1 On 478th Birth Year of the most brave Hindu King Maharana Pratap. An amazing look at 15 interesting facts to mark his legend, whose bravery resonates across India. Based on Information in Wikipedia and Internet! #Hinduism #HindutvaRevival #SanatanDharma
2 Maharana Pratap the ruler of Mewar, born at Kumbhalgarh Fort May 9, 1540, eldest son of Maharana Udai Singh & Maharani Jaiwanta Bai. He was the only Rajput ruler who fought against Mughal emperor Akbar till his death to defend his homeland - Mewar! #Hinduism #HindutvaRevival
3 Maharana Pratap's armour, shield and swords weighed 208 kg. At 7 feet 5 inches, he weighed around 110 kilograms! His spear weighed 81 kilograms, armour of his chest weighed 72 kg & overall weight of Maharana's spear, armour, shield and two swords weighed up to 208 kilograms.
4 Maharana Pratap had 11 wives owing to Unity pacts with Rajput Kings. He had 17 sons-5 daughters. Pratap's first wife Maharani Ajabde Punwar was his favourite friendship turned love story! His successor Amar Singh was born to them! #Hinduism #HindutvaRevival #SanatanDharma
5A Maharana Pratap once considered surrendering to Akbar.
Maharana Pratap spent most of his life in forests. There was a time when Rana Pratap & family survived on grass rotis. Once a moment when a wild cat took away roti from Pratap's daughter. Maharana thought of surrendering!
3B.Maharana Pratap wrote to Akbar his submission plan hearing about it Akbar deliriously passed on the letter to Prithviraj, a Rajput poet/warrior, working for him. It was Prithviraj who wrote back to Maharana Pratap in a way that gave him strength. Pratap withdrew his decision.
6A Maharana Pratap rebuked his son Amar Singh for arresting women
from enemy camp with a Mughal officer. Rana Pratap ordered to send women back to their camp with escorts. Rahim Khan-e-Khana preparing to assault Pratap withdrew his forces on learning of this. #SanatanDharma
6B Rahim Khan-e-Khana is none other than ardent devotee of Lord Krishna known as Rahim who penned beautiful verses, especially couplets, which we call 'Rahim ke dohe.' Besides being a poet, he was a skilled soldier who commanded Mughal army on several occasions. #HindutvaRevival
7 Haldighati War an example of Maharana Pratap’s bravery with Rajput forces he attempted to recapture Chittor under Mughals. Heroic Battle fought on June 1576 saw 22,000 Rajput warriors fighting against more than two lakh Mughal soldiers led by Raja Man Singh and Asaf Khan.
8 In spite of numeric strength on their side, the Mughals could not imprison Rana who fled through a 40-kilometre long pass. The Mughal attacks after Haldighati war weakened Pratap's army. There came a time when Pratap was left with no money to support his army. #HindutvaRevival
9 Pratap's minister Bhama Shah who came to his rescue and gave all his wealth to Maharana Pratap. With the money given by Bhama Shah, Pratap was able to support his army of 25,000 men for another 12 years. Bhama Shah's financial aid also boosted Maharana's moral and confidence.
10 Rana Pratap refused to backstab Man Singh getting information through tribal spy that Mughal army commander Raja Man Singh with few hundred soldiers was hunting in jungle could easily be defeated! Rana Pratap prefered to face Raja Man Singh in the battlefield than backstab.
11 Maharana Pratap recovers Chittor. Mughal forces led by Akbar conquered the entire Mewar region of Chittor, Gogunda, Kumbhalgarh, Udaipur. Except Pratap other Rajput rulers surrendered to Akbar. #Hinduism #HindutvaRevival #SanatanDharma
12 Akbar lost hold over Mewar as rebellion broke out in Mughal army units Bengal, Bihar, and Punjab 1579. Taking advantage, Pratap gathered an army using the resources financed by Bhama Shah and recovered Kumbhalgarh and the areas around Chittor. #Hinduism #HindutvaRevival
13 Chetak became immortal. Rana Pratap's faithful horse became immortal in Haldighati battle. Chetak gravely injured, leapt over a big canal to save Rana Pratap and died. Maharana cried like a child on Chetak's death mourned it. Later made a beautiful garden there in it's memory.
14 Maharana Pratap was popularly called Rana Keeka. He spent a major part of his childhood in the dense Aravalli forest. According to some historians Rana Udai Singh wanted Pratap to be a strong worthy leader so he lived among forest tribals who liked him called him Keeka.
15 Rana Pratap's elephant Ramprasad in Haldighati Battle injured & killed Mughal soldiers, horses, elephants. Raja Mansingh used 7 war elephants to capture it. Akbar renamed it Peerprasad sent it to royal army. But loyal to Pratap it died on 18th day not eating drinking anything!
16 Maharana Pratap dreamed of Chittor’s freedom till his last breath. While lying on his death bed, Pratap made his son Amar Singh take a pledge of liberating Chittor. #Hinduism #HindutvaRevival #SanatanDharma
17A Maharana's sole aim to free homeland Mewar from Mughal hold told his soldiers, "My brave warrior brothers, our Motherland, holy land of Mewar, is still under clutches of Mughals. Today, I take an oath in front of all of U till Chittor is freed I will not sleep on soft bed..."
17B "Not eat food in gold silver plates, Not stay in palace. I will eat food on leaf-plate sleep on floor stay in a hut. Will not shave till Chittor freed. My brave warriors, I am sure U will support me every way sacrificing your mind, body, wealth till this oath is fulfilled."
18 "NO, THANK YOU" TO AKBAR: Akbar sent 6 peace pact proposals.
The 5th diplomatic mission, Pratap sent his son Amar Singh to Mughal court to deny Akbar. As he did not present himself before Mughal emperor, Akbar took offence & decided to go ahead to with Pratap.
🏹🚩As 1st freedom fighter in annals of India, he was precursor inspiration for Mahatma Gandhi himself. To people he is known as “the Light & Life of Hindu Community.” A famous poem rightly asks, “Has anyone seen Maharana bow his head before balustrade in Mughal court?” 🚩🏹
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@rajinikanthoff @BJPKarITCell
A beautiful companion thread by @_ankahi to my thread inn form of a poem retelling same facts in more interesting way!
Edit: As he did not present himself before Mughal emperor, Akbar took offence & decided to go ahead to battle with Pratap.

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