This is the start of my thread called "In Your Dreams".

It's really about a nightmare. It's about the upcoming midterm elections and about the scary things that might happen.

Popcorn anyone?
1) I had a nightmare last night. The Democrats took control of Congress. I like my other reoccurring nightmare better, the one where a zombie is chasing me but the safety on my 380 is stuck. I have that one over and over. The thought of the Dems taking Congress is scarier.
2) When I woke up I started researching what can happen if the Dems DO take Congress in November. I’d rather have the Zombie dream again. At least then I could keep my purse pistol, it’s a small semi-automatic. I suspect semi’s will be one of the first things they take away.
3) IMPEACHMENT. Getting rid of President Trump will be right up there with taking #2A away. Count on it. They will have subpoena power, NOTHING will be off limits. They will dig deep to find a crime to hang him with.
4) House and Senate committees will be so focused on investigations and oversight that the vital business of Congress will come to a halt. Every member of Trump’s staff and cabinet will be investigated and harassed beyond THEIR worst nightmare. There will be no rest from it!
5) MSM and all news outlets will offer constant updates on the investigations. Breaking news will be who was indicted and what it means. Many good men will fall, unfairly. Witch Hunts on steroids with 24/7 screaming news coverage to go with it.
6) Pelosi and Schumer will have the power, and they will wield it like a zombie axe. TAX CUTS will be history. They have already promised that. This will cause financial ripples that you cannot even imagine. Think inflation and recession, Carter Era levels.
7) No more Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court. While that sinks in, imagine a Constitution so modified and misinterpreted that it will be lost forever. If they load SCOTUS with liberal judges it is GAME OVER.
8) NO WALL. Never. No border wall will EVER be built. Illegals will pour across, grabbing up benefits and assistance that your shrinking tax dollars will have to support. Not to mention those few terrorist who will probably slip by our diminished border security agencies.
9) REGULATION. Their threat of climate change will bring about business and industry killing reforms. Job losses will wrack up as employers deal with the cost of the new and tougher regulations. Think California. Lots of sunshine, but rules and regulations that are ridiculous.
10) AND….Carbon Taxes. A very real possibility if the Dems take control.… You will pay to heat your home with fossil fuels and then pay additional taxes for doing so. I’m not making this up!
11) California has gone off the politically correct deep end. Fact check me please In some places in CA you cannot wear cowboy boots unless you own two cows. Cops can be refused service at select coffee shops, and those shops must post a sign that coffee is bad for you.
12) Obamacare will be resurrected from the dead. Speaking of the dead, they will be allowed to vote, because, well, no voter ID. Ever. You won’t be able to call out illegals for voting either, because well, free speech. It will be time to learn a new language…
13) …and I don’t mean Spanish. You will have to learn the politically correct term for all of the new genders that are being recognized.…
14) And how to correctly refer to them. “Ze and hir” is the most popular form of gender-free pronoun, derived from the earlier “sie and hir,” which were considered too feminine/female-sounding since “sie” is German for “she”and “hir” was a feminine pronoun in Middle English.
15) In the middle of this nightmare is something scarier. It’s called POLLING. Some polls are already trending for a Democratic victory in the midterms. The Democrats have a great ground game, way ahead of us in getting out the vote. They are angry. They are ready. Are we?
16) We ARE NOT. The excited wave of new voters who helped elect President Trump might not turn out for midterms. So what can we do?…
17) WE HAVE TO START NOW. All your friends and family who voted Trump? Get them excited now. Organize an event, a voting party, anything. Contact your local GOP party office and get signs, lots of them. Encourage people. Tell them this scary story….
18) Please, before it becomes a reality. Before #1A and #2A are only something our kids learn in history books. Unless of course, our schools keep indoctrinating our kids, in which case they may never know true FREEDOM! Scary, like I said, a nightmare.

• • •

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