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0) So I've been thinking a lot about what happened in the video posted here:…

Thank you @jordanbpeterson

Let me preface this by saying I enjoy writing. This is something I put together to start dialogues.

There is a man, you all know him: He's the one that makes outrageous claims: #ChemTrails, #QAnon, #FalseFlags, #2A. He occasionally calls #FakeNews out on their BS, or posts a meme, or a #TruthBomb. He's cautions but does the same in real life... Many just filter and ignore.
2) But try being in his shoes for a moment. He watches as people go about their daily lives. He sees a mother in his neighbor hood walking their kids to school. He knows their names. He’s watched them all grow up. They’re not the only ones, but the ones with whom he is most..
3) ..familiar. But it’s not just in his neighborhood. He goes to work everyday. He likes his coworkers, he’s formed real bonds with them after working there for years.
4) This man has watched a generation of teens grow up and become their own people, taking the same path he did. They graduate, they hope for more. They develop strong convictions. But this man already knows the narrative:
5) Hope just enough for change, and give them the same lot they have had. Maybe even worse. These ones have had it worse. Then he realizes that it **has** only gotten worse. What is a man to do? Some resign to their fate. This one tries to figure out the system.
6) Because the world works on systems: Weather, water, social, economic, ad. infinitum. This is likely just a system. Where does it peak, where does it bottom out? It’s cyclical. Answers are hard to come by. A man can't believe most of it because the strongest findings fly
7) in the face of the conventions he’s been presented all his life. During his search, the man faces his own trials. His own beliefs challenged, not by the search but by the very system that has trained him. His own life throws him into chaos. Up is down, down is up.
8) Resignation seems the only choice. Life is hardly worth living, but the alternative is darker.
9) And then, while contemplating resignation to ‘that’s just the way it goes’ he sees a glimmer of hope. Truth? Perhaps, but hard to believe… Hard to swallow. Still, while shedding cognitive dissonance, the man begins to see that system. It’s laid out before him.
10) The truth is all too clear, until the point which he believes he is going to break. Resignation just a step away. Confirmation of this truth: and a crack in the wall.
11) Undeterred, this man continues to dig. To the depths of the swamps where the gear works of this system. More confirmation. “This is bigger than you know.” Or “Future Proves Past”
12) all aligning to a beautiful symphony of the complete picture, or as much as can be seen from within. Suddenly, instead of the news, he watches the feeds. He hungers for more truth, pieces to fill in the puzzle that is laid out before him.
13) All the while, he gets angry. He feels betrayed. Denial past, he wants justice. His indignation at the lies told to him rise like incense in an offering. This man, who has lost so much in his search for truth feels hollow and empty.
14) What is a man to do? He's faced with a decision: give into bitterness and anger to watch the world burn, or triumph and share this truth with the world?
15) To this point, this man has had a hard life. However, he has seen good. In his heart he believes he is good. So to share the truth is his only course. Awake and reaffirmed, this man sets forward.
16) However he finds his voice small in the vast echo chamber, and with so many voices saying the same thing he hardly hears anything else.
17) Those that respond are of varying natures. He hears a kind voice, a concerned voice, hateful voices. Discouragement abounds. Still, with the truth, you are free in your own mind. He continues and finds allies and enemies along the way. Which brings me back to the point.
18) With all the crazy stuff happening around us, how would you respond to the man? His experiences have brought him to the present. He wants to help. He is extending that hope that he has found to you. Is it not worth your while to listen, to understand?
19) I would tell you that I’m this man. You likely already know. I’m willing to listen to your truth, I also know my truth. When all is said and done, when we can be at peace, or some semblance of it, I will still respect you. I respect you even now.
20) Remember: I’ve watched you, I’ve breathed the same air, I haven’t chosen the same paths, but in the end, I know everyone wakes up. I am more than happy to share my truth as well. Let's put aside differences and work together to make a better world.
21) -Fin-
I want to #ChangeTheNarrative. Instead of division, let's sew unity. Instead of focusing on what makes us different, let's focus on what makes us all great. Even if we don't agree that @realDonaldTrump has #MAGA, we can find common ground.

• • •

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