As yesterday was Israel’s National holocaust memorial day where six million Jews were sent to their deaths, it seems appropriate to write a thread explaining both the real #FarRight and the #FarLeft in Britain and their obsession with the Jews. 1/17
Why have #Labour under #Corbyn got so much in common with the #BNP under #NickGriffin that both he and the Daily Stormer have endorsed the #Labour Party? They must undoubtedly now be the broadest of broad churches. 2/17
Most of my followers will have heard of the horseshoe theory. The theory is both the #FarLeft and #FarRight at the extremes are so alike they almost touch. Both are totalitarian, authoritarian, anti-Semetic and hate filled. 3/17
#Corbyn has allowed his #Momentum thugs to intimidate first of all his own party moderates and now his political opponents, they use violence to disrupt other meetings this has been helped by #Corbyn’s Rottweiler #McDonnell and Squealer #Jones. 4/17
No wonder the real #FarRight & #FarLeft under #Corbyn have a hatred of Israel & the Jews. They believe Israel has no right to exist in the same way Hamas believes it too. They believe in absurd conspiracy theories like the Blood Libel & the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 5/17
It is a part of #Corbyn & his psychological make-up that he too believes such nonsense & so is still yet to convince anyone of his intent, other than his support for terrorist organisations he calls his friends. He is still to apologise for bringing his party into disrepute. 6/17
So why the support from the real #FarRight and not the #FarRight the #Left like to label everyone with without any basis for #Corbyn? It is because he shares so much with them, the #Nazis were #Socialists and #Hitler hated the Jews. 7/17
Now let’s replace #Nazis with #Momentum and #Hitler with #Corbyn they are almost identical in their methods and their beliefs. Both believe in political violence to achieve their goal, both have totalitarian and authoritarian ideologies and both have a hatred of the Jews. 8/17
The fact they are driven by the same end result and have the same methods, closing down the opposition, being brainwashed by propaganda against Israel because they hate Jews instead of wanting to try and understand the real situation. 9/17…
Both groups are driven by beliefs from Mein Kampf whether the #FarLeft want to admit to it or not. This is pervading throughout the #FarLeft because of #Corbyn and his anti-Western beliefs. He has always sided against the UK, the US and Israel. 10/17
His #Corbyn supporters have also taken this stance, hatred of Western values and now unsurprisingly he has been joined by the real #FarRight – why? Because they share the same end goal and are prepared to use any means to achieve it. 11/17
It is also a myth to say that the #Left and #antisemitism started under #Corbyn, he has just merely allowed it to get much worse. To the point where it is now institutionally #antisemetic 12/17…
It has become so widespread that even the New York Times has published an article blaming #Corbyn for #LabourAntiSemitism the Jews have in the UK traditionally been on the #Left and it is this sad irony which should not be lost on people. 13/17…
#Labour abandoned the Jews long before the Jews abandoned #Labour and with #Corbyn #Labour supporters calling for the final solution to the Palestinian situation. 14/17…
Even charities are recognising the increase in attacks on the Jews as a direct result of #LabourAntiSemitism combined with the real #FarRight which has now reached record levels in the UK. 15/17…
It is this stupid labelling of anyone who does not support #Corbyn as being #FarRight that has enabled the genuine #FarRight to go unchecked & this has led to a direct increase in #antisemitism. As the #FarRight parody by @DanielBostock4 points out. 16/17
This stupidity has left fertile ground in #Labour for the real #FarRight to occupy. As stated in a previous thread this is not a new phenomenon but one that under #Corbyn will not ever go away but will only get worse and at a greater speed too. 17/17

• • •

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Oct 3, 2018
Why is it the Tories make the case for true conservatism so hard, especially in the time of #Corbyn and #McDonnell the rise and stupidity of the extreme Far Left it should be the easiest time for them to do it? #TheBattleforBrexit Thread 1/10
When I was younger, the Conservatives were the party of aspiration, law and order people if they wanted to improve their lot in life voted Conservative, you wanted a small state and low taxes and if you worked hard you were successful. 2/10
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Or in the case of the suicide bombers “we may never know their true motivation” even when this is in fact not the case, fortunately no-one was killed this time, which makes a very refreshing change, but that appears to have been more down to luck than anything else. 3/13
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Create a strawman, in this case the word “Islamophobia” a made up word which has been wrongly attributed to the late, great Christopher Hitchens “Islamophobic is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” Instead of by Andrew Cummins who said it. 2/20
Create a victim narrative which is then hypocritically used by the entire British Establishment elite in order to accuse everyone else of not being “multicultural enough” in order to force even more draconian speech laws and “diversity” thrust upon us. 3/20
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Why does Twitter deliberately target Right-wing accounts for Shadow-banning and why it will sooner rather than later completely back-fire and why they are ultimately going to destroy the Left and what a great day that will be. Thread. 1/15
It is no surprise Twitter targets accounts for “wrong think” or as we on the #Right like to call it “free-think” this is because of two events which are now totally and utterly inextricably linked, #Brexit and #Trump and the Establishment have been rocked to the core. 2/15
Neither of which were supposed to happen & yet they did now the Establishment is determined never to allow it to happen again or even at all, the reason for them happening was nothing to do with social media, but was to do with people knocking on doors and persuading others. 3/15
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Jul 13, 2018
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels. This is exactly how the BBC has been able to spew left wing propaganda for decades now, how have we let it get away with this & what we can do about it. Thread 1/18
The BBC is not some sort of benevolent “Auntie” as it claims to be, it is also far from impartial despite what the liar & anti-Semitic @OwenJones84 states, it is exactly the sort of organisation which Guardianystas and Remoaners support wholeheartedly it is for metro-elites. 2/18
It is so morally bankrupt almost 1,000 people are jailed each year for not being able to afford to pay the licence fee. It has powers of control that are frightening, it also pays its “talent” & behind the scenes staff fortunes as long as they are the right kind of “diverse” 3/18
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Jul 7, 2018
A thread about free speech as supposedly "championed" by @MikeStuchbery_ from now on referred to as "Jabba the Hutch" or "Jabba" his stupidity and descent into complete and utter abject hypocrisy and the lesson he and his followers should learn but won't from this thread. 1/7
Jabba the Hutch & I have crossed paths before when I summarily destroyed him over his claim I was Far Right after he “documented” in a thread the free speech event in London a while ago when he was particularly critical of Shazia Hobbs for legitimately criticizing #SadiqKhan. 2/7
He then went on a pathetic lament about how his beloved Left were losing the battle of free speech and that they must not allow this to happen. Fast forward a few weeks and I happen to come across further moaning from Jabba, this time about his own followers. 3/7
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