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1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 30, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:
This thread begins at post # 1292

My theme for this series: The Iran Deal Exposed
2) In previous posts, #Qanon suggested that the deep state may have incorrectly assumed they were safe with Robert Mueller in charge of the Russia investigation.

An anonymous person noted there was increased chatter regarding Mueller.
3) #Qanon suspected he was talking to one of the people involved in the plot to take down the President.

So he trolls them.
They know what the NSA has.
It's their turn to make a move.
4) #Qanon said the previous poster was ghosting their IP address.
5) An anon explained that "ghosting" is a way to hide your IP address.
6) On Saturday night, the President held a rally in Michigan. An anon posted this.
7) #Qanon responded.

BOOM week ahead?
8) On Sunday morning, #Qanon posted this.
9) Some researchers feel like #QAnon is questioning their motives.
I don't think he's criticizing patriots like @tracybeanz or @jerome_corsi.

I believe he wants us to distinguish between those who want to make America great and those who are in it to make a fast buck.
10) My wife wrote this to help you understand our motives for following #Qanon…
11) #Qanon added this.
BO - board owners on 8chan
Bakers- people who create and manage the threads on 8chan.
Autists / anons - people from all walks of life who volunteer their time to do research and post their findings on 8chan.
12) #Qanon said this.
(Q+ means he is speaking for his entire team)
13) An anon finally figured out what #Qanon had been referring to for months with the phrase "Iron Eagle."

It's an anagram. Eager Lion is the name of an annual training exercise in the Middle East.
14) Information on Eager Lion.
15) An anon posted an excerpt from an interview with a long-time Hillary supporter who thinks the Mueller investigation should be ended.

Dems calling for the end of the Mueller investigation?
Are they now afraid of Mueller?
16) Link to article on Mueller.
17) #Qanon said the autists are on fire (doing great work) regarding Iron Eagle.

He suggested that the chatter about Mueller and the Dems' change of heart toward his investigation is a result of his recent drops suggesting that Mueller may be gunning for them and not POTUS.
18) We need to return to the post by the anon about Iron Eagle and Eager Lion for a minute.
19) Another anon noted that the anagram isn't complete. Iron eagle doesn't have a letter R.
20) The anon was confident he'd solved the riddle.
He said the R is signified by the year 2018 (or simply the number 18) because R is the 18th letter of the alphabet.

He even signed his post "Q" (the 17th letter)
21) #QAnon confirmed the anon was right be reposting his response. (The confirmed post number is in red.)
22) An anon clarified the chain of responses for anyone who missed it.
23) #Qanon posted a link to a Twitter status by the U.S. Embassy in Jordan welcoming Mike Pompeo.
24) #Qanon then posted a link to a Twitter status by the U.S. Defense Department.
It begins with "Here comes the boom!"

Q says we need to connect Pompeo's visit to the Middle East with a BOOM event related to #EagerLion18
25) An anon posted this Tweet about #EagerLion18 live fire exercises
#Qanon reposted it.
26) The reference to Iron Eagle was made numerous times in the past. The most recent one was on April 24th, near the end of a post that began with "Iran is Next."
(#Qanon is connecting Iron Eagle, Eager Lion and Iran Is Next.)
27) An anon posted this tweet From @usarmycentral about the lights over Jordan viewed from a helicopter.
28) #Qanon said our military assets are in place.
29) #Qanon then posted this cryptic message noting that the Emmy awards were being held last night.

He noted that the awards ceremony is a "red carpet event."
29) From this point on, I'm going to ask you to focus.
I'm going to tie together a number of posts by #Qanon that anons have attempted to decode but all attempts have yet to be confirmed by Q.
30) Full confession:
What follows is only a theory.
I'm not certain that I'm right.
I don't post on 8chan so I can get direct confirmation from #Qanon.
(If you're an autist and you'd like to post these for confirmtion, please do.)
31) On the 24th, an anon asked when we would see the MOAB (big news story) Q had been promising.
32) #Qanon replied.
He asked if the day and time of the big news story should be announced.
He asked, "Red carpet roll out?"

Now think.
Red carpet?
Where have we heard that before?
33) Yesterday, #Qanon posted this, noting that the Emmy awards was a "red carpet" event.

Do you see it?

On the 24th, Q told us the MOAB (big news story) would happen on the same day as the Emmys (the red carpet event)

Not bad for a LARP 😎
34) #Qanon posted this

Q calls John McCain "no name" or "we don't say his name."
McCain is considered to be a traitor of the highest order.

The link is to an interview where Lindsay Graham said he thinks James Comey's investigation of Hillary Clinton was a joke.
35) John Mcain is not expected to return to Congress.
36) #Qanon said he likes good singers.
The term 'singing' has been used often by Q.
It's a euphemsm for telling investigators what you know about a crime.

Q is suggesting that Lindsay Graham has been forced to tell what he knows about some kind of illegal activity.
37) Lindsay Graham & John McCain have been inseparable during their time in Congress.
McCain serves as chair of the Senate Armed services committee.
He's heavily funded by weapons contractors.
Saudi Arabia gave the McCain institute $1million dollars.
38) McCain is well-connected to (and controlled by) the deep state.
He does their bidding in the realm of weapons procurement.
Including weapons of mass destruction.
39) I haven't said this recently, so I'll say it now.
The agenda for the global elites is to create a one world government that they rule over. That goal requires the destruction of sovereign nation-states and their subjugation under a single ruling entity.
40) The destruction of sovereign nation-states is necessary to remove international borders.
Borders present an obstacle to global governance so they must be removed by whatever means necessary, including war.
41) The two main obstacles that prevent a true global government are Russia and America. Nations with strong national identities that have refused to capitulate to the globalist's demands for borderless migration.
42) The strategy of the globalists then is to get Russia and the U.S. to decimate each other in a war. If that can be accomplished, the major obstacles to global governance would be removed.
43) With that in mind, let's move on.

#Qanon has in the past asked what John McCain was doing during his secret meetings in Syria.
44) #Qanon said during those meetings, McCain met with known terrorists.
In Syria,
45) #Qanon told the autists they had more information than they realized. They just needed to make the right connections.

The connections go in many directions by the way.
Like a spider web
Including a few directions we haven't considered yet.
46) #Qanon brought up the subject of McCain's meeting after the missile attack on Syria which, we've been told, was related to the use of chemical weapons by Assad.

Don't go down that rabbit trrail right now.
47) #Qanon suggested McCain delivered something in Syria
I assumed it was chemical weapons.
Because the missile attack was (supposedly) about chemical weapons
But Q never confirmed that McCain delivered chemical weapons.
48) And would McCain be needed to broker a chemical weapons deal?
Chemical weapons are outlawed and dangerous, but not difficult to make or transport. And the UN says they have evidence that Assad made his own.

So if it wasn't chemical weapons, what did McCain deliver?
49) With that background information, let's look at #Qanon's post from today about the Iran nuclear deal, the revelation that they never stopped their weapons program and evidence that they built a secret nuclear facility on Northern Syria.
50) #Qanon asked us to examine the terms of the nuclear deal that President Obama made with Iran.
Here's a summary.
51) #Qanon asked:
What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?
We know they did.

What if the program never ceased?
We know it didn't.…
52) Another story on Iran's secret Nuclear facility in Syria.
53) #Qanon asked:
What other bad actors are possibly involved?

Did the U.S. know?
The NSA knows everything that's happening on in the geopolitical stage.
54) #Qanon asked:
Where did the cash payments go?
How many planes delivered?
Did all planes land in same location?

Q has suggested that the EU is getting kickbacks from the Iran deal.
I would assume one plane went to Brussels.
Planes may have gone to other places as well.
55) #Qanon asked:
Where did the U1 material end up?
Is this material traceable?
Define cover

Q is saying there's a cover story that's concealing what really happened with the Uranium One material.
56) #Qanon asked:
What if U1 material ended up in Syria?
What would be the primary purpose?
(World War III film)
57) #Qanon asked:
In the movie, (Sum of All Fears) where did the material come from?
What country?
58) #Qanon asked:
What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?
59) #Qanon said:
What does U1 provide?
Define cover.
60) #Qanon is suggesting that most of the uranium from the Uranium One deal went to Russia but some was secretly shipped to Syria and Iran.

It was important that it come from the same batch.
61) Uranium isotopes have a unique fingerprint, so batches can be traced.

It was illegal to sell uranium to Syria or Iran but not to Russia.

So Hillary, Obama and the cabal put together the Uranium one deal.
The cover story was that it ALL went to Russia.
62) But secretly, some of the same batch went to Syria and Iran.

Because it was from the batch that was sent to Russia, anyone who discovered that Syria and Iran had obtained Uranium would think it came from Russia.
63) The deep state shipped uranium to Syrian Iran to start a war and if anyone ever discovered they had it, Russia would be blamed for it.
64) #Qanon asked:
Why did we strike Syria?
Why did we really strike Syria?
Define cover.
65) The cover story for the air strike on Syria was Assad's use of chemical weapons.

(Those who insisted Assad didn't use them may be right.)
66) But the real reason for the air strike was to obtain proof that Syria had been building nuclear weapons for Iran.

I suspect that we now have evidence that the uranium Syria had was from the same batch we sold to Russia.
67) #Qanon said:
Patriots in control.

Roger that. 🇺🇸
68) How did Syria get the uranium?

Let's go back to #Qanon's previous question:

What did John McCain deliver on his secret trip to Syria?

Just a guess, but I suspect it may have been uranium.
69) Going back to Lyndsey Graham, what is he "singing" about?

I suspect now that Trump and the Generals have evidence that McCain, Obama and Hillary shipped uranium to Syria, Graham is telling what he knows about the operation.
70) After Bibi Netanyahu presented evidence this morning that Iran had been in violation of the nuclear deal the entire time, #Qanon posted this.
71) Netanyahu's presentation on Iran's nuclear weapons program.
72) #Qanon asked:
Why was Pompeo in the Middle East?

To support our allies in the region as they help dismantle Iran and Syria's nuclear weapons program.
73) #Qanon said:
France & Germany came to the WH for the sole purpose of pressing POTUS to remain in the deal.
5% (of the information was) shared publicly.

POTUS deCLAS Syria/Iran + U1 connection.
Where does EU fit in?
74) Europe wants its money. They also want the European Union to envelop the entire world. That would happen after a war between Russia and the U.S.
They're okay with hundreds of millions of people dying and the devastation of a nuclear war.
74) On a happy note, once their deception was exposed, Iran unilaterally withdrew from Obama's nuclear deal.

Trump didn't even have to confront them.

Boom week indeed.
And it's only Monday.
75) Mike Pompeo was in Jordan on Saturday—the day of the Emmys.

The MOAB was dropped on the day of the Emmys.

The biblical name for Jordan is Moab.

76) Knowing now that Israel had the ability to expose a plan that would allow rogue nations to build nuclear weapons that would usher in World War III, does this post by #Qanon from March make more sense?

• • •

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