1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 24, 2018.
Q posts can be found here: qanon.pub

My theme for this series: Iran Next
2) #Qanon gets the party started with a Youtube video.
3) #Qanon's video is vintage Ronald Reagan.
4) #Qanon wrote a long post outlining major themes for this week. First and foremost is the fact that President Trump plans to strike a new agreement with Iran, but not the way Obama and the Bushes did deals

He'll rely heavily on Ronald Reagan's "Peace Through Strenght" doctrine
5) #Qanon said this:
CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2.
From past Q posts, we've learned that "CLAS" generally refers to Congressional actions or legislators.
I believe he's referring to this document.
Link: file.wikileaks.org/file/crs/RL315…
6) The document describes how the President must apply (or is permitted to waive) sanctions against nations involved in weapons proliferation.

The text in the red box is a summary.
7) #Qanon drew our attention to Section 11 A paragraph 2 which is outlined in red. This paragraph explains the conditions under which the President can waive sanctions in certain cases of weapons proliferation.

It provides a loophole for violators not to be sanctioned.
8) Why is this relevant?
The Iran deal (JCPOA) wasn't approved by Congress. Obama argued that existing legislation gave him the authority to impose or waive sanctions against nations involved in nuclear proliferation as pointed out in this article.
9) The entire basis for the Iran deal is the provision outlined in Section 11 A, paragraphs 1 & 2 cited by #Qanon.

Q points out that Obama had COMPLETE discretion over enforcement of the deal without needing to worry about Congressional oversight.
10) #Qanon said:
No oversight re: Hussein.
How does the C_A fund non sanctioned ops?
Off the books?

CIA [C_A] black ops are kept away from congressional oversight.
Obama did a lot of things without Congressional approval or knowledge.
11) #Qanon wrote:
Jan 1.
Jun 1.
Why does the EU have a vested interest in this deal?
Who receives the money?
12) I'll assume that the EU is receiving kickbacks for being a party to the Iran deal. (Why else would they sign off on it?)
We know that there were secret side deals made as part of the Iran deal but we don't know their full extent.
13) When fines & fees are paid for non-compliance with green laws (Paris Accord) or laws imposed by the EPA - where does the money go?
Slush funds for globalists.
You and I are funding their activities.
Does that explain why EPA director Scott Pruitt is under fire?
14) #Qanon posted a link to an article about the resignation of Armenia's president after weeks of anti-government protests.

15) #Qanon said the CIA [clowns] is losing control in Armenia
Just like they did in NoKo before Kim Jong-Un asked for denuclearization talks
Just like they will in Iran before a new deal is made.
The CIA is the source of global strife
[killing is good business for the clowns]
16) An anon was amazed at how quickly things are changing in Armenia.
17) #Qanon said that just as North Korea was freed from oppression after the CIA's influence was neutralized, so it will be for the people of Armenia (and Iran).
18) #Qanon said the order of removing CIA influence is important.
Saudia Arabia first.
(They funded the CIA.)
Then North Korea
Then Armenia then Iran then—
CIA supports Mexican Government & moves assets (drugs, guns, humans) for $ through Mexico/CA border
19) An anon asked #Qanon to remember Americans.
Q responded.
20) #Qanon posted a link to the website for the United Nations Board of Auditors.
Evidently, there's trouble afoot for the UN and Q wants the anons to find it.
Link: un.org/en/auditors/bo…
21) #Qanon posted a link to an NPR article questioning the way the Red Cross spent money they collected for the Haiti earthquake relief.
He's encouraging us to learn more about the questionable practices of non-profits and NGOs.
22) This article examines money spent by NGO's in Haiti.
One penny out of every dollar collected by USAID went directly to helping Haitian people.
Where did the rest of it go?
23) An examination of Haiti relief efforts would be incomplete without looking at the contributions of the Clintons.
24) And let's not forget Laura Silsby, the convicted child trafficker who was arrested smuggling 33 girls out of Haiti but was rescued by the Clinton legal team.
25) #Qanon said the Red Cross will be the subject of events that are about to unfold.
Since we know that the CIA is involved in black ops in these countries, I assume the Red Cross is their front organization and is about to be exposed.
26) Trump's executive order of Dec 21st authorizes the Treasury to freeze assets of organizations involved in human trafficking and human rights abuse.
The CIA, (as well as DynCorp and Haliburton) are big-time offenders as this article shows.
27) #Qanon asked when Usama bin Laden [UBL] was killed and where?
He was killed in 2011 near the Pakistani military training center.
The Awan brothers were green-lighted to begin stealing U.S. intelligence by posing as Congressional IT aides in 2004.
28) #Qanon asked:
What happened during this time with Huma Abedin?
From 2005-2009 she was an adviser to HRC
While working for her she took 37 Fact-Finding visits costing $64,406 mostly paid for by private donors, universities, trade groups, or nonprofits.
29) Huma Abedin was Hillary's "handler" appointed by the deep state. The two were nearly inseparable.
Valerie Jarret had a similar relationship with Barack Obama at the time.
30) #Qanon posted the following link:
It's a bill from May of 2012 sponsored by Dana Rohrabacher "To provide compensation for the deadly acts by elements of the Pakistani military and intelligence services against United States citizens."
31) #Qanon posted this link:
It's a bill to withhold aid to Pakistan based on whether or not the U.S. Secretary of State would certify that their government provided information to the U.S. on the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.
32) #Qanon posted this link:
The previous bills were responses to this bill which intended to give protected status to Pakistanis (like the Awan brothers.)
33) #Qanon posted a link to this article showing the waxing and waning of U.S. aid to Pakistan over the previous 60 years.
34) #Qanon noted that aid to Pakistan was cut off in 2010.
It was started up again in 2011.
Coincidentally, the same time Osama bin Laden was holed up near Pakistan's military training facility.
Paki Intel gave SEAL team 6 his positon.
We started up the financial aid.
Sick yet?
35) #Qanon posted a link to a video.
36) Here's #Qanon's video.
37) #Qanon is curious to know why, if Hillary supports the cause of blacks, she was so enamored with KKK member Senator Robert Byrd?

Why if Democrats are the champions of minorities, they have such an abysmal record on voting for the things that bring liberty to all races?
38) #Qanon posted a couple of links.
39) The first link from #Qanon is to an announcement from Chuck Grassley that Planned Parenthood is being referred to the DOJ for investigation regarding the sale of fetal tissue.
40) The second link by #Qanon is to a Fox news article on the referral of Planned Parenthood to the DOJ for investigation of selling fetal tissue.
41) POTUS was asked about Iran's threat to start up their nuclear weapons program if the Iran deal is decertified. He said they'll have “Bigger problems than ever before.”
Did Iran git the message?
CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2 allows sanctions not to be imposed. [Important]
42) An anon asked #Qanon if Emanuel Macron was really an ally to President Trump.
43) #Qanon said that the EU has a financial stake in the Iran deal that taxpayers don't know about.

He asked why the MSM isn't celebrating the progress toward peace made with North Korea.
44) This might be the answer to #Qanon's question.
45) #Qanon said that Trump's goal is to make sure no one is held hostage by the global elites or the CIA.
46) An anon found it amusing that #Qanon may be posting from the meeting with Emanuel Macron.
47) An anon said POTUS deserves a Nobel prize.
#Qanon responded.
47) An anon asked when we can expect the big news story to drop.
(MOAB is an acronym for mother of all bombs. In #QAnon's jargon— a major news event.)
48) #Qanon said it would be more prudent not to let everyone know when the MOAB would hit.
49) Well, that didn't take long.
An anon told #Qanon that the missing text messages between the FBI's famous Trump-haters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page will be given to Congress soon.
50) #Qanon isn't saying whether the texts themselves will be the MOAB or whether they'll signal its imminent arrival.
51) I find it amusing that President Trump has chosen not to invite the press or any Dems to his first State Dinner.
Such a troll.
(One more reason why we love him.)
52) If you're curious to know what might be found in the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, True Pundit shared insider information months ago, which suggests they may involve threats of physical harm to POTUS.
53) #Qanon suggested an even more sinister plan.
These people are truly sick.
54) Do the text messages between Strzok and Page contain threats of harm to POTUS or discussions of assassination?
We'll soon find out.
55) This morning, #Qanon posted two links and some commentary.
The first link is a hit job on Q, 4chan and 8 chan.

The second link reveals the left's latest attempt to woo voters - handouts for everyone.
56) The MSM is attempting to discredit #Qanon by calling 4chan and 8chan "hate forums."
Why now?
Their narrative is being threatened.
If Q is fake (a LARP) why the organized effort to discredit him?
First link: nbcnews.com/news/us-news/a…
57) Here's the second link that #Qanon posted.
Bernie and the Dems are pushing full-on socialism for the midterms.
58) An anon asked #Qanon if Emanuel Macron can be trusted.
59) #Qanon responded.
[You are watching a movie]
In a movie, you feel like things are happening in real time.
Like the outcome is unknown
But the whole thing is scripted.
People say their lines.
The outcome is already determined.
60 #Qanon wants us to know that global peace and freedom are brought by re-pilling one nation and one person at a time. POTUS uses leverage to make his foes see the light. The result is World Wide [WW] peace.
61) For those who are unclear about the meaning of WW, #Qanon made it crystal clear. It doesn't stand for World War, but Worldwide.
62) An anon asked #Qanon when, in real life, (IRL) are things going to happen?
63) #Qanon responded.
We tend to think only about our wants.
We want American crooks in jail.
Chemtrails gone.
The truth exposed about vaccines.
POTUS is solving GLOBAL problems.
Everyting must be done in order
First the Saudis (+++) then Rothschilds (++) then Soros (+)
64) #Qanon turns to General Flynn.
He suggests that the public narrative (Flynn's life destroyed) is a cover story.
What has Flynn's covert role been?
White House staff changes (Bolton) are a signal
Pompeo moved to Sec of State was strategic to counter pushback from deep state.
65) Here's the article about Michael Flynn Jr's statements regarding his father.
He says the General never lied to VP Pence and that the entire story is an MSM fabrication.
67) #Qanon said they (the deep state) tried to delete the evidence of their crimes, never considering the possibility that Hillary would lose. Acts so sick the MSM can call them conspiracies and most people will believe them.
68) Sadly for the criminals, [these people are stupid] the NSA [No Such Agency] never forgets [We have it all].

• • •

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