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A) Ok I have some thoughts on @michelleisawolf's act and the reaction to it from members of the press and other DC insiders. For the record, I was in the room last night. @michelleisawolf's set was great. She was hilarious and confident.
B) First, @michelleisawolf took no prisoners last night. She roasted Trump, Pence, White House staffers, the media, media personalities. Everyone is focused on Sanders but that was only 1 1/2 minutes of Michelle's act. She went after everyone...as it should be.
C) @michelleisawolf was hired to do a roast. That was her job. She wasn't hired to offer media analysis or be fair and balanced. She was hired to poke fun at powerful people. Not once did she punch down. She focused on the people/institutions that are powerful beyond measure
D) A comic's job is to go over the line and then push the line and go over it again. Great comics aren't supposed to be safe or careful. That would mean we're not doing our job. By pushing the line we force people to think differently, to ask questions, and disrupt the status quo
E) Comics by their nature are anti-establishment. They are charged with the often unenviable task of going after people in power. It's a lot easier to tell jokes about the difference between LA and NYC or cats and dogs.
F) Enough with holding everyone else but the President of the United States and his staff to higher standards. This does not mean i don't recognize that investigative journalists at the NYT and WAPO etc are doing their part to expose this administration..what I'm concerned about.
G) Is that journalists often say they can't use certain language about Trump because they have to be objective. Fine. But they're willing to use words like "mean" about a comic's act? How is it objective to offer subjective commentary about a comic's joke's about POTUS?
H) Trump chooses not to attend the #WHCD - instead the White House said Sarah Sanders was attending in his place. She sat on the dais where the President usually sits. So of course she was going to get some of the toughest jokes, she was Trump's proxy.
I) The calls for the @whca and @michelleisawolf to apologize are absurd. They're coming from reporters and many Trumpers. Trump has famously (and he says this himself) never truly apologized because he thinks it makes him look weak.
J) And no the apology for the Access Hollywood tape doesn't count because now Trump goes around telling people he doesn't think the voice is his per NYT. So cut the bullshit.
K) Andrea, it was nice to meet you last night and I respect your work as a journalist, but when's the last time you demanded Trump or WH staffers apologize for their horrific statements? When's the last time you demanded Trump apologize for being a birther?
L) By the way for the @Scaramucci @dmartosko's of the world please tell me why anyone should apologize when Trump has never apologized for lying for years about Obama's birthplace and then at a press conference took no responsibility for it and lied again.
M) I'll tell you what has the media so upset, because @michelleisawolf told the truth about them last night and the role they played in allowing Trump's rise. They hate to be called out on their bullshit, it's painful..I get it. But she said what needed to be said.
N) So journalists are willing to demand that a comic hired to roast people apologize but they aren't willing to demand that Trump or his staff apologize to people? Is that where we're at now? Can someone explain the difference to me?
O) This administration (and the reporters who intentionally or indirectly support it) are always demanding that artists apologize. From the Hamilton Cast to me to @michelleisawolf. But they never apologize for anything.
P) Also @michelleisawolf never talked about Sanders' appearance, she was talking about her character. But anyone pearl clutching over her comments and demanding she apologize needs to demand that Trump apologize for calling women fat pigs, slobs, talking about their bodies
Q) Not to mention, apologize for comments like "blood coming out of her..." - but no they haven't demanded that of him because they're terrified of Trump. Instead, they go after a comic who is paid to make jokes. They go after her instead of a man with real power. Pathetic.
R) BS @dmartosko. Sarah was there on the dais as a proxy for the President. That’s how the White House billed It. Michelle couldn’t just focus on just Trump because he was too scared to show up.
S) Stop acting like @michelleisawolf showed up at the playground and started making fun of Sarah Sanders in front of her children. Sarah was there representing Trump, on the dais, at an event with a professional comic who was hired to do a roast.
T) This is such bullshit! @michelleisawolf told some jokes and you condemn her? You are a bunch of enablers.
U) What people are forgetting is how many people/institutions she hit in her act. In fact, while all these reporters are preaching about their objectivity, Michelle was in many ways more objective than them. She went after MSNBC, the liberal media and their Russia obsession..
V) She went after CNN, hell she even went for the conservative holy grail...Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick! But all everyone is talking about is 1 1/2 minutes of her act involving Sarah Sanders. You think the GOP would be saavy enough to enjoy her other comments.
W. @michelleisawolf did what a good roast master does...she spread the roast around..everyone got hit. That's the way you do it, so people can walk away not feeling like they were targeted, but that the roast master took down the whole room.
X. But who am I kidding, even if @michelleisawolf's set was boring as oatmeal, as long as Trumpers were criticized in any way, they would find a way to hate it. They are humorless and never want to encounter criticism in any form.
Y. I really hope the @whca doesn't stop having comics at the dinner to serve as roast master. It's one of the few occasions the most powerful people in the world (including the President) are held accountable via comedy. It's an important tradition. It's an important message.
Z. Just imagine when people around the world see the @WHCA dinner and see a comic making fun of the President...isn't that what we used to be about? Offering hope? Setting an example?

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Oct 9, 2018
A) This morning, Don Jr. retweeted this tweet which contains a video of a Pizzagate/QaNON guy screaming at me at my show in Philadelphia over the weekend. I am sick and tired of talking about this, but I have no choice because every time they do this it impacts my life/career.
B) I am a comic who posted a photo some people took issue with. That does not mean I should be subject to this kind of harassment. I now have to have security guards wand my fans as they're entering my shows...I'm not a head of state/pres candidate, I shouldn't have to do this
C) This kind of harassment is coordinated and then puts the subject through (in this case me) what I call the Trump wood chipper. The death threats will ramp up again, people in the business will be more hesitant to hire me, and Trump/QaNon people will continue to harass my mom.
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Oct 6, 2018
Absolutely! Feel free to send Brett/Bart all the merch you want.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh
E. Barrett Prettyman
U.S. Courthouse and
William B. Bryant Annex
333 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC 20001

Merch Link: bit.ly/AllKathyMerch

15% Off Code: FUCKTHEGOP
B) This was such a good idea! I just sent Brett or Bart Kavanaugh an Impeach Brett sticker pack and an Impeach Brett mug.
C) OMG I cant believe you guys are doing this. 😂😂😂
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Oct 5, 2018
A) Something about all of the Kavanaugh protests and protesting in general. I think its important to put something in perspective...protesting can be a sacrifice but it can also be something that is largely available to the privileged and not easy for many women to participate in
B) Think about when a team in your city has won a championship. You ever marvel how many men find a way to get the day off at a moment's notice to attend the rally? How they manage to stay out partying in the middle of the week even though they have to go to work the next day?
C) While many women showed up to the women's march, that was planned in advance and took place on a Saturday. Women are the primary caregivers, many women work two jobs and then have a job at home with kids/house etc.
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Oct 4, 2018
FUCK YOU @ChuckGrassley
FUCK YOU @OrrinHatch
FUCK YOU @JohnCornyn
FUCK YOU @ThomTillis
FUCK YOU @SenMikeLee
FUCK YOU @BenSasse
FUCK YOU @tedcruz
FUCK YOU @MikeCrapo
FUCK YOU @SenJohnKennedy


FUCK YOU @senatemajldr

and finally

B) FUCK YOU @JeffFlake
C) Feckless Cunt 2.0
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Oct 1, 2018
A) I have some news to share...Why am I doing a super intimate show in LA? Well, I decided to bite the bullet and I'm filming my current act, the same one I've taken across the world, for a special. Difference is, I'm filming this on my own and with my own money. Here's why..
B) This is not the way I want to do it. I'd rather have a deal with @Netflix @Apple @HBO, but despite the fact that I hold the Guinness Book of World Record for the most televised comedy specials, none of the companies that are in the comedy special biz have come calling.
C) Since I launched my world tour last year, and especially as I've done sold-out appearances in the US and Canada, there's not a day that goes by where a fan doesn't ask me when I'm releasing a special based on the Laugh Your Head Off Tour. I want to record my act for my fans
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Sep 25, 2018
Tonight, I called a bunch of fans who ordered merch from my re-launched merch store!

Making more calls this week!

Order Merch Here: bit.ly/KathyMerch
B) Just added stuff to my merch store!

1. Fuck Trump coffee mug
2. Trump in prison/orange jumpsuit t-shirt

Reminder, to celebrate the re-launch of my merch store, I'm calling fans to thank them for ordering merch! See video above!

My Merch Store: bit.ly/KathyMerch
C) Called Gema last night to thank her for ordering stuff from my merch store!

Merch Store: bit.ly/KathyMerch
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