And I'm back at the #ucpAGM once again. Today it's all policy resolutions, all the time. I shall be inhaling coffee. Here's my wrap from yesterday, when there were around 3,000 people here.… #ableg
And we start with a point of order. So. Um. Cool. #ucpAGM #ableg
Here’s the pile of governance, special and policy resolutions, by the way. #ucpAGM #ableg
There's debate on motion #1 - a block statement of principles, which will guide the party. Speakers have a problem with the public safety and rule of law part, and whether that's part of gvt or social justice warriors. It passes with 75% #ucpAGM #ableg
#2 deals with the party's position on government... this includes 23 parts such as whether gvt funding should be used to lobby, transparency, creating an arms-length process to determine MLA/gvt pay, streamlining services. Passes with 75% #ucpAGM #ableg
My favourite line in that debate was about MLA pay. "You pay peanuts, you get monkeys," old mate said. Poetic, no? #ucpAGM #ableg
Moving to #3, which will guide financial policy. Includes repealing the carbon tax, transparent accounting principles, balanced budgets and limited gvt. There's a motion to remove the carbon tax part and vote it separately. 87% say yes to that. #ucpAGM #ableg
For those following along at home (WHAT ARE YOU DOING IT'S A LOVELY DAY PLEASE GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY IT), delegates will vote separately on repealing the carbon tax. Back to main debate on the block of finance motions. Passes with 89%. #ucpAGM #ableg
Members vote whether or not to repeal the carbon tax. Passes with 98%. The only shocker there is it's not 100%. #ucpAGM #ableg
"For the two percent, to vote yes it's the '1' button," says the MC bloke, to lolz. #ucpAGM #ableg
Delegates move to the package on education. A delegate wants to remove resolution 30. This would carve out the resolution about re-instating opt-in consent for any subjects of a religious or sexual nature. Carving that out passes with 55% #ucpAGM #ableg
Another delegate wants to remove #33 which would divide the union and professional arms of the ATA into separate bodies. He's a teacher and says it's not supportive of his profession (basically). Carve-out fails but only just - 52% #ucpAGM #ableg
A delegate wants a "no" to the block now, b/c if you're anti-ATA, then you come across as anti-teacher she says. Will voting on this solve a problem? No, it'll just aggravate a lot of teachers who would support us, she says. The block passes anyway, 74% (to cheers) #ucpAGM #ableg
Delegates debating the education motion that was carved out - the one about parental choice for sexual/religious in nature. Delegate says this is about respecting parental rights, not outing kids #ucpAGM #ableg
Delegate says we can be the party Jason Kenney wants and vote no on this, or give the NDP and their "allies in the media" (my note: 😐) ammunition against the UCP. This is "distasteful, we should crumple it up and burn it in a lake of fire," next delegate says #ucpAGM #ableg
We are not the NDP, we are conservatives, says a delegate on the Yes side. We're back to the No side - McIver is speaking at the mic. "This is about outing gay kids," he says. There's booing and the MC stops the clock #ucpAGM #ableg
MC: We're not going to have this. We are here to build the party, not boo each other. Back to McIver, says look this is about outing gay kids. They need to be safe. We cannot out kids. "Don't be called the lake of fire party, I'm begging you," he says #ucpAGM #ableg
On the yes side, delegate says this is about parental rights. Our MLAs already voted against Bill 24, so we should be consistent. Back to the No side, where Nixon is talking. "Let's stop taking the NDP bait," he says #ucpAGM #ableg
On the Yes side, delegate says this is about fundamental god-given rights for parental rights. On the No side, to Aheer who says this is about fundamental freedoms and that means kids having safe spaces in schools. "Please vote against thus motion." #ucpAGM #ableg
There's a long line at the mics on both sides, but debate closes. Resolution passes 57%. #ucpAGM #ableg
To recap - after a longish debate, the motion to reinstate parental opt-in consent for any subjects of a sexual or religious nature passes 57%-43% #ucpAGM #ableg
The single environment group motion passes with 95%. Delegates move on to the group of energy motions #ucpAGM #ableg
Process note from me: These are groups of motions on certain large subject areas, made up of smaller motions passed earlier by 85% + by membership via survey #ucpAGM #ableg
Delegates move to the group of industry motions. There's some debate about cooperation between gvt and the tourism industry, but the motions pass anyway with 96% #ucpAGM #ableg
Delegates move on to group motions #8, which are all about health. "We have to put compassion first," says one delegate. It passes 97%. #ucpAGM #ableg
And we're over to group motions #9, on justice. They pass with 96% #ucpAGM #ableg
Omnibus motion #10 deals with policies around transportation. There is no debate on that. Passes with 98% #ucpAGM #ableg
To community motions. One is IDd by a delegate - parents having the right & responsibility to oversee the healthcare and education of their own children. Another delegate argues there has been a trend towards gvt getting overly involved in families. #ucpAGM #ableg
A delegate wants to remove a different motion which concerns conscience rights, but that doesn't get a look-in. #ucpAGM #ableg
Another delegate says as a parent she's all for parental rights, but what about children's rights? We seem to be ignoring those. She wants to remove a couple of the motions, but only scattered applause to that says nope. #ucpAGM #ableg
The omnibus motion on community policies pass, though it's lower than many others with 85% support #ucpAGM #ableg
Moving to the group of motions on Indigenous topics. A delegate wants to remove one of the motions from the group, but by applause that's a no #ucpAGM #ableg
Delegate says First Nations people don't pay taxes and she's sick and tired of them "taking, taking, taking". "I'm sick of it," she says. There are some boos to that, and some (but not much) clapping #ucpAGM #ableg
A guy speaking yes says he's forever thankful he wasn't born under the Indian Act. "We need to treat all Canadians as Canadians," and we shouldn't support inequality among Canadians #ucpAGM #ableg
A delegate on the No side says these discussions show a lack of knowledge and understanding of Indigenous funding, and there's a lack of Indigenous folk here altogether #ucpAGM #ableg
On the Yes side, he also says we need to treat everyone as Albertans and not single out Indigenous communities, or blame every problem on someone being Aboriginal. The omnibus passes with 84% #ucpAGM #ableg
And we move on to group motion #13, on intergovernmental policies. There is a small debate on something about constitutional... uh... something. I'm not even gonna try and pretend I understand. The package (minus 90) passes with 97% #ucpAGM #ableg
OH! I see. Resolution 90 deals with respecting and defending the separation of constitutional powers btwn the federal, provincial and municipal governments. They're moving to amend the language. #ucpAGM #ableg
Had to nip out and chat with some folks. Talk has turned to group motion #15 about rights. This in part is about free speech. Offensive speech is what you need freedom of speech to protect, says a delegate on the Yes side #ucpAGM #ableg
CORRECTION: They're voting on #102 only, which is *only* about the fundamental freedoms of free speech. It passes with 98% #ucpAGM #ableg
As an aside, there is a Kiwi here (hey, Peter!) and every time he talks at the mic it's kinda like being back home. So that's nice. #ucpAGM #ableg
I want to jump in here too and let y'all know I spoke with LGBTory Alberta chair Harrison Fleming on the passing of parental rights re: sex and religious education. He's disappointed, but not concerned. He said his group has had a lot of support this weekend. #ucpAGM #ableg
He thinks there is a lack of nuanced conversation around what parental rights mean. He also says there is another policy convention coming in February, and doesn't expect this to become part of the UCP election platform #ucpAGM #ableg
Also, I saw a few UCP MLAs having their photos taken with the LGBTory group very soon after the vote. #ucpAGM #ableg
Ok guys, they have broken for lunch. Sorry I slacked off Twitter a little - I was writing up this here story. I'll update it with more info and policy decisions soon. After more coffee. And food. FOOD!!… #ableg #ucpagm
Heads up current debate at the #ucpAGM is all about the party's education vision. There is a LOT of debate for this group of policies, but I have to go ask Kenney some Qs. #ableg

• • •

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Notley begins the Sixties Scoop apology by acknowledging we're on traditional treaty land, and the connection of Metis people with this land. #ableg
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