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I took a break from politics for a few hours and gathered myself. Now I'm going to thread my thoughts.

On my walk into work I pass through the building lobby. @cnn is always on much to my displeasure.
At this time I wasn't particularly a supporter of @realDonaldTrump. I voted for him because I refused to vote for @HillaryClinton. I already knew about #pizzagate and knew of her and @johnpodesta's involvement.
I thought DJT was a business mogel trying to cash in on the death throws of fourth Rome. But in mid April 2017 the normal @cnn banter changed. It was oddly, not spewing sewage at DJT. So I looked at the screen and saw this:
Trump had fired Tomahawk missles at Syria and the media was talking about the STRENGTH of his presidency. I collected my jaw from the floor and starting paying attention to politics a bit more again.
Fast forward to Oct 1, 2017. A story that makes no sense hits the news. When I say a story makes no sense, it's because I've worked in US Intellegence doing social media analysis. This caught my attention for the same reasons at #PizzaGate.
I gobbled up every bit of intellegence I could from every source I could. @LauraLoomer and @Thomas1774Paine are great Americans btw and we are blessed to have them. I knew the narrative from the media was false. Lomardo was being fed lies he wasn't comfortable telling.
Watching the pressers made it painfully obvious who the puppet master was.
Then #qanon arrived on the scene. I believe Oct 1 was a watershed moment for @realDonaldTrump. This was when years of careful planning set in motion a plan that would stop these attrocities once and for all.
Check the date on my account Twitter account: Joined November 2017. I knew while I was reading Q that these messages were carefully crafted by a team of high IQ individuals. Those individuals had training in counter intellegence and communication.
From that moment I became a true #MAGA believer. Sure you could say "I'm a poser. I wasn't with him when it was risky." You'd be right. I voted for him because I felt he was the lesser of two evils. I was wrong.
Not only was I wrong then. I was wrong a few hours ago when I felt defeated during the Syrian airstrikes. Why? I'll show you.
Last year, this (roughly) what I saw on @cnn. Obviously its a Fox News pic. But they were all hailing it as a victory for @realDonaldTrump.
This is what we are getting today. Same exact circumstances. Notice a difference?
Tomorrow is another watershed moment. @realDonaldTrump has acted in direct defiance of Putin. How can the media continue to call our president a Russian patsy? They will lose what little credibility they have left.
The strikes will be declared a 'complete success' and all chemical weapons will have been safely neutralized. Thus future CW attacks cannot have come from the Assad government.
Trump has been telegraphing strikes in Syria all week. Why would you tell your enemy you're coming? Is Trump a baffoon? Of course not. ISIS and the jihadis have been gearing up for an attack in concert with the US strikes.
They planned to march on Russian and Syrian army defenses while Assad and Putin scrambled to avoid airstrikes. What do you think the jihadis found when they engaged the enemy? A bunch of disorganized forces scrambing from missle strikes? Nope.
While we wait for the dust to settle here is my advice: Pray for the innocent in Syria. Pray for our service members in harms way. Pray for our @POTUS.
He is a man. He is foulable because he is man. But I believe he is on our side. He doesn't want endless war in the middle east. He wants to deliever on his promises. He's proven that to us over and over.
On the surface this looks bad. But so did the Omnibus bill. Guess who has two thumbs and is getting a border wall? Guess who is using recession rules to strike line items from that same Omnibus bill? Here's a hint:
We have our entire lifetime to disect this moment. There are innocent men, women, and children in a brutal civil war that need our prayers. That's a far better use of energy right now.

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