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Shania Twain.
Being offensive doesn't mean you are being honest. It just means you are offensive. I used to respect you but you obviously haven't been paying attention to how Trump is an admitted sexual predator who is literally trying to take food out of the mouths of kids.
As he and the Republicans try to pass the #FarmBill that sets Single parents up to fail and will literally starve poor and low income children and adults, elderly, and disabled people who hone can't work or who do work as much as they can thus
"Working poor" , losing foodstamps.
3 who honestly can't work... typo, all simply because Trump and the
Republicans hate the poor just for being poor, seek to punish and humiliate them , and are evil and have no compassion. So while you admire Trump the sociopath's honesty, he's trying to kill poor people.
4. Shania Twain your white Privilege is showing. You are rich now and you are not seeing Trump for the monster and sociopath he is. He has passed and tried to pass or plans to pass bills, legislation, EO's to allow pollution of out air and water, to remove protections for ...
5 workers in various industries. Trump is a narcissistic personality disordered person and a sociopath, many psychologists and psychologists have said so and he cares only about himself. He destroys everything he touches and he enjoys chaos. He has no compassion , no empathy.
Shania Twain there are plenty of informed, intelligent celebrities but you are not one of them.
How you can listen to a man like Trump talk and hear him talk about sexually assaulting women and your opinion is that he's honest but offensive and notnthst he's a sexual
6 predator that probably belongs in jail is stunning!
7 Just because you are a conservation doesn't mean you should support a sexual predator just because he says he's a Republican or even in theory support him.
8. And as a woman can't you open your eyes and see the damage that Trump and the Republicans are doing to women's rights and freedoms? They aren't prolife, they Are pro birth. You are rich so you don't have to worry but the GOP defunding Planned Parenthood and taking birth ...
9 control that's free if you are poor, healthcare if you are poor, also free, and I received both for years in college escaping an abusive home. I grew up in poverty and put myself through college. I had been sexually assaulted. You was treated with respect there. I felt safe...
10 there. I continued to go to Planned Parenthood where I paid for services after I graduated from college and was working. Poor families and people, women and men need these devices and Tumpnis dedicated to cutting their funding. It hurts women and children and families. ....
11. Yes Planned Parenthood also provides abortions and it's a legal and safe medical procedure. It should remain as such. Federal funds are not used to pay for abortions by law. That's something Trump and the Republicans often leave out of their arguments or just lie about....
12. And Trump and the Republicans show repeatedly they are not prolife but are probiirth only because they defund Planned Parenthood and defund or work ton.... A) food stamps for poor including children & single parents B) prenatal care
C) Medicaid , medical care for poor kids
13. D). Medicaid, pays for medication for poor kids
E). Medicaid pays for medical care and medication for kids in foster care.
F). Food stamps/SNAP. Pays for formula for poor babies and for babies in foster care and it's expensive.
Many foster kids and babies arrive with ...
14. Only the clothes on their backs and need everything. For babies and young children this means the foster parents must buy car seats, botttles, supply cups, toys, all clothing, diapers, everything at once. They are paid a small amount monthly but many putnin their own money.
15. I worked in social services for many years , many with abused and neglected children,and was a foster parent for a short time. I know. And some people, aunts and uncles, adult cousins, many grandparents are taking in their young relatives some through foster care, some not
16. Food stamps help to feed these children when an older relative who isbon a limited income steps up to keep children out of non relative foster care.
So please, Shania Twain, you are famous and your opinion can influence others. Think and be informed before you speak. We
17 are suffering in America. The poor are suffering and scared. The small amount of money they get through social support systems that the majority of compassionate Americans want them to have is threatened constantly by a man you call honest. Trump is a sociopath and he's evil.
18. Also enlisted personnel in the military with families often are in food stamps. It's an open secret in military towns. When the Republicans want to cut food stamps they would hurt people in the military too. The GOP hate the poor for no reason other than they are poor.
19. You can google articles about people in the military being on food stamps. There aren't a lot probably because people don't really want to know, but the information is there and it's true.
20.The GOP either believes or just perpetuates the ugly myths about people being poor and lazy or that they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I grew up in poverty. There are no bootstraps. If you are born poor except for a rare few, you stay poor. Trump and GOP making
21 it worse as Betsy Devos makes it nearly impossible to get student loans to get a college education.
That's intentional. Make no mistake.
The poor work hard, theybare called the "working poor" for a reason. Low income jobs are often backbreaking, and exhausting. Waitressing
22 etc jobs mean you are on your feet for eight hour or more and your feet hurt at the end of a shift. I've worked as a waitress and as a cashier in a restaurant. It's hard work. My parents were the working poor. They worked full time and nights and weekends but had low wages.
23. Trump and the Republicans have tried to take free lunches away from poor children. That's evil and about the lowest you can go.But wait there's more....
Trump and the Republicans have separated babies and young children from mothers, immigrants and kept them separated.
24. @ACLU. Has become involved in this.
The Trump and Republicans have made their time in office miserable for anyone who isn't rich, white, Straight, and male. This s shouldn't be about Democrats or Republicans. This should be about people who are against evil and cruelty.
25. The Republican Party used to be to my knowledge a Conservative party. Now it's just a party of sociopaths being as cruel to anyone who isn't white, straight, rich, and male. Anyone with a consciene should and would be embarrassed to be part of it or to defend it now. Evil.
26. #BlueWave2018. Should be anyone with a conscience, integrity, a sense of morality, compassion, empathy, a sense of right and wrong, will vote Democratic and tell everyone they know to also.
The Republicans are trying to kill the poor just to kill them. Do you understand?
27. That's just evil.

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Feb 28, 2018
Less than 5 percent of violent crimes are attributed to people with mental illnesses. I respect and support your efforts to
Men with histories of domestic violence have been shown to be the typical shooter. Mentally ill are scapegoats 1:
2/ of the GOP and Trump. The mentally ill arecan easy target for the GOP to go after rather than take responsibility and actions. I've worked with mentally ill adults as a case manager for many years and many of my clients were more likely to be victims of crime as statistics
3 show . Mental illness also covers many categories including depression , anxiety, PTSD, etc. This does not mean people are violent or ever have any chance of being violent. The term mental illness sounds scary if you aren't educated about the issue. It doesn't have to be.
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Feb 13, 2018
I grew up in poverty. My parents were the working poor. They hated being on food stamps but they needed them to feed me and my younger sister. My parents bought hamburger, potatoes, some vegetables, and grew a few that they could in their garden. My mother cooked our meals. 1/
2/. These food boxes are a terrible idea, IMO. Someone or several people at the top and probably Trump will profit off of this program and it's a further way to stigmatize and punish the poor for being poor. Also poor people know how to stretch money better than any politician.
3/ It's unnecessary. Poor people but the things they need at the grocery store and are perfectly capable of continuing to do so. There isn't a problem with food stamps. Trump, his administration and the Republicans hate the poor. As I was poor and then worked with people who
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Nov 21, 2017
#churchtoo. I was about 13 or 14 and at church Summer camp. The minister leading the camp was harassing one teenager girl from his church and she asked us all to protect her. One day he chased her into the girl's bathroom where girls were showering and changing. A group of 1/
2/ us ran in after her as we never left her alone and surrounded her. We formed a circle around her and wouldn't let him near her. He ordered us to move repeatedly but we refused. Girls in the showers and in the bathroom screamed and told him to get out. This went on for a while
3/ No adult Camp counselors came to help us. I don't know if they didn't see what happened but it was loud. We refused to move.He was angry but he left the bathroom. That girl was so scared. We agree as a group, every girl in that camp except one as we didn't tell her as she
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