you don't think a life is growing inside you, at least admit it is a part of your body and that you demand the right to mutilate yourself.
Look at how we hide self-mutilation behind "healthcare"...
Abortion = reproductive health
Circumcision = body sanitation

But what are the psychological effects of both? Is that care? Is that health? Why do you think so many are so angry?
Consider the first known cult; the cult of the phallus. This is carjacking the body so we retreat to the neck. We are ruled by our vision crammed in the skull. The all-seeing-eye controls us. What's a little mutilation between the brothers Osiris and Set.
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Oct 6, 2018
Our first lady is standing in front of the Sphinx. She is standing in front of its underground ceremonial chamber. I keep telling you guys to follow @2ndfor1st #QAnon
What were they looking for in Indiana Jones movie? What's in the Ark?
1.) Golden jar of manna
2,) Aaron's staff that had budded
3.) The stone tablets of the covenant.
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Oct 4, 2018
Trauma is epigenetic resonance. How far back does it go? There was a first trauma... the first supper. The reason for the Hajj. This is the beginning of "The Satanic Reverses."
There is no guilt. There is only a vibration of trauma. We crucify ourselves for being hollow. We retreat underneath the flat crevice of our own feet. That time is over now. We agreed to a new era. A new gear has engaged the transmission. We are bodies again – not heads in jars.
[Please share the full thread above so people can read about Saturn first. ]

Why does the entire world participates in genital mutilation?

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Oct 3, 2018
If your cellphone sent you a message tomorrow afternoon telling you to go somewhere would you? False flags use drills as cover. You should have your cellphone with you. More information is always better than less. @MattyBoz3 was suggesting otherwise, but i disagree. Trust...
@MattyBoz3 Here is my hierarchy of trust...
1.) my gut
2.) my head
3.) my heart
4.) @realDonaldTrump
5.) Q
Q is tough b/c the comms could be hacked. So could Trump's twitter. But 1, 2, and 3 are fully encrypted and safe if you listen. Make sure all 3 are in tune! Listen to them.
Just to clarify, i dont mean to speak for @MattyBoz3, i had retweeted his thoughts earlier and it gave me a lot to think about. Red October is a time for each of us to consider these things.
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Sep 28, 2018
Anger is a natural reaction to injustice. Both people were credible. Dr Ford was sexually assaulted a long time ago and Kavanaugh wasn’t her perpetrator. The assailant was Feinstein who took Ford as her victim and forced her up the steps of the capital.
Feinstein is the assailant Kavanaugh, Ford, and America are the victims... Fantastic video from Amazing Polly! Please share, she knows exactly where/what the enemy is.
I am triggered. Put a saddle on me and i will deliver mail. False allegations only hurt the man who spends his life working on his honor. It is the slimiest form of rotten tomato that only hurts the impeccable. Feinstein is a slime ball.
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