1/ @tedlieu You must have woke up to a big bowl of "STUPID" today! #California - the state for Gambling & Pot ... Great! Now you just need to add Prostitution.

You tweet this to a high school student, "Lie About #CA's Financial Position," then delete the tweet!
2/ That surplus is temporary (a timing difference) & just a drop in the bucket compared to the CalPERS unfunded liability. Thousands of honest, hard working Californians will lose their pensions as is already happening in small towns such as Loyalton!
3/ Vallejo, San Bernadino & Stockton have already gone bankrupt over this. And, many cities are separating from CalPERS because they don't want their workers to lose their pension as these workers from Los Angeles County did!
4/ WARNING: Here are two more towns where CalPERS slashed pensions by up to 90%!!!
5/ California cities are lashing out at the rapidly accelerating CalPERS contribution requirements due to a precipitous drop in CalPERS earnings. They can't continue to cover these increases as they are already stretched to the limit!!!
6/ You need to quit rambling endlessly on Twitter, get to work, & study this slow moving catastrophe. This article chronicles the incompetence of your party when it comes to managing CalPERS!
7/ Take Action! One of your former CalPERS Board Members says the Pension Fund is near insolvency now! California must tighten it's belt, stop funding ridiculous progressive programs & solve this on their own. No Bailout!!!
8/ The CalPERS Board's idea is to take on more risky stock market investments to cover accelerating revenue shortfalls. If the stock market dips as it did in 1987, CalPERS collapses!!!
9/ Maybe you should sit down & study this list of California woes. Your puny little general fund surplus doesn't look so good when you understand that it's a drop in the bucket compared the massive financial shortfalls CA is experiencing across the State.
10 /Add to the the list above - 60,000 homeless & a Hepatitus A outbreak in Los Angeles!
11/ My Advice: Stop "Babbling To High School Students On Twitter" And Get To Work!!!

• • •

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Jun 23, 2018
1/ I don't support Boycotts, that's what the Leftist, Marxist pillagers want. They want to destroy our economic system with boycotts so they can replace Capitalism.

However, I believe in knowing who the enemy is and fighting them with the weapons our founders gave us, the #1A.
2/ Do just as Governor Huckabee is doing. Spread the word near and far that the Red Hen, Lexington is run by bigots that are at the center of trying to "Create Unrest For Political Gain." Whether they know it or not, they are aligning with Leftist radicals.
3/ CAVEAT: Be respectful in your communications, that just gives them a way to argue Your Points and the Trump Movement shouldn't be taken seriously.
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Jun 3, 2018
1/ We should be careful in trying to use our economic system to stop speech we don't like. It's a way to go around the First Amendment and circumvent our Constitution. If we are able to do it to our enemies, one day they will do it to us. In fact, that is exactly what is
2/ happening on multiple battle fronts. The left can't get rid of the Constitution and the #1A that protects Conservative speech so they are trying to boycott Conservative Media outlets and extort/blackmail their advertisers in hopes of removing Conservative Anchors and
3/ ultimately putting the Conservative Media out of business. They're doing the same with print Media. At one point, Breitbart's ad revenue was down 87%. And, there's much more, too much to recount here. The answer isn't to use the same tactics to put them out of business,
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May 21, 2018
1/ David Horowitz @horowitz39 says he see his mission as teaching Republicans not to be so nice. The Paul Ryan nonsense of, "That's not who we are, " will not work. That's why Republicans get rolled by the Dems time & time again. The Republicans do that while the Left calls
2/ them racists, mysoginists, homophobes, xenophobes, every kind of phobe and tells them their stupid to boot. Remember George W. Bush & Sarah Palin?

Trump is the model, argue the merits (we have better ideas) based on the truth & forget political correctness. Not name calling
3/ which is pointless, rather arguments that are well thought out and can't logically be rebutted. Box & close them so they have to admit their ideas are against the best interests of Americans, because they are.
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May 19, 2018
1/ The Left is integrally involved in the decay of our culture. They've been in involved in promoting abortion because having children is inconvenient, Hollywood's glorification of sex & violence, elimination of religion, & so much more.

But the most overlooked thing they do
2/ is they look the other way & won't offer any "real" solutions to violence in our inner-cities, what I call our Urban War Zones. It's hard to believe it could be overlooked since there are more people getting killed there each year than were killed in the Viet Nam War. No one
3/ failed to notice the Viet Nam War, why nothing but crickets now .......?

Art is a reflection of culture & it's no different in the Urban War Zones. Gansta Rap is a reflection of life in the inner cities & is as violent as a drive by shooting in Chicago, it's their reality.
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May 15, 2018
1/ #DeMartini2018 #TakeBackCalifornia #CA43 #CD43

HOT!!! Crowdpac is refusing to collect donations for "Trump Supporters!!!" This is the latest battlefront in the "Democrat War On Conservatives!!!"

#DragonFire #RememberLauraIngraham #1A #FirstAmendment
2/ The Democrats have mounted a major offensive to skirt the First Amendment & attack Republicans. This is just one of several battlefronts!!! Their plan is to use "economics" to silence Conservatives!!!
3/ Breitbart ad revenue is down 87%, Bill O'Reilly was fired, Hannity was attacked, Laura Ingram was attacked, now Crowdpac attacks!!! This is all part of a coordinated attack on Conservatives!!!
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Apr 27, 2018
Clearly with John, empathy only goes one way. @realDonaldTrump has lowered unemployment for Blacks to the lowest levels "ever." He is fighting to stop uncontrolled & illegal immigration that destroys Black employment opportunities, lowers wages, & results in a $500 Billion 1/
2/ transfer of wealth to the Upper Class.
3/ That's a $500 Billion Tranfer of wealth to the Upper Class annually -- "each year we allow this to continue!"
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