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#YazidiGenocide survivor: ISIS fighter both wives tortured me for refusing to be sex slave for their husband and accused me of Kuffir that’s why I was beaten till I lost conscious and stayed In Hospital 4 days.he bombed himself to get his virgins and eat with prophet @RitaPanahi
1)when ISIS attacked shingal our problem was that we didn’t have a car.
My husband rid with a car a drove to Yezidi shrine call sheikh Mand. I took my children with my brother in law and we started walking, my husband returned to take us. We walked together to mountains at 6 am
2)we got out of our village Ker Azer at 6 9 am ISIS captured us in front of Mahmood Kero farm north of our village. We were 25 men and 70 women/girls/Children.IS took everything from us money,jewelry,phones. IS separated men from women and killed them.
3)my husband and his brother in law were among who were killed.our neighbors were also killed.ISIS fighters were just 4 but they had weapons and we didn’t know that they kill Yezidis bcz we thought peshmerga are going to protect us.beside that we hadn’t any weapons #YazidiPlight
4)when ISIS killed our men,women started crying and screaming.we ran to our men but ISIS started shooting between feed to prevent us. Near from Wardia(Yezidi village)I saw 25 died bodies belong Yezidis.we were moved to Sibâ sickh Kidre where we saw abt 450 died bodies in streets
5)massacred Yezidis were from different ages,among them children.near from police station abt 40 died bodies. Died bodies were left in the streets which were empty from people just ISIS cars.we couldn’t stay in Sibaâ from the smell of died bodies we were abt to die from thirsty
6)after 3 hours we were moved to Ker Zarak.when we arrived at Ker Zarak we saw 70 died bodies.they stopped,broke the shops and brought us water to of the broken shops belong med my brother.thry Looted everything.I couldn’t drink the water even.Very painful
7)we were taken to Ba’aj.IS cars started surfing us in streets and Sunni Arabs women have trilled announcing victory on Kaffirs.They scattered sweets on us and trilled.when we get out from cars 7 Sunni women trilled and scattered sweets on us as it’s a wedding
8)at the same day we were moved to shingal city.we saw died bodies in streets.they moved in shingal three hours with cars and were taken to Mosul where we stayed 15 days,Telafer 20 days and then Kaser AlMuhrab 45 days. I Kaser AlMuhrab we could find phones to call our families
9)I made sure that my 3,kids are okay but couldn’t tell my family that my husband is killed.after that I wasn’t able to call my family for a year.i stayed in Raqqa 15 days.during all this time I tied a pillow on my abdomen as I’m pregnant.none bought me because of my pregnancy
10)ISIS Amir get up you are beautiful we will take you!
I said but I’m pregnant!
He said sit down we will take you after you give a birth.4 Yezidi girls pretend to be crazy and blind,ISIS tortured and slashed them.thats why I removed the pillow afraid of being tortured like them
11)Yezidi women started using soot on their faces to be ugly in order not to be raped,but when the wash their faces soot was removed.1 day I called my brother and knew that my kids are okay.he asked me to try to know something about my husband’s fate but I didn’t tell him truth
12)that my husband was killed.i was thinking so much about that and have seen my husband in my dreams asking me to tell my family the truth so I called my brother and told him the truth.i remembered my brother’s Number and could call him.I had no contact with my family 4 a year
13)ISIS fighter who bought me allowed me to call my family to hear my children and said I will let you talk to your children but if you said anything about where are we,i will kill you. And you have to speak in Arabic not in Yezidi language,bcz Arabic is Language of heaven/Islam
14)You aren’t allowed to speak Kaffirs language.after this time he didn’t help me because he bombed himself.after a month I was moved with 14 Yezidi girls to south Qastel/Syria.he took the kid I had from me.Khazal a Yezidi girl had her little daughter with her,ISIS tried to take
15)her daughter but she resisted.they have beaten her.when they saw that she still resisting an ISIS got his knife and cut her braids,played with,underestimated & were laughing at her.ISIS said all kaffirs are beautiful even Kurds who converted to ISLAM from Yezidism r beautiful
16)after 4 months in Qastel we were moved to Munbj/ the first days I was tortured enough,I couldn’t move from my backache because of torture.i was in this bad situation because I refused to be sex Slave, he was married from two Muslim women.I begged his oldest wife 4 help
17)she fired and insulted me. His younger wife was something better because I wasn’t allowing her husband to have sex with me,but because if the pressure from the oldest wife she became same like the other one.everyday they have complained to their husband about me... @POTUS
18)I insult ISLAM,I wanna run from Islamic state,i don’t pray in exact times ,didn’t allow you to sleep with her and try to steal our phones to call her Kaffir family..)
During I was at his captivity I was tortured enough from him and his wives.I was beaten,slashed,kicked,sticks
19)one day he has kicked me in my abandoned with his boot so I lost conscious and was bleeding for days.our Yezidi girl Zarifa suicided in Qastel refused to be sex slave, Munifa from Kocho followed her and suicided.i was sold to an ISIS from Saudi who bombed himself #YazidiPlight
20)this Saudi ISIS came to me in the evening and asked to go with him abd say last good bye to him because he is going to bomb himself.
I said why do you ask my to say goodbye? Let your friends do that! I can’t.
He said,why? Don’t you want me to go to heaven to get virgins?
21)I replied:let your friends say goodbye to you.
He said all my friends will come and you are my slave, you have to come.
I asked :is is a party?
He said;yes it’s leaving party to get what I dreamed about.
What are you going to use to bomb yourself?
they prepared a bombed car
22)I will drive to our enemies and bomb myself.
I said:we don’t see you how you Martyr!
He said most joyful moments when I leave my friends and go to bomb myself,then you see the smoke when I bomb,parts of my body will be everywhere and my soul will get to heaven #YazidiGenocide
23)I said you are young,why do you want to die?
He:you still believe in kaffirs religion who don’t know Allah,heaven & prophet Muhammad.
I said:do you think by bombing yourself you get what you want ?
He said when my soul get to heaven Muhammad will welcome me and I eat with him!
24)I asked what else do you get?
He said many uncountable things.
Like what?
When I get to heaven my soul is going to be immortal forever.
I said but I see that your desire is sex before everything!
He said each Muslim get 70 virgins abd he can have sex with them at same day.
25)I said is that believable?
He said how not,this is from Allah to this soul but you kaffirs don’t believe that!
I said ofcourse kaffirs don’t believe that because we have a mind to think and you are mindless
He said FYI there are rivers of Alcohol in heaven and also fruits.
26)Strange! All this is in your heaven (virgins,alcohol..,) abd you prohibit that in your life.
Yes; that’s why I wanna leave to heaven!
I said you still young why you wanna die?
He said tomorrow I’m martyr.
When do you leave?
At 6 o’clock in the morning is the time at 5 I leave
27)I leave you in peace to heaven but I wanna you come to trill when I bomb myself even if you are too far away.
I said;is it a wedding party to trill?
He:yes it’s my real wedding to get to heaven.
At 5 o’clock he left the house abd let the door open from his joyful #YazidiPlight
28)it was my chance to run after he left.I wore black clothes like Muslims and left in hurry to the city which I don’t know!
I was walking till the evening abd was afraid to be captured.
I walked till I wasn’t walk anymore. I sit down on the land! Someone asked me,what happened
29)he was a Taxi driver
I begged him to help me because I needed him & kissed his hand.
He gave me bottle of water and said I know that you are tired and thirsty.
I said please help me.
He asked what is your problem?
I escaped from hell & cried (he released that I’m Yezidi slave
30)he cried too.
I said can you help .
For sure (smuggler network)
I rid the car with him,stopped at a restaurant,brought food but I was afraid and couldn’t eat.
He said you have to sit in general garden till I call some people to rescue you, will come in an hour #YazidiGenocide
31)he said stay at the garden till 8 o’clock in the evening,I will find a way to rescue you but if I don’t return till 8 o’clock please leave the garden
I said why I don’t stay waiting you after 8 o’clock?
I will search for a way to help you and till 8 will be cleared if I can/’t
32)I sat in the garden,after about half hour ISIS cars started searching for me in the city calling: the slave Layla Mihlo escaped abd say Layla hand yourself to Islamic state.i released that they are searching for me.
ISIS said we award anyone who hand her to Islamic state
33)at this time I hesitated to return home or stay in the garden till that man comes.i walked to garden’s main entrance
A group of AlHussba police was searching in garden.there were many women/families in garden.i was very afraid bcz it was 9 o’clock,an hour after our appointment
34)I cried on my situation and wanted to leave the garden bcz ISIS searched intensive for me.when I got out a car stopped and asked me to ride quickly,It was 9 o’clock he returned with a friend abd took me to his friend’s home.after that to his father’s farm where I stayed 7 days
35)I called my family,I was moved to a smuggler in Raqqa after an agreement with my brother.i was taken a graveyard in Raqqa.
As smuggler said that I have to stand near from exact grave abd i woman will come and say is the martyr your husband?
I ask who sent you?
She says: Ahmed
36)after an hour this woman came and said the password.
I went with her to her the second day he smuggler came.I rid behind him on a motorcycle,It was 5 o’clock afternoon. We used We used rough roads between orchards, crops, hills and rocks,we fell 3 times
37)I suffered a lot bcz he was an old man and can’t see good especially in the night so he has hit rocks many times and we fell.he said you are like my daughter Catch me in order not to fall down and injure. We arrived in Kobani at 2 o’clock/morning after 9 hours driving #Ezidis
38)in midway we went to a village to fill the motorcycle with Benzin. Dogs were chasing us.
On 14.4.2016 we arrived at safe area but I didn’t believe and cried
Please take me to Yezidi and Kurdish fighters,It seems we still in IS areas. After all this you handed me again to ISIS
39)he said my daughter: here you find Yezidi & Kurdish fighters. You are free now.i treated my broken head and my wounds.
It was very hard trip.
I lost my life many times:first when we forced to convert to Islam with guns in our heads and insult our religion which we were born on
40)second time when my husband was killed in front of my eyes and I ran to him but was prevented to touch him and he was dying.
Third time when a dirty ISIS scum raped me and I wasn’t able to defend myself and kill him defending my honor and my dignity #YazidiGenocide @POTUS
41)Furth time when I was in the garden and ISIS was calling my name searching for me. If they were captured me they would have slashed me in front of all.
Fifth time when I thought that the old man handed me again to ISIS.
#YazidiGenocide survivor:, I’m very tired from this life
42)the mass grave were her husband and relatives were killed was found between Jadala and Wazrka was found on 15.32018 in north of their village Ker Zarak.many of died bodies were taken by floods. #YazidiGenocide #YazidiPlight @realDonaldTrump

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Sep 15, 2018
Yezidis are ethno religious group one of the oldest religions in the world.
Yezidis were millions before 74 Genocide campaigns by Muslims and last one has been ongoing since 2014.
Today Yezidis all around the world are about 1,000,000.
According to Informal statements Yezidis all around the world are more than 1 million.
Most of Yezidis live in Iraq.
About 500,000 live in Iraq and around 250,000 live in Germany.
Yezidis origins return to Mesopotamia which r Iraq ,Syria and turkey.
45% of Yezidis in Mesopotamia have left their origin land and become migrants in Russia,Georgia,Armenia because of Genocide campaigns by ottomans in the last centuries.
Many Yezidis in Syria and turkey emigrated to Germany,Sweden and EU countries because of war,conflicts....
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ISIS fighter raped a died Yezidi girl after she suicided and refused to be sex slave to be sold in slavery markets.
Alzahar representative of Muslim Sunnis said that it’s Halal According to sharia law to have Sex with died women.
1)ISIS Kidnapped thousands of Yezidi girls.
Islamic state divided the Yezidi women and girls into groups according to their ages ,virgins and married and start to move them to different cities under its control.
One of #Yezidi kidnapped said, that ISIS moved them in the midnight.
2) They were moved to the technical Institute of solach (a place/area in south shingal) then to Mosul the capital of Islamic state in Iraq.
after one night they sold them to Syria. An ISIS member called Khalid saeed Al-Hardany who was prepared the selling and transporting...
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Aug 17, 2018
#YazidiGenocide survivor: I gave a birth in ISIS captivity after that I was sold seven times to be raped and tortured.
ISIS fighters established a system for swx slavery that rape/enslavement of non Muslims is like worship.
Her husband is missing must probably killed @TarekFatah
IS fighters established a system of sexual slavery, claiming that the rape of non-Muslims was a form of worship. They set up markets in several towns where girls as young as nine were put up for auction to militants, with owners often trading women again online.
2)I was sold seven times, and lots of women had a much worse life than me,” Nour says of her battle to survive. She had two daughters, then aged 3 and 4, and was pregnant with a son when her family was seized.
Her husband was taken away after two days and is still missing @POTUS
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Jul 30, 2018
#YazidiGenocide survivor: I was pregnant and taken as sex slave with my five years daughter by SuNn! Neighbors.
After ISIS killed my husband and almost all members of our family I decided to suicide,I took poison but didn’t die, I lost my unborn baby.
I was sold many times @POTUS
ISIS fighters would offer us as gifts. In the evenings, they would get together and trade Yezidi women, and have their fun with us,” Samiyah recalls.

‘I ran for a day and a night’: Yazidi girls share blood-curdling stories of ISIS slavery. #YazidiGenocide @TarekFatah
2)A woman who spent 3 years as ISIS slave and a girl who was only 5 yrs when taken are among the lucky few to have returned home, while 100s of Yezidi girls remain in captivity.
Samiyah was pregnant when Islamic State militants attacked her village in 2014
#YazidiGenocide @POTUS
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May 29, 2018
9 yrs #YazidiGenocide survivor I begged the 25 yrs Sunni man from Mosul not to rape me but he tied me and raped me.
2 sisters were kidnapped from Shingal and separated.
after 3 yrs enslavement and separation they met but they didn’t know each other @RitaPanahi @POTUS @TarekFatah
1)We wanted to get to mountains but we were captured by Sunnis who turned to ISIS. We were asked to convert to Islam.
After 30 Minutes wexwere moved to Sibâ sickh kider.we saw something burning and people screaming.we didn’t know if they burned some #Ezidis or were torturing them
2)we were moved to a school in Ba’aj where I separated from my mother. #YazidiGenocide survivor said we were moved to Mosul to be separated from my sisters who were taken to Syria.i was taken to Ba’aj and after 15 days to Tel Kasseb and then to Tel Banat @realDonaldTrump #ايزيدي
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Apr 16, 2018
Mohmmad Rawndzi(mirê kur) is a Kurdish Muslim Sunni same criminal like Abu Bakir 1832 he attacked Yezidis and Assyrians (Christian) he killed about 132,000 Yezidis,killed 1000s of Christians and enslaved their women. @Kurdistan made a statue 4 him @POTUS
1)Muhammad Kurdi is Muhammad Basha AlRawndzi born in Ra andz in 1783 and was the Governor of Suran emirate which lies in northern east of Iraq between 1813-1836. Suran emirate capital was Rawndz during Ortmanns empire
This area considered as a border between Persia & Mesopotamia
2)Muhammad Kurdi who is known as Mirê kur(lost one of his eyes) Kurds call him as a nationalism hero for killing Yezidis ,Christians and enslaving their women.he was number one criminal who Genocide Yezidis during his governing
He started his attacks(killing)starting 1813-1836
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