In today's criminal justice news, police in Henry County GA beat the sh*t out of former NFL player Desmond Morrow for the heinous crime of mobile phone possession

Slammed into a truck, faceplanted onto the asphalt, then choked until he blacks out

And it's all on video
To be fair, Georgia has been on some next-level sh*t with the police brutality for awhile. But damn.
F*ck no. We'll be lucky to even get their names.

There will be a civil §1983 lawsuit filed in a year or two, for which there will be a sizable settlement paid for by Georgia taxpayers

And by the time that day comes, there will be dozens more stories just like this in the pipeline

You've got 3 grown ass men manhandling a guy who's begging and literally crying out for some mercy. And they give less than no fucks.
I guess the fact they didn't just kill him is progress

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Of course. There's a complete playbook of excuses, to the point where we created Police Brutality Bingo awhile back

The #BrutalityBingo card generator from @capito_txt is here
You can mark your "he shouldn't have resisted!" squares

"Shut up and tackle."
–Laura "Seig Heil" Ingraham, probably

I quit @fsckemall at least once a week



It's necessary though. When the sh*t is *so* rote you can make a f*cking bingo game out of it, it's self-evidently necessary.


Yep you're right. Between those two and the Qualified Immunity Square someone's gonna have bingo soon...

It happens on occasion. Out of the hundreds of stories we've covered on @fsckemall since last May, I'd say maybe 2-3% have law enforcement officers serving actual jail/prison time?

True story: the first draft of the tweet had "3-5%" and I had to change it b/c I thought it was way too high 😂😞

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

That's a good thing thoigh, it means we're reaching people who didn't already know 👊

It's mostly (though not always) just the black ones with "guns" who get beat up. Many examples of white guys with guns being taken in peacefully, including this past week's Waffle House killer

It won't happen. The politicians' response would be so swift and severe, with the effects predominantly felt by minorities and the poor, that you won't see more than the occasional one-off incident

Exploded by police, yes. They were supposedly "negotiating" before they decided a bomb was more appropriate

It's an issue of opportunity costs. The same way the Bundys were able to leech off public land b/c a whole bunch of ppl showed up with guns. The Government *could* have Waco'd everybody but didn't due to the risks involvdd

Yep. It's how wars are fought; we didn't need to beat the British during the Revolution, we just had to fight them to the point that it wasn't worth the money / lives / political headaches for them to continue

Sorry, the "show me the rest of the video" #BrutalityBingo square was already taken yesterday

It's not a winnable argument though. Those people think even the slightest resistance justifies any beating that results

You can mark your "Comply or Die!" #BrutalityBingo squares now


Here's the officer's report, courtesy of @JOEL9ONE

You'll be shocked (shocked!) to know it doesn't match up with the cideo

Now apply those principles to the black guy whose teeth got knocked out and choked until he was unconscious 🙃

Reminds me of the video by The Onion of the officer being discriminated against because of cameras everywhere

This one

You can now mark your "Wait for all the facts!" #BrutalityBingo squares

You must have a defective card, Qualified Immunity is the free space 😉

If you better-understood the law, you'd understand how I passed the bar

But then you'd also think the black guy in the video deserved the presumption of innocence too, soooo...

If we "waited for all the facts," we wouldn't call juries "fact finders"
lol so you don't know how to read either. Got it 👍👍

You also said he'll get it at trial. After he's had his teeth knocked out.

To quote your own words: "that's not how presumption of innocence works"

HoW dO yOu CoMpLeTeLy IgNoRe FaCtS tHaT dOn'T fIt YoUr NaRrAtIvE?

Napoleon Syndrome is real


OK, then share with us the additional video evidence that justifies brutalizing a guy who's handcuffed. I'll happily add it to the thread here.

It's not just you

Quote me where I called anyone guilty

Feel free to do that before or after sharing the rest of the video

Black peoples have superpowers, clearly

You should stick to flipping burgers, surely you're better at that than this

You're not wrong. Military has better-defined ROE and greater respect for the use of force spectrum

"ThAt'S wHaT dIsCoVeRy Is FoR"

I called someone guilty in those two tweets? 🤔

Ohhhh ok. Got it 👍👍

Just a couple? 😂 He's spent a couple minutes on Wikipedia and now thinks police brutality is an affirmative defense. Separate from calling people guilty via tweets about a bingo game.

It's such gibberish I can't even follow along tbh

The Second Amendment is only for whites

I considered that one but didn't think he was smart enough to understand it

At least one, probably more. We go through so much 💩 each week I lose track

No because that at least made some sense. He just strung words together that he saw on Wikipedia and thought it made a point

What "criminals"?

What "affirmative defense" (your words) would the black guy need additional video for then?

Logic better

Yeah, mocking a predominantly-black law school is a pretty standard tactic in these threads

And so open about it!

You're not making the point you think you're making

It's not for everyone

Reminds me of a skit by a comedian I can't remember, about how white supremacists go on and on about all the things created by the white race

And he goes "but what have *you* done?"

Sounds like a Sinclair station

Tom's book is depressing in its accuracy

You do realize no one actually cares what you think, yes?

🗣: "You sound like this stereotype I've crafted in my brain, even though I don't follow you or read your bio or really any tweets beyond the one I @'d you about. If you wanted to sound different then something is very wrong with your communication style."

"But I saw the video and *I* concluded he was resisting!"

Sh*t I had forgotten about that one, I was thinking of one down in Florida 😂

The Third Rule of @fsckemall remains undereated


Yep. It's not a serious critique, similar to the "I was with you until [X]" trope -- they want to oppose the point but don't want to be labeled racists, so they instead whine about profanity

My pinned tweet is a perpetual trigger warning fam

Precise wording / circumstances matter. If you're asked "can you stop and talk?" it's a request and you have no requirement to do so; if it's "stop and talk w/ me" it's a command and you're being detained

False imprisonment is often part of §1983 suits

It won't change until better legislators start enacting meaningful reforms

Start with your City Council responsible for hiring the police chief, local Sheriff elections, local DAs, etc

I've got a list of some potential reforms to be considered from my campaign website when I ran years ago --…

It was a D+36 PVI district :) Narrowing the margin to 31% against an incumbent was an accomplishment. We got +3,468 more votes than any prior R running for the seat, and the first-ever to win Caswell County

• • •

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