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1. There seems to be a lot of battle fatigue and division in the #QAnon community. If Q never posted again, we have more than enough to do battle. Reread the drops. We have 6 months worth of rich knowledge to explore/research/post/educate others.
2. Many are just learning. Maybe it would be helpful and bring #unity to the community for us to share what we've learned. What are your favorite Q crumbs? Feel free to post here and repost to spread the word.

What about Q #570 1/21/18 The Sixteen Year Plan To Destroy America?
3. What if cures for many diseases like cancer already exist, but Big Pharma is keeping them secret to gain $$$ in grants, donations, research etc.

How many researchers have been killed?

Q #694 2/7/18

#ReleaseTheCures #TooManySecrets #QAnon #Unity
4. Q #894 March 9 2018

One day, Obama will be a man without a country. The United States won’t want him. Kenya doesn’t want him. The only place that will take him will be GITMO.

#ManchurianCandidate #Treason #America4Sale
5. We’ve been given a lot on #Pedogate and are learning about #Pedovore through wonderful Anon research.

None of this is easy for anyone to imagine, no less learn about. But we carry on because that’s what Patriots do.

#UnityInTheCommunity #WWG1WGA
6. How many are interested to know the Pope will have a bad May?

Maybe years of nefarious deeds are catching up with this group.

Q #997 April 3 2018

#TogetherWeLearn #TogetherWeFight #TogetherWeWin
7. The Revolutionary War was 8 years of sacrifice to MAKE our country.

We are sacrificing now to SAVE our country.

A house divided can't stand. It’s what the Deep State wants. It’s what the libs/trolls/shills want. Rise above the fray.

We will only succeed in unity. #QAnon
8. Adding to my #QAnon favorites:

Q #675 Feb 6 2018

Bill offered Lynch to remain AG if she would call the investigation a “matter” causing Comey to write a letter t dismiss charges vs Hillary’s email scandal. She would get Ginsberg’s SC seat later. Antonin Scalia/murdered
9. Here's the post for Antonin Scalia murder (187). Research who had him murdered. Sometimes memes are huge. Copy & paste on computer, then read document @ 200>% as needed. Thank you wonderful #QAnon meme makers!
10. Q #748 2/12/18 tells us to research flowers/gardens. This lead taught us about human trafficking, especially of children who are used as sex slaves- deflowering. Many of us went down the rabbit hole then to find out exactly the elites involved. These people are sick! #QAnon
11. Speaking of 187/murder, Anons discovered the mysterious deaths of many people.

Beverly Eckert died at age 57 on February 12, 2009, in the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, New York. Who was responsible? #Research

Plane crashes Q #259 Dec 5 17

12. JFK jr died in a plane crash also. Was his plane brought down by a guided missle? His passing left a gap in the 2000 NY Senate race. Hillary won. Coincidences? #QAnon #TooManySecrets #Research #Unity
On April 21 18 Q #1235-6, taught more about the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the highest parts of our government. How many times did they visit the Oval office? Huma Abedin was Hillary's right hand man. Who is working for whom? How compromised was the last admin? #Awans
Q #1043 Apr 6 18 Q showed us this pic and asked about O's ring. This is not a wedding ring. Obama has been wearing it since his early days in college, long before he met Michelle. #Infiltration #ManchurianCandidate #QAnon
Feb 14 2018 Stoneman Douglas school shooting taught us much. Q #759 started us on a long trail. False Flags. Who was responsible. How this is done. Many answers to many questions offered by brilliant Anons. We now are acutely aware anytime there is a shooting/plane crash etc.
Q #777 Voter Fraud Report is coming. Will Hillary followers find out she DIDN'T win the popular vote? What if there was democratic voter fraud? There is a reason they don't want voter ID's. And the OIG report from the Inspector General Michael Horowitz comes out soon. #Boom
Julian Assange has been gagged, his life destroyed. Why? He knows. HE KNOWS about Seth Rich/MS-13 murder after SR possibly gave DNC info to Assange. These people will stop at nothing. June is when the DNC court case will bring out evidence of everything.…
Q #1091 Apr 8 2018 Traitor and Hero in one drop. #QAnon doesn't say McCain's name because he has a long history of traitorous deeds against America incl selling chem weapons to Syria. Caught by hero Erik Prince of Blackwater. This helped us understand Syria/led to Iran. #Connect
Speaking of heroes, there's General Flynn. He was fired by O because he took a stand against radical Islam. He put his life/happiness/finances on the line for our country. He has the courage America was built on. PLUS, he knows where the bodies are buried. THANK YOU @GenFlynn
As a Mom/Nana, I have a soft spot for @Snowden. Black hat turned white hat? 2x agent? #Redemption He helped expose Facebook's collection of data. He also injected algorithm on Twitter to help this shadowbanned person have a normal night on Twitter (April 12) It was wonderful!
#QAnon has given us great info. We have enough to understand the coup d'etat that happened in our government. @POTUS is working FOR us against the deep state machine working to destroy him. We need to #Unite and not fight with each other. End game ahead 11 11 18 #MilitaryParade
This has been a long thread and somewhere I got so excited, I forgot to keep the count! Many, many are new followers. For those who have been following #QAnon for awhile, feel free to post your favorites. Different perspectives are good. Education is good! #WWG1WGA #Blessings

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May 2, 2018
1. For those frustrated that there aren't any court cases against the Washington elite, here is a Hillary Headache: An indictment has been filed against Clinton, Lynch, Reid, Comey etc in court. This is in regards to the murder of Lavoy Finicum.
2. On January 26, 2016, Mr. Finicum was ambushed by the Bureau of Land Management, FBI, and police and shot dead. #Uranium1 #DemocraticRussianCollusion #Treason #RICO #Murder
3. Congress had been informed as far back as the 1980’s that the deep state was using threats and intimidation via the Federal Land Management Agencies. They did nothing. #Uranium1 #DemocraticRussianCollusion #Treason #RICO #Murder
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Apr 28, 2018
Is this the information that was taken from Cohen's office to be submitted in court? If so, this is the possible MOAB.

#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #THEMemo
Eric Holder said this con game aka "Shell Game" was too big to jail. He really did see himself, and the Obama administration as above the law. #QAnon
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