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Part 1
The Religion of Peace

Who was Mohammad? How did the Muslim "religion" get its start?

Mohammad was born around approx 570 A. D. in Mecca, which is Saudi Arabia today & also where the Queen of Sheba came from. It was a very isolated region, however many
religions were practiced then, including Judaism & of course, Christianity. The area was in constant tribal warfare, which really hasn't changed any at all. Some ppl believed in angels & demons & some in mystical creatures they referred to as "jinns."
After the fall of the
Roman Empire, during what is known as the Dark Ages.
For his 1st 3 or 4 years Mohammad was raised by a nurse who his mother had given him to take care of. His parents & grandparents later died subsequently when he was a boy, leaving him to be raised by his uncle. He is said
to have entered into "trances" regularly or what his nurse called "demon possessions."
It is believed that he was illiterate & had no education.
It is unclear at what age he was when it was arranged that he marry a rich widow named Khadija, who was 15 years older than him. He
worked w/her & traveled all over the Arabian region. He learned of other religions & cultures through his business dealings w/Jews & Christians.
Mohammad continued to encounter these "demon possessions" all through his adult life. He would tell ppl of the things he saw during
his trances but they paid him no mind. At the age of 40, he claimed to have his most relevant trance yet. He claimed that during this specific trance that he had been grabbed & held so tightly by some "being" that he couldn't breathe & thought he would die. He claimed the
being gave him a message so commanding that he awoke shaken. He believed it was a jinn (or mystical creature).
After telling his wife of his dream, she then told her cousin, Waraqa, who belonged to a sect of Christians. It was Waraqa who suggested it might be a visit from a
messenger of God based on the fact that Moses had a similar experience when he received the ten commandments.
To affirm this Khadija & Waraqa submitted him to a 4 part test.
They asked if he saw the being from his dream in the room & when he said "yes" they began the test.
1) They asked him if he saw the being while sitting on his wife's left thigh. He said "yes"
2) They asked if he saw the being while sitting on her right thigh. He said "yes"
3) They asked if he saw the being while sitting on his wife's lap (or both thighs). He said "yes"
4)At this point the wife disrobed & asked if he saw the being now & Mohammad answered "No." I'm betting its bc he was thinking about other things, but alas the wife decreed that it must have been a visit from an angel in that case, bc an angel wouldn't look at an uncovered
With that Mohammad was declared by these two women(of all ppl) to be the "new prophet of God. "
I cannot help but fathom if they believed the ten commandments were from God, why they would not insist on an actual, tangible miracle to go with it, as w/Moses. But no, an
entire world wide religion, prominent in over 50 countries & growing is all literally based on this RIDICULOUS 4 part lap dance test.
Source: Islam Religion of Peace or War by The Truth
Part 2 tomorrow

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Jul 12, 2018
Religion of Peace Part 5

As Mohammad's army grew & he took control Mecca, he once again changed his teachings. Where before he taught that Muslims should only fight back if they were attacked, he was now teaching them to take the offensive & to go out & kill anyone
who would not submit to his teachings & his, Allah. Anyone!
"The verse of the sword" (Quran, Surah 9:5) is often used to justify Islamic terrorism & violence. This verse alone is said to "abrogate" (or make null) over 114 original verses from Mohammad, that called for
much more lenient treatment of non-believers.
It reads:
"Surah 9:5, But when the sacred months are passed away, kill the idolaters (non-Muslims) wherever ye may find them; take them, and besiege them, and lie in wait for them in every place of observation..."
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Jul 11, 2018
Religion of Peace Part 4

Mohammad's Revelations Change

When no one paid Mohammad's supposed "revelation" any mind, he decided he would gather an army & force them to.
After he tore through Mecca & Medina, killing, enslaving & raping their ppl into submission, (even
taking a 6 yr old girl as his wife) he moved on to surrounding regions of Arabia, where he ordered all teenage boys & men from one tribe, Banu Qurayza, to be killed bc he claimed they had broken some treaty. They dug a ditch, chopped off the heads of the over
700 males & threw their remains in the ditch. His army raped their women & enslaved all who were left alive.
As the people started to question his actions, Mohammad & his followers realized he could not continue to contradict his original teachings w/o
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Jul 9, 2018
Ya see how they like to play patriots? They like to play "Nasty"
Be aware... 2 can play at that game.

Former Clinton Adviser Tweets Bookstore’s Address, Contact Info As Payback For Not Letting Customer Harass Steve Bannon… via @dailycaller
It's time to start posting home addresses of ALL @HouseDemocrats & @SenateDems so that they TOO, may be stalked & harassed EVERYWHERE they go.
We can start here👇
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Apr 28, 2018
Part 2
The Religion of Peace

Mohammad a prophet of God?

Important & ironic to note that in Islam a woman's word is only considered half the value of a man's, yet two (or one total) women are credited w/ the only "verification" of Mohammad's supposed revelationary visit from
some "jinn" (or mystical being) as coming from God.
After passing the 4 part lap test, they performed, his wife emboldened Mohammad to share his new found "revelation" with the ppl of Mecca around 610 A.D. He traveled the region telling the ppl that Allah was God & he was
His prophet, but noone believed him bc he couldn't perform their requested miracles of proof. They even tried to kill him & he was run out of Mecca to a town called Yathrib, which he later changed to "Medina", located 270 miles outside of Mecca. This pilgrimage later became
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