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#Iran transformed its #Yemen embassy in into a military base, the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday.
Iran’s interference is the source of instability in the Arab world’s poorest nation.
Arab coalition downs two #Iran-made drones over #Yemen, sources indicate.
April 18
UAE anti-drone units were able to take control over an #Iran-made drone carrying explosives & on a mission to target Yemeni government forces stationed on the country's west coast.
Saudi-led Arab coalition spokesman:
Air defense units intercept a ballistic missile fired by the #Iran-backed Houthis militias in Yemen into Saudi soil.
Another such missile landed in the country's desert area.
Arab coalition airstrikes kills #Iran-backed Houthi political leader Saleh Ali al-Sammad in Al Hudaydah, Yemen.
Saleh Ali al-Sammad chaired the Houthis' Political Council & was considered the 2nd most wanted target by the Arab coalition after Houthi leader Abdul Male al-Houthi.
He was killed along with 20 other Houthi political/military officials in Khamsein St. of Al Hudaydah.
Al-Sammad had close relations with the Lebanese Hezbollah & #Iran's IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Suleimani.
The Yemeni gov describes this a devastating blow to the Houthis.
Mahdi Mashat is appointed as his replacement. He is young w/ no political experience.
(File Photo)
Footage of Saleh Ali al-Sammad inspecting weapons & other ordnance sent by #Iran to the Houthis of Yemen.
(Thread provides further information)
Footage reportedly shows the moment Saleh Ali al-Sammad, political chief of Yemen's #Iran-backed Houthis, was killed in an Arab coalition airstrike.
(Seeking further confirmation)
More footage reportedly showing the moment Saleh Ali al-Sammad, political chief of Yemen's #Iran-backed Houthis, was killed in an Arab coalition airstrike.
This is considered a severe blow to the Houthis.
(Thread provides more info)
Kayhan daily, known as the mouthpiece of #Iran's supreme leader @khamenei_ir

"Yemen revolutionaries:
"We will expand the war deep into Saudi soil. People should distance from government buildings."

So much for Tehran's claims of not supporting the Houthi militia.
Two Yemen Houthi commanders killed in a recent Arab-coalition airstrike targeting the Interior Ministry & a center linked to the Presidential Guard in Sanaa
#Iran's Middle East ambitions suffer yet another setback.
Two Iranian & Lebanese missile experts were killed in #Yemen following an Arab coalition airstrike. The two were advising the #Iran-backed Houthi militias on the production & preparation of missiles in Alab, north of the country's Sa'dah Province.
Over 100 #Iran'ian experts providing logistical and technical support to the Houthi militias of Yemen's Sa'dah Province are surrounded by Arab coalition-backed forces, reports indicate.
US Ambassador to #Yemen Matthew Toler "criticized #Iran’s support of the Houthis as a party with arms" and "expressed his country’s deep concern about the targeting of the civilian population in Saudi Arabia."
Arab coalitions spokesman:
Senior (#Iran-backed) Houthi officials are being targeted in Sanaa.
107 centers belonging to these militias have been destroyed.
Arab coalition launches operation aiming to liberate Port Al Hudaydah, located in western #Yemen.
#Iran provides the Houthis much of their logistical support through this port.
Reports indicate Abu Bagher Al Hakim, the man in charge of arming & planning for #Yemen's Houthis (associated to #Iran's IRGC).
This development took place in the country's Al Bayda' Province.
#SaudiArabia air defense units intercept ballistic missile launched from inside #Yemen (most likely by #Iran-backed Houthi militias)
#SaudiArabia military targets #Iran ship heading to Al Hudaydah port in western #Yemen, report indicates.
Sources say the vessel was transferring military equipment for the Houthi militias.
(Developing story - Seeking further confirmation)
A Turkish ship was attacked on its way to Hudaydah, according the Al Arabiya website.
Traces of explosion & fragments seen inside the ship. Vessel captain refused to cooperate with Arab coalition forces
Media sources:
Coalition forces searched a Turkish ship, carrying wheat, suffering severe damage from what appears to be an explosion
Arab coalition inspection team says traces of explosion & shrapnel scene inside the 23-sailor vessel, according to sources.
Arab coalition has ordered the Turkish ship to a Saudi port for a full inspection aimed at determining the cause.
#Yemen military forces liberate the strategic Al Amri military site in the country's western coastline.
#Iran-backed Houthi militias suffering continuous setbacks.
Arab coalition reports #SaudiArabia forces, in coordination with #Yemen's legal government, enter the country's Socotra Island.
Analysts say the siege around #Iran's IRGC forces is significantly increasing.
Aftermath of Yemeni army attacking #Iran-linked Houthi militias, killing 25, including a number of commanders, in Sa'da Province.
13 Houthi bases were destroyed by Arab coalition airstrikes.
Sky News reports more missile experts linked to #Iran's IRGC have been killed in Yemen.
Tehran is suffering a series of blows in #Syria & #Yemen.
Arab alliance warplanes destroy dozens of #Iran IRGC-linked missile launchers in #Yemen's Sana'a & Sa'dah.
Dozens of Houthi militias are reportedly killed (including a number of ballistic missile experts) & many others injured.
Sources in #Yemen say Arab warplanes also targeted a number of Houthi positions in Baqim, north of Sa'dah, destroying a number of arms depots & missile launchers.
Houthi positions in "Alqush," north of Sana'a were also targeted.
Houthi positions in Alaf, Ma'azer, Sahar & Fort Kahlan east of Sa'dah were also targeted.
These airstrikes are taking place parallel to numerous ground attacks in Yemen's western coastline between the Houthis & Yemen's national army.
Sources also say Yemen national army units are now in control of training camps in Matna Valley, located in the southern regions of Al Hudaydah Province.
US Treasury blacklists five IRGC Quds Force-associated #Iran officials for providing ballistic missile support to #Yemen’s Houthis
#Iran provides a variety of missiles to #Yemen's Houthis
I have written a number of pieces on #Iran's support for #Yemen's Houthis
Sky News Arabic reports #Iran IRGC-linked Houthi commanders in #Yemen are fleeing their positions in Al Hudaydah in the west.
Tehran suffering major setbacks following the #IranDealWithdrawal.
- Footage of #Iran IRGC arms & ammunition confiscated in #Yemen
- New footage of Houthi positions targeted by Arab coalition warplanes
Sky News Arabic reports 83 #Iran IRGC-associated Houthi rebels killed in battles against #Yemen resistance forces & Arab coalition airstrikes in the country's western coastline.
US-based Islamic State of Iran Crimes Investigation Center (ISICRC) reveals how #Iran has a three-day plan to smuggle #Houthi leader Abdulmalak Houthi out of #Yemen and transfer him to Tehran.
#Yemen FM in interview with Al Hadath:
#Houthis agree with political process, withdrawing from positions & handing over weapons.

#Iran suffering defeats one after another following #IranDealWithdrawal
UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths has informed #Yemen FM Khaled Al Yamani of receiving a message from the #Iran #IRGCTerrorists-backed #Houthis indicating they are ready for a peace process, withdrawing from cities & handing over their weapons.
These remarks come after Al Yamani had emphasized in an interview with Asharq Al Awsat that #Yemen’s #Houthis must be disarmed before any talks.
Al Yamani, previously Yemen’s rep in UN, was appointed as the country’s FM two days ago.
Yemen's Houthis, backed by #Iran's #IRGCTerroists, have ordered hundreds of their forces to withdraw from the country's western coastline (L) to Sa'dah Province (R), sources say.

Tehran suffering increasing blows.
Citing sources inside the Assad regime, Sky News Arabic reports 9 of #Iran's #IRGCTerrorists Quds Force commanders were killed in a recent missile attack targeting the Al Dabaa airbase near Homs, #Syria.
12 other militia men were also killed, the report adds.
Reports indicate the Al Hudaydah port in western #Yemen is on the brink of being liberated from the #Iran-backed #Houthis.
Right image shows #IRGCTerrorists-linked militias arrested by government forces.
#Iran suffering setbacks one after another.
#Yemen National Army units reach the gates of Al Hudaydah Province in the country’s western coastline, reports indicate.
This could cut off #Iran’s lifeline to provide arms & missiles to the #Houthis.
Tehran suffering a series of relentless setbacks.
Yemen's government & popular forces are considering the Al Hudaydah airport a military target, adding they are within 15 kilometers of this strategic port.
Sources say #Iran's #IRGCTerrorists elements are fleeing this province.
Reports indicate senior #Houthi officials have escaped from Al Hudaydah.

#Iran's regime is suffering major setbacks in Yemen. The Houthis have enjoyed extensively supported by #IRGCTerrorists & the loss of Port Al Hudaydah would be critical.
Reports show 96 #Yemen Houthi members, backed by #Iran's #IRGCTerrorists, killed in recent battles.
Most Houthi commanders have fled to Hajjah Province & the capital Sana'a.
Yemen National Army units are on the verge of taking over the strategic Al Hudaydah Port.
#Yemen's #Houthis, associated to #Iran's #IRGCTerrorists, are seen using narcotics called "Qat."
This video was obtained as their units were fleeing their positions in recent battles.
Tehran is suffering significant setbacks & the nature of their proxies are revealed.
Video shows #Iran #IRGCTerrorists drone workshop in Sa'dah of #Yemen destroyed by Arab coalition.
Drone experts also killed in this attack, reports indicate.
Dozens of Houthi members, including units of special battalions, and #Iran's IRGC commanders are reportedly killed in #Yemen's recent western coast clashes.
#Iran raising the issue of "ceasefire" in #Yemen proves its #IRGCTerrorists-backed forces, being the Houthis, are on the ropes and Tehran is attempting to preserve anything possible for future sabotage.
This is no time to let Iran's regime off the hook.
#Yemen report:
58 Houthi members, affiliated to #Iran's #IRGCTerrorists, were killed in recent clashes near Al Hudaydah.
Arab coalition forces have confiscated IRGC ballistic missiles in Yemen.

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Oct 9, 2018
U.S. President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador.

My gut tells me an even bigger story will develop.

Rest assured #Iran's regime is terrified about who Trump/Pompeo will appoint as their new envoy.
Amb. Nikki Haley spoke six months ago with President Donald Trump about the subject of resigning.
Will be staying at this post until the end of the year.
Amb. Nikki Haley saying she will be campaigning for President Trump in 2020.
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Oct 9, 2018

Add this to the long list linking #Iran's regime with international terrorism.

This time, the al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab militant group of Somalia.

More reason why a firm policy is needed against Tehran.
"Criminal networks are using Iran as a transit point for illicit Somali charcoal exports that earn Islamist militants al Shabaab millions of dollars annually in tax, U.N. sanctions monitors said in a report seen by Reuters."
"... domestic revenue generation by al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab 'is more geographically diversified and systematic' than that of Somalia’s federal government."
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Oct 9, 2018
October 9
Shiraz, south-central #Iran
Stores are closed as the merchants' strike continues on this second day.

Store-owners in 50 cities launched this protest movement on Monday in solidarity with the truckers' nationwide strike.
October 9
Karaj, #Iran
(West of Tehran)
Fardis sector
Stores are closed as merchants continue their strike for a second day.
October 9
Qazvin, NW #Iran
Store-owners in this city are on strike again for this second consecutive day.
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Oct 8, 2018
Cities across #Iran are witnessing a general strike as stores are closing across the country.
This goes alongside the truckers' nationwide strike that has spread to over 310 cities now.
October 8
Tehran, #Iran
Sources say all gold market stores are closed.
October 8
Images of stores closed in the cities of Saqqez, Baneh, Marivan & Sanandaj.
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Oct 7, 2018
Reports indicate atmosphere in #Iran's parliament (the Majlis) is very tense as members review the anti-money laundering Financial Action Task Force (FATF) signing bill.
Sources say "hardliners" are voicing threats about the signing of this bill.

(File Photo)
"Regarding the FATF, should we commit suicide today by signing this bill because we're going to die in the future?" says Behrouz Nemati, a member of #Iran's Majlis (parliament).

Read more about Iran & the FATF here:
"Hardliners in Iran’s parliament have opposed passing legislation toward compliance with FATF standards, arguing it could hamper Iranian financial support for allies such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which the US has classified as a terrorist organization."
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Oct 6, 2018
Short Thread:

#Iran's #FakeNews machine at work:

"It did not say where Zahedifar was arrested. In a video carried by state broadcaster IRIB, a blindfolded man who identified himself as Zahedifar denied he had fled Iran."
Here's the video.

What a coincidence (!), all of this developing just "a week after Tehran sentenced three people to death in a drive against economic crimes."

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