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[1] I am a #Yazidi and not yet 17, but I have a story to tell the world. My people have always been peaceful and non-aggressive. We believe in God and humanity and respect other religions. I grew up in a village called Wardia, near #Sinjar, #Iraq. We lived with honor and dignity.
[2] We were a very close community and pretty much kept to ourselves. When I was only 13, we heard that ISIS was headed toward us and also that they were doing very bad things. #YazidiPlight
[3] We fled to the mountain, but ISIS intercepted all of us and forced us back to our village. By that time many of our very own #Muslim neighbors had joined in with ISIS and were also killing many #Yazidis.
[4] When we returned to Wardia, ISIS was separating prisoners by age and gender. They then killed many of the men and took our sisters and mothers as sex slaves to be used by them and then sold. #YazidiGenocide
[5] Those of us remaining stayed in the village that night as hostages. We soon learned it was ISIS’s hope to wipe all of us off the face of the world if we refused to convert.
#YazidiPlight jpost.com/Opinion/We-Yaz…
[6] When we refused, they said they would kill all of us and we were all very frightened. However, there was a problem in #Sinjar City and one of their leaders summoned their men away from our village immediately. #YazidiPlight
[7] We were told not to move, and of course we agreed. As soon as we could, we all fled to the mountain and then climbed up as high as possible, taking refuge anywhere we could find. #YazidiGenocide
[8] We suffered in the soaring summer heat for eight days with no assistance from the outside world. There was no food or water. Many of the elderly and children died of thirst, hunger and exhaustion. We were all alone. #YazidiPlight #Iraq
[9] Finally there were airlifts and a safe passage to #Syria was created for us. Many of the men stayed on the mountain to fight with what little arms they had as they watched their families struggling down the mountain to a fate unknown. #YazidiPlight
[10] We journeyed to #Syria where they welcomed us with food and water. We were then transported back into #Kurdistan, #Iraq, where we found relative safety and lived wherever we could find an abandoned building, or just out in the open, until camps were built a few months later.
[11] I hv now bn living in camp for +3 years. The tents are rotted from the sun & are not fireproof. Just a few days ago 20 tents burned 2 the ground
This is not uncommon as it is winter& we have no heating oil. So ppl use candles, build little fires, anything 2 keep warm.#Ezidis
[12] We only hv electricity about 6 hours a day. As the tents r on dirt, when it rains,many of the tents r flooded&it is difficult to walk on mud
To make matters worse,we never hv enough food rations or medicines.Sickness runs rampant throughout all the camps,both physical&mental
[13] Jobs are almost nonexistent and we are persecuted by people of the majority faith. We are not allowed to speak out or complain about our government or we are arrested and “re-educated.” #YazidiGenocide #Sinjar #Iraq
[14] #Yazidis are not allowed to sell dairy products, or produce or sell any food on the open market as we are considered KUFFAR by the #Muslims. We are not allowed to join any organized sports teams for the same reasons. @hrw @UN
[15] We cannot obtain employment in any food service industries as #Muslims will not eat anything we have touched. #YazidiPlight @hrw
[16] I need to tell the world how we are treated and yet no one is helping us. Most of the government is corrupt as well as many NGOs. Very little gets to the #Yazidis. Someone needs to listen and soon. Otherwise, the #Yezidis will eventually disappear forever. #YazidiGenocide
[17/17] After of 1000s of yrs on this Earth,is this the final fate of the #Yazidis?I live in a very bad&difficult situation. It’s my dream 2 get abroad 2 #Europe 2 help poor families bc I know what’s happening2those who live in camps& who lost their brothers& sisters& hv nothing.

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Aug 28, 2018
The face of raw courage: Brave Yazidi teenager was kidnapped by jihadis and sold into sexual slavery before being injured in an explosion as she made a daring dash for freedom
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Lamiya Haji Bashar stood defiant in the dock. Blood poured from her mouth and nose, while her body was covered with bruises – the result of another savage beating by her Islamic State captors, who used cables and weapons in addition to their fists and feet.
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Once again Lamiya had tried to escape her tormentors & once again, she hd bn caught
A judge in Mosul’s sharia court stared at her.After being told Lamiya kept trying to escape,he made his ruling
"He said that either they must kill me or cut off my foot to stop me escaping"
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May 19, 2018
"Sometimes, I look at myself in the mirror and wonder, 'How am I still alive?'"
Yazidi mother opens up about escape from Islamic State, building a life in Canada
(1/ ) #YazidiPlight #Iraq #Canada
At 18, when she was eight months pregnant, Faeza Mejo was captured in August 2014 by members of the Islamic State terror group when she, her husband and his family tried to flee from the invaders in northern Iraq.
(2/ )#YazidiGenocide #Sinjar #Iraq
Faeza was separated from her husband and taken to a place where about 50 other young #Yazidi women and girls were held. She soon learned they were in a warehouse and they were the goods to be sold, and she would literally be marked for life.
(3/ ) #YazidiPlight #Sinjar
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Nov 3, 2017
ISIS terrorists are committing ongoing genocide against the #Yazidis in #Iraq & #Syria
According to the #UN, women&girls as young as nine are being sold as slaves 2 ISIS soldiers who regularly beat them & rape them, re-sell them&if they try 2 escape, kill them #YazidiPlight
The @UN report focuses on the Islamic State’s attack on #Yazidis in #Sinjar-#Iraq in Aug.2014
The subsequent genocide of the #Yazidi pple, which has included mass murder,beheadings,the rape of women&children&the buying&selling of women&girls as sex slaves at marketplaces&online
“over 3,200 Yazidi women & children r still held by ISIS. Most are in #Syria where Yazidi females continue 2 be sexually enslaved & #Yazidi boys, indoctrinated, trained & used in hostilities. 1000s of Yazidi men & boys are missing. The genocide of the #Yazidis is on-going.” @UN
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