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I'm trying to put together a playlist of music that would fit the #gothright #Gothnationalism vibe
Songs that empower the individual, remind us our strength, and what we are fighting for & what happens if we fail
To start
Grendel - Fall like Rome

Next a band I just can't get enough of, more furture pop then goth but if you want a band the spurs on the soul VNV Nation is the band
And this song should be a anthem to the #Gothright & all who under stand the greatness man can achieve
Streamline by VNV
Alrighty, next up the #GOTHRIGHT playlist is a song that speaks of the loss of a cultre and believe system, and destrusion of a way of life, something we need to very aware of and on guard against. Please enjoy
Faith and the Muse Battle Hymn
Next up on the #Gothright playlist
They where the Milo Yiannopoulos of #goth before he was even born.
No band has triggered so many leftist, I could catch a ban if I posted some of there album covers the definitive "sketchy" neofolk band, Death in June
Ok last one for this week on the #gothright playlist and it should get you fucking moving
FGFC820 Doctrine , if you dont know the bands name is derived from
For God For Country Alpha to Omega
Hope you all had a good weekend. Now lets get back to #Gothright playlist
This one goes out to #CNN and all the other #FakeNews
We would all be better off if we truneded off the tv and turned to our
neighbors and made our country stronger and great again
This song goes out of male feminist #metoo champion #EricSchneiderman
We got the #altfurry #animeright #Altbrony and now #gothright
Eric, you are to be the reason we need the #kinkyright
So going out our boy Eric, Depeche Mode Master and Servant
This is not the song I oringal had lined up for tonight, but after watching @MartinaMarkota on the @WarRoomShow it's fitting
Martina lost a lot when she expressed her support for Trump and her right leaning view, a cereer money and I sure a few people she viewed as friends...
even Im sure she not the only one who has had losses do to wrongthink And if the #Gothright grows & gets the leftist progressive #goths attention we are all going to suffer some loss
So tonight I give you Blutengel, Sing a great song about loss
So back to out regularly scheduled #GOTHRIGHT playlist selection.
This gothabilly song is a loving tribute to the ultimate #goth #tradwife Lily Munster
The Long Losts - To Be Like Lily

Not for nothing, I was always more a Morticia Addams type of guy. She seemed a little more...... feisty to put it in a PG term
Panic on the streets of London, guess Morrissey was psychic
Have a good weekend everyone be back with a few more songs next week. Pleasant night #Gothright
(Deep breath)
Tonight we are going to use the #Gothright playlist to talk about some topic news the opening of the new US embassy in #Jerusalem
or, as I like to think of it walking up tobthe their rail of licking it. To say the jews a bit of a decisive topic amongst the
new right is putting mildly. Is the JQ (jewish question) a fair conversation to have, yes, do jewish run a massive amount of media companies ,yes no doubt and do they use their power to push a pro Isareal agenda, you could make argument for and against that, are they pushing a
Zionist take over of the world, no. You average everyday jew in America has as much people in the way the world run as you and I. How come jews are so over represented in some fields such as media and law, its the same reason the Irish are so assoicted with being cops
Jews who came here had skilles that allowed them to be better them the others in those fields and then it just became the family business for several generations till it became what we have today. No sinserter plan, they jist sort of fell into it, that my view anyway
Now back to the embassy in question. It only natural to have it in Jerusalem, we recognize Israel as a sovereign nation they have chosen Jerusalem as their capital so embassy goes there end of story so tonight song
Isreal by Siouxsie & The Banshees
And for those of you who think I'm a altlight cuck boy who has forgotten the USS Liberty I offer you this song by
Siouxsie and The Banshees , the oringal lyrics demo version of Love in A Void
Tonight we want to send a Happy Bday to the gotheist non goth Andrew Eldritch Odds are he would hate the #Gothright but he hates #goth in general Now he did promise to make a new Sisters album if Trump won so did he want us to vote Trump
Sisters Dominion
This song should be a #Gothright anthem. If you can listen to this some and not feel something I dont know what to tell you
The Cruxshadows Quicksilver
As the #GothRight grows, the leftist and communist of the scene will slowly start to notice us. And I dedicate this song to them, for we are the ones you should be fearing tonight
So too you Marxist leftist I give you
Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones

And yes I know the song is pure 16 year old edgelord mall goth, so you have to tell me.
Alright #Gothright it's been a long week let's have a little fun with tonight's track.
It's a neo folk cover of a Eurodance classic
Just sit back, watch and enjoy the fashy aesthetics
Death In Rome - Rhythm Is A Dancer 
Back for another week, of #Gothright music for #Gothright people.
Let's make tonight ladies night, so @ your favorite #goth lady.
Becuase this song is for you ladies
Mechanical Moth - Black Queen Style

Tonight so many people are celebrating #WorldGothDay
So tonight we are going all the way back to the foundation of the goth for our #gothright playlist. But a different track then everyone else is

Bauhaus - "She's In Parties
If you didn't know its Bob Moog bday and his invention of the Moog synthesizer help created a lot the music we love today.
So now #Gothright we have the Darkwave band L'ame Immortelle with a powerful song about regaining ones honor & pride
They lyrics for rain, I feel you need to read them.
Tonight we are giving a #Gothright shout out to a man who has been crush libs on Twitter for a while now. Star of both screen large and small, Hades himself @RealJamesWoods a must follow on Twitter
"Long live the new flesh"

Grendel - New Flesh

Getting ready to celebrate and honor our armed services this #MemorialDayWeekend
So let's send this #Gothright playlist track out to all the brave men and woman who serve and keep us strong and safe.
Funker Vogt - Fallen Hero

#GothRight playlist
Im starting feel helpless as we march down the primrose path to tyranny. This song make me feel like we are just standing by watching the fall, and at some point I cant be bothered to care anymore

Covenant We Stand Alone
Been feeling a tad hopeless about the future maybe cause Ive been making financial plans for me and my kid's furture and the topic of someday leaving the US and how I should have my kid learn Mandarin.
This song sums up my current mood
VNV - Joy
This song the #GothRight playlist should make you feel about how thr leftist #goth scene see us. We are think wrong we act wrong and our existence to them is wrong. We are on the wrong side to them and I love it

Abney Park -The Wrong Side

Skipped a day, too much shit to do at work last night, sorry.
Tonight's #Gothright song offering is Project Pitchfork- Rain
As progressives march foward trying to destroy all so many created We must hear the call to go back and make things great again

This song came out over 20 years ago. It has only gotten more relevant to the sad state to today society. #Gothright

Had a diffent song for today, but due to what I suspect could be a few new views to the #Gothright hashtag. It like to say hello with a song

• • •

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