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#HandmaidsTale really taking the oppressiveness and fear of little sounds in the midst of silence to a new level
(Livetweeting the first two #HandmaidsTale S2 episodes. Don't want spoilers, blacklist the tag...)
Repurposed Boston landmark alert.
...this can't be real. Every Handmaid rebelled last season when they refused to stone Janine. Killing off every fertile woman in the area would be a colossal waste of resources if fertility is as low as it appears to be. #TheHandmaidsTale
...oh hi there, Ann Dowd, knew that was going to happen since you were in the trailer.
Little touches of normal relationships that don't exist anymore in Gilead ("I don't want to see any fairy bites, okay?") juxtaposed with encroachment of the theocracy (Luke having to sign off on June's birth control, implying unmarried women can't get the pill) #HandmaidsTale
conceiving as being "filled with his divine light?" welp um #HandmaidsTale
I think that bell ringing scene is the first time we've seen Aunt Lydia alone in any shot. Ann Dowd's face is a masterwork of joy and zeal.
"Friends don't stone their friends to death." That's something to put on a mug. #handmaidstale
well YIKES. looks like they have ways of making pregnant Handmaids' lives hell without harming the baby. and disobeying the Aunts in any way could be made to look like endangering the child, so...
Offred sitting and eating soup in front of everyone while the other Handmaids come in from the rain? i smell a public shaming about to happen to set all the others against her...#handmaidstale
NEVER MIND I WAS WRONG THAT'S WAY WORSE. poor Alma. Kudos to Offred for not losing her soup...? #handmaidstale
And that pronunciation of Quincy is how you know this show wasn't actually filmed in Boston. :)
...that escalated quickly, Nurse Guilt Trip. #HandmaidsTale
"Blessings to the proud parents" and none for the Handmaid bye #handmaidstale
"Godspeed, June," says the orderly as he leaves. And there's a key in June's ugly Handmaid boot. Wham. Follow the little red blazes. #TheHandmaidsTale
This can't be real either. #TheHandmaidsTale
And we see Serena sitting in the same position Offred was sitting in when we first saw her in the Waterfords' house last season. But I'm having more trouble buying the parallels the show's trying to draw between them. #HandmaidsTale
Maybe it's more of a juxtaposition there. Offred seems to be making a break for freedom and Serena more trapped than ever? #HandmaidsTale
Not the first time Offred's been in a windowless truck this episode... #HandmaidsTale
"Got a match?" - David Byrne, and probably June as well #HandmaidsTale
That was one hell of a long shot.
Episode 2 has begun and now we know what happened to that old place on Morrissey Boulevard...say hi to @GlobeElevator for us, June! #HandmaidsTale
Emily is looking a little worse for wear out in the Colonies. #HandmaidsTale
I'm shot. Emily's life of cutting down mansplainers from the front of the class and encouraging smart students to carry on seems so far away from Gilead. #HandmaidsTale
Mansplainers here, mansplainers there, mansplainers everywhere. Emily's not having it. #HandmaidsTale
Add the Colonies to the list of "things on #HandmaidsTale that shouldn't be picturesque but still are"
That grey-haired Unwoman jumping in front of Marisa Tomei like "Bitch, that bed is MINE." (Why is a Wife in the Colonies?!)
Guess someone found another use for the "Spotlight" set #HandmaidsTale
June is free and she's STILL trapped. She asks for the keys, and Nick's first reaction is to scoff at her.
If I still had to walk past those rolls of newsprint every day, I probably wouldn't look at them the same way after this episode #HandmaidsTale
Is removing your own fingernail and putting it on the soap in front of the hated new arrival the Colonies equivalent of OITNB's tampon sandwich? @samirawiley #HandmaidsTale
The flashback scene with Emily and her family at the airport just killed me. And the ICE agent insisting on knowing if Oliver came from Emily's egg or an implanted embryo, getting her on the list of fertile women... #HandmaidsTale
Trust no bitch, Marisa Tomei. Trust no bitch. #HandmaidsTale
June kills time on a lazy day by bingewatching Friends. #relatable? #idkIveneverwatchedFriends #HandmaidsTale
That memorial scene at the end was something. Maybe the first sincerely good expression of religion that we've seen on the show, aside from "Heyr himna smidur" soundtracking scenes of Janine and her baby, and most people don't know that's a hymn. #HandmaidsTale
We knew in Season 1 that June was a Christian, since she described Fake St. Paul in Fake Harvard Square as her dad's parish, and said Hannah was baptized there. But this is the first actual expression of religion we've seen that isn't Gilead's ersatz Christianity. #HandmaidsTale
The scenes at the @BostonGlobe hit very hard, with that office turned into an abbatoir. Ever since extra security was installed at my old job post Charlie Hebdo, I've always known the fastest ways out of my office. Wouldn't have saved me in that case. #HandmaidsTale

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