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1. Everyday, as a Hindu, you are bound to find something worthy of your outrage despite your best intentions. You will feel disheartened and wonder if the tide will ever turn, and if this land and its culture will ever see better days. #NewYearResolution
2. Every controversy is proof of how determined and sophisticated #BreakingIndia forces are and how deep their tentacles run. That they find willing supporters for their cause at a price should tell us how deep and widespread the cancer is #NewYearResolution
3. While I am aware that social media is a powerful tool of narrative building and propaganda, it is absolutely useless unless it is backed by concrete efforts on the ground. This is no more just a newsworthy controversy to be debated in TV studios. #NewYearResolution
4. Almost every controversy is designed/hijacked with d sole intent of targeting you at every level, to shame you,to guilt-trip u and to pummel u into submission until u give up every last fibre of your religious, cultural, national and civilizational identity #NewYearResolution
5. That being said, in my limited understanding,the most powerful counter to d best-laid conspiracies,especially d ones designed to deracinate and uproot u until u convert,is to work towards d awakening and strengthening of the masses who keep the faith alive. #NewYearResolution
6. Put your faith in the Hindu masses. Give them back their identity and treat them with respect. Their silence and their humility are what the #BreakingIndia forces take for granted and their voice is what they fear the most. #NewYearResolution
7. A calmly assertive Hindu society which is capable of standing up for itself and responding effectively to its detractors is the worst nightmare of #BreakingIndia forces. This is a long and tumultuous journey, but achieve we must under any circumstances #NewYearResolution
8. Given d sheer enormity of d goal,it is imperative tht no matter wat & how much d provocation,each of us must focus on channeling every ounce of our energy & anger into making a difference on d ground in whichever manner we are best qualified to & have chosen for ourselves.
9. We have to work doubly hard to compensate for d lack of participation of d apathetic idiots among us who, whether we like it or not, too are our own. With so much to do, where is the time for useless impotent outrage unless you derive sadistic pleasure in bitching & whining?
10.More importantly,do not equate mere creation of a discussion forum as ur contribution to d cause.Such forums usually serve to satisfy d intellectual itch of d well-heeled & well-fed which they wish to scratch in a public forum for self-edification as "intellectual Kshatriyas"
11. Even if you truly wish to project yourself as an "intellectual Kshatriya", at least muster the guts to publish ur views in a scholarly fashion for public consumption and critique instead of regurgitating half-baked views in an echo chamber.
12.I hv no intention of runnin down any1 who is a social media influencer or pitting talkers/writers v doers.After all,talking/writing is doing if it helps in conveying d message & convinces d fence-sitters. In any case,as a lawyer,I m in no position to run down d talkers/writers
13. However, every effort must be judged on the basis of its impact, which is different from assessing it in terms of success or failure.Sometimes, a failed initiative may end up advancing the cause much more than a successful one. But impact is achieved through unwavering focus
14. Anyone who hopes to meaningfully contribute to a civilizational movement and wishes to make an impact cannot do so unless she or he has the patience and stamina to pursue their areas of focus without being rocked by the ebb and tide of the news cycle.
15. To summarize,identify for yourself d specific area u wish to contribute to,to further d cause of Indic Renaissance and aspire to become the one-stop-shop for information and expertise in that area.Importantly, while I may sound like a stuck gramophone, never ever lose hope.
16.If v lose hope,v only strengthen d hands of those who r determined to wipe out every last trace of our existence as a civilization. We have survived so much & v will see this thru as well provided v strengthen our minds,hearts & spines by remembering our valiant ancestors.
17. 2019 is crucial and #BreakingIndia forces have already revealed their hand by telling us which faultlines they will pry open with relish to destroy this country from within. We should thank them for pointing out our weaknesses and get down to work. Our task is cut out for us.
18. I wish everyone a Happy New Year! May we realise our purpose as individuals and as a society and work towards regaining our rightful place as a great civilization and nation at the high-table of Great Powers. Vande Mataram.

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Sep 28, 2018
Her Ladyship, d sole woman, Ms. Indu Malhotra,is d sole voice of dissent & agrees with d position of the #ReadytoWait campaign in principle.Her Ladyship has acknowledged that there exists a distinction between diversity and discrimination.I rest my case. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!
Never lose hope. The one thing the Indic side must learn real hard and real quick. This is not the end of the road. Have faith in Him.
Also,pls do not expect me to share legal strategy on a public platform or respond to every legal query.I don't function that way nor is it advisable.We will do whatever is necessary & what we can legally. Pls respect and value this request.I am disappointed but not disheartened.
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Sep 21, 2018
1. Each time I hear any version of "Maa Telugu Thalliki", the State Anthem of Andhra Pradesh, including the version from Shekhar Kammula's movie Leader, I have goosebumps and I am moved to my core. Every time. What an amazing country this is!
2. Every region of this country and every sub-region has its own unique identity which it has fought hard to keep alive. And sadly, is forced to continue to fight to protect it from those who can't stand the fact that this civilization is still alive and is offering resistance.
3. I have lived in undivided Andhra Pradesh,Tamizh Naad, Bengal and Delhi. The sheer diversity, d richness of each place, their histories (especially of the last 1200 years), the impact of their histories on their psyches as societies and as individuals are not difficult to miss
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Aug 7, 2018
For an ideology which claims to be based on rationalism and atheism, deificiation and hero worship have long been central to the dravidian ideology. Guess every ideology which draws inspiration from communism has the attributes of a cult.
2. The so-called believers in iconoclasm are the ones who inevitably crave for iconization for eternity. And these people ridicule Idol worship. The irony! Wither rationalism/pagutharivu?
3. At least stay true to your allegedly rational ideals and don't ask for a monument in your memory when you claim to have stood for iconoclasm all your life and fought against theism.
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Jul 17, 2018
1. Hearing under way in #377IPC. Arguments being submitted on behalf of Christian intervenors. The Court is examining the meanings of "order of nature" and "carnal intercourse". Justice Nariman enquires from the Counsel the definition of "order of nature".
2. The Counsel for Christian intervenors submits that #377IPC is Constitutionally valid. He submits that he has not been able to find the meaning of "order of nature". Justice Nariman observes that perhaps "order of nature" could mean "that which leads to procreation".
3. Justice Chandrachud weighs in on the meaning of "carnal intercourse" and asks what is the need for the word "carnal". He notes that since "carnal" means lustful and "intercourse" itself assumes existence of lust, why add "carnal" to "intercourse" #377IPC.
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Jul 6, 2018
1. Here are a few important clarifications on yesterday's Order of d SC in the #Jagannath Puri Temple Petition. It is not a "judgement", it is only an order at this point.The recommendations of the District Judge wrt Jagannath Temple are not final. Read Para 5 of order
2. The media,especially Deccan Chronicle,is distorting yesterday's Order to give d impression that d SC has directed that non-Hindus also be allowed entry into #Jagannath Temple subject to certain conditions.This is untrue.D Order clearly says it is a mere suggestion to consider
3. All stakeholders to Temple Management have the opportunity to now present their views to the Amicus Mr. Gopal Subramanium and the Committee to the constituted by the Union Government. This is the time to impress upon the Government to #FreeOurTemples.
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