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Brief personal thread on the role of #Leveson2 and some rather offbeat observations on why it's so important.
1. I got involved in this saga about 7 years ago having written about monopoly problems on my home turf - TV drama. I had little antipathy or feelings about the British press at that point. I just accepted privacy intrusion and obvious bias as a 'state of nature'
2. At that point I thought phone hacking was something that affected a few celebs. As for 'press regulation' - the words struck me as an ideal cure for insomnia or prophylactic on a date. Then came Leveson, the phone hacking trial, Daniel Morgan and my eyes were opened.
3. The rampant criminality, corruption and political influence of the major newspapers (and that really does go well beyond Murdoch) has completely astonished me. But even more so their inability to come to terms with their criminal past.
4. While Britain is suffering a serious deficit in investigative journalism, with lone wolves like @carolecadwalla or @ameliagentleman leading the pack, most the press has used the last 7 years to cut journos, keep op ed columnists like Gove and Johnson, and double down
5. Vast amounts of their remaining energy, depleted by the crash of ad revenues, has been devoted to trolling those who revealed their crimes. A team of six journos spent a year trying to dig up dirt on Max Mosely. At @Byline_Media we get threats or investigations every week
6. Meanwhile, the whole newspaper industry (and that includes the Guardian in this regard) has expended millions of pounds and their last shreds of credibility in a Westminster lobbying operation to prevent more exposures and Leveson 2.
7. There's one good reason for this. Most the malefactors are still in power. Rebekah Brooks is back at News UK, and most the senior editors in the press today have their own sorry stories of overseeing/wilfully not seeing massive law breaking and personal intrusion
8. So today's press, rather than holding power to account, is run by a tiny handful of people trying to protect their own reputations. This isn't public interest. This isn't journalism. It's censorship and will to power, sacrificing all principles on the way.
9. By avoiding the truth, and doing everything to stop others exposing past corruption, this narrow coterie of bad faith actors are dragging down the whole industry, and - because they care about ONE thing - the country with them.
10. It's such a crazy, reactive, short term strategy. I almost feel sorry for them. The readership is leaving in droves. MPs are less scared of them. And eventually truth will out. Just like @JohnFordBlagger, too many were involved in the crimes to shut them up forever.
11. So my last thought is to appeal to all those who, swayed by the culture and norms of a feral industry, still have some regard for truth. Let's just get it out there and done with. Truth and transparency and then we can reconcile and move on.
12. Paul Dacre, Rebekah Brooks, Piers Morgan - they're fading. They were never journalists anyway, but ideologues and moral blackmailers. Look to the future. Fess up. Be a whistleblower. People will forgive. But fight the light and you will be forever condemned to darkness

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Oct 5, 2018
Can someone else help me out here? Is it just me - but as well as 2yrs of @MarkDiStef tweets, aren’t a lot of his colleague, Alex Wickham, formerly @MediaGuido also gone? He wrote a lot on Carole Cadwalldr too. I can only find this now
Maybe I’m getting this wrong but search “@MediaGuido Cadwalldr” and you get a lot of replies, but most the originating tweets have vanished
On the other hand I’m blocked my Wickham and had to get on another account to check what he had to say. Very impartial. No malice her from Buzzfeed’s Political reporter
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Oct 2, 2018
British political life has become shameless. How did we get to the point someone is a hero for being under investigation for electoral fraud/contempt of court/lying? I think the turning point was the rehabilitation of Rebekah Brooks as head of Murdoch’s empire.
Brooks was found not guilty. But the high bar of proof needed to get to trial, let alone the sheer incompetence of running a criminal enterprise unawares, should have excluded her from her role as Britain’s biggest publisher. But no, she was reinstated. The rot right there.
In another age, Murdoch’s apologies would have meant something. In another age, he and Brooks would have to spend years in public service (like Profumo) to atone. But no. Once they’d got away with hacking and kompromat, others like #CambridgeAnalytica would rapidly follow.
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Sep 29, 2018
Oh God. The app which has compromised all the phone numbers and emails of the Conservative Party is the notorious UCampaign app! Allied to #CambridgeAnalytica. I'll try to grab some info in the thread below
Here's a thread with some background on Thomas Peters who devised it.

This app is also one of the many bits of evidence that the same (probably hacked Facebook) analytics were used in the Leave Campaigns and for Trump @carolecadwalla @VickerySec @profcarroll…
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Aug 13, 2018
@BacklistedPod Loved the episode on LOTR and 'Return of the King' especially all the insights about Tolkien and his experience of the Somme. But as I said to @johnmitchinson I think you missed one thing about the historical background and the power of the myth. 1/6
2. Though it's not an allegory about WW1 or WW2, there's no way to ignore the mythic struggle Tolkien was engaged in - mainly with the Wagnerian touchstone of the Ring Cycle and the Ring of Power. LOTR is a comprehensive counter myth to Siegfried about surrendering/abjuring power
3. There is no myth quite like this about the power of small people, and the dangers of power, except perhaps Gethsemane. And the resonances of the Shire or Minas Tirith, Mordor or Isengard in contemporary history flow from this chthonic theme.
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Aug 12, 2018
Boris Johnson's puppeteer Steve Bannon pulling strings to turn UK to far right…
However, it was during his time in the Trump administration that Bannon and BoJo became friends.

And the two grow ever closer.

Johnson was an early visitor to the White House and he and Bannon warmed to each other straight away
A source with knowledge of the relationship said: “They have been in touch since the first days of the White House, when the Government reaches out and the White House responds.

“Then Boris went over there and met Bannon. It’s not like they got in touch a couple of weeks ago”
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Aug 2, 2018
Since we're actually all so closely related, I think it's racist to assume than any group is not capable out 'out group' hatred. No country is immune to the fascist tendency, even if it has been a victim of fascism.
It would be ridiculous to deny that the Boers and Serbs were not ennobled by their suffering, and created oppressive regimes. It certainly can't be impermissible to suggest, as Tony Judt did having served in the IDF in the six day war, that the same could happen in Israel
Before his premature death, Tony was also insistent - for various reasons - that this is a debate that can't just be restricted to those with a Jewish heritage. To him, that exclusion would only intensify isolation through ethnicity
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