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This thread exposes the lunacy of Imran Ibn Mansur better known as Dawah Man. Dawah Man is a British-Pakistani Islamic preacher. He is dedicated to proselytizing Islam, a practice known as Dawah.
1 Dawah Man asks a 14 year old girl if she considers herself a possible rape victim.
2 Dawah Man blames female rape victim for getting raped.
3 Dawah Man teaches men how to perform modern-day virginity tests on women.
4 Dawah Man says women shouldn’t be on top during sex, because it encourages feminity in a man and causes sexual perversion. He claims that the cowgirl position leads to women sexually penetrating their own husbands.
5 The Three Stooges say women shouldn't become #YouTubers, because men masturbate over their videos. They also say that husbands of female YouTubers are Dajus with no Gheera (protective jealousy over their women) and therefore they can't go to heaven.
6 Dawah Man is crying because women in the UK dress inappropriately and do haram things. It breaks his heart and therefore he avoids going to public places.
7 Dawah Man says women without proper Hijab are often possessed by demons and the devil.  He has seen many cases of demon possession himself and asks women to cover up and to fear Satan.
8 Dawah Man is extremly angry with #Hijabi #Youtubers for misguiding Muslim woman. He is also angry with Muslim woman who seductively eat bananas in front of the camera and share these videos on Snapchat.
9 Dawah Man says building a snowman is dangerous and haram unless you take off his head.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: "The people who will receive the severest punishment from Allah will be the picture makers."
10 Dawah Man says beards are obligatory for Muslim men. He says that shaving or cutting your beard is like cutting your limb or amputating your hand.
11 Dawah Man says Palestinians and Rohingyas suffer, because many British Muslims have premarital sex. #FreePalestine #Rohingya #Syria
12 The Three Stooges attack #Hijabi #Youtubers and compare the husbands of Hijabi Youtubers to pigs. They also say that the Kuffar engage in pig-like behaviour because they eat pork. Then they explain the sexual behaviour of pigs.
13 Dawah Man says #Hijabi #Youtubers shouldn't sweeten their voices because men masturbate over them. He also claims that Hijab tutorials are like pornography for some men.
14 Dawah Man says non-Muslims are worse than animals. #coexistence
15 Dawah Man says drinking your dad's sperm isn't a problem for #atheists. He claims that you can't be a true atheist, if you feel uncomfortable with drinking your dad's sperm.
16 Dawah Man says that from an atheist's point of view there is nothing wrong with masturbating over a baby.
17 Dawah Man says #Atheists should accept Allah or drink the sperm of their fathers.
18 In 1974, Pakistan declared the Ahmadiyya sect to be non-Muslim through a constitutional amendment. Dawah Man says he "open-heartedly" accepts the implementation of this bill. Since then Ahmadis have faced persecution both by the state and by Islamists.
19 Dawah Man says Satan fears the sound of the Adhaan (Islamic call to prayer) so much that he runs away from it and starts farting.
20 Dawah Man says women are gold diggers.
21 British Islamic preachers from the #Dawah scene encourage Muslims to wage #Jihad in #Syria. Musa Adnan admits that the goal of his speeches is to turn Muslims into Jihadis. Dawah Man offers Jihadis his blessings.
22 Dawah Man goes mad and starts screaming at people in a mosque.
23 Dawah Man ft. @Stormzy1- Shut Up
24 Dawah Man asks men on the street if they feel jelaous about their sisters having sex with another man.
25 Dawah Man tells a young man in the street to remove his "gay" earring.
26 Dawah Man has post-Ramadan depression.
27 Dawah Man says Shias are lying Kuffar. #OneUmmah
28 Dawah Man says Shias are the biggest threat to Muslims.
29 Dawah Man claims that Shia Islam was started by a Jewish man named Al-Yahudi. He also says that Shias and the Islamic Republic of Iran are a threat to Muslims. He thinks that Iran shouldn't be a member state of the UN and he suspects a hidden agenda behind Iran's membership.
30 Dawah Man attacks #Hijabi #Youtubers again. This time he claims that they are miscreant Sufis and Shias "up on a path to hell". He also compares Shia women to whores and prostitutes.
31 Dawah Man and Striidez claim that women shouldn't take selfies because men could upload these pictures on porn websites. They also claim that some men masturbate over #Hijabi #Youtubers and therefore women should hide their beauty.
32 Dawah Man says "it is better for a man to have a nail ramped through his head" than touch the hand of a non-mahram woman. This is at the behest of Prophet Mohammed.
33 Dawah Man says @Beyonce had her ribs removed to make her stomach look flatter.

I wonder why the Akhi knows so much about the body of a non-mahram woman?
34 Dawah Man says #Halloween is haram.
35 Dawah Man talks about his immodest sisters again. He also claims that women are a Fitna for men even when the women are alone in their houses.
36 Dawah Man explains the correct Islamic dress code for women. He claims that the majority of women are possessed by Jinns (demons) due to their lack of modesty.
37 Dawah Man says that smoking weed makes you gay.
38 Dawah Man claims that drunk people often urinate in the houses of Jinns and therefore drunk people suffer from Jinn possession.
39 Dawah Man goes mad again in a mosque. This time he talks about gay men in dresses, gay blowjobs and rainbows. 🏳️‍🌈
40 Dawah Man taking misogyny to the next level. According to this psychopath even dead women should wear "modest clothes" and fully cover up in their graves.

Does he think men are necrophiliacs who feel tempted by dead women? 😲
41 Dawah Man praises Aisha for covering herself up in front of a non-mahram dead man.

Just imagine a woman takes off her #Niqab in front of a dead man and his corpse gets horny.
#40 and #41 please 😃😎

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