Why would Kathy RUEMMLER be asked for records for a late September -early October meeting with Steele, Elias in [redacted]’s office?
RUEMMLER is Susan Rice’s lawyer. And George Nader’s. She was Obama’s WH Counsel after Robert Bauer left to go back to *Perkins Coie*. Her hero chambers-associate.com/the-big-interv…
She left to go back to Latham & Watkins in July 2014. Taking many secrets with her.
She shows back up representing one of her clients who was personally briefed by Christopher Steele in late Sept-early October. Look at the last footnote, 318.
The timing of the meeting was around the time Steele went to the media. foxnews.com/politics/2018/…
Perkins Coie is THE democratic law firm. They are going to get the best bang for their buck. In October, FBI opened up the Hillary email investigation again. And dumped Steele but still used Perkins Coie’ dossier contents. businessinsider.com/declassified-g…
Perkins Coie, The DNC and Hillary for America law firm, seeing their candidate’s certain win snatched from their grasp, did not give up. Bauer and Elias orchestrated one hell of a defense. They financed and engineered a coup for Obama’s DOJ, IC and State Dept.
To recap, Ruemmler has two of her clients as central figures in the Perkins Coie dossier: Nader and Susan Rice. Susan Rice, who unmasked several US citizens trying to figure out what Trump campaign was up to. And Nader, who was most likely the FBI/CIA spy in the campaign.
Here’s Devin Nunes’s press conference when he found out. What he saw his own government do during the election shook him to the core.

Benjamin Wittes broke down Nunes’s press conference where he spoke of the unmasking of Trump campaign officials. Here is the FBI justification for using the dossier and a spy:
Our IC didn’t just surveil campaign members, they embedded a spy. A US citizen, a longtime source of intelligence for the US. George Nader. A Pedophile.
Who was involved in later meeting with Erik Prince in the Seychelles. And funnily enough another backchannel.
#footnote318 is the key to the IC, State Department and Obama’s inner circle attempted takedown of Trump using Obama’s former lawyer’s law firm/Hillary’s campaign lawyer as a cut out. The dam is about to break. From yesterday:
Oh don’t forget Brennan. That US citizen worked for the CIA too. One of the hostages killed was former CIA bureau chief William F Buckley.
What is happening today?
The former head of the *CIA* knows. The White House knows. Fuck, even Kim Jong Un knows.
A Trump presidency meant things were going to change. Brennan and the Clintons were not going to let that happen. She had to win. And why does Brennan viciously hate Trump, besides ending his career?
At 2:08:37 Brennan is asked to recount his last day at the office. He went to the memorial wall. c-span.org/video/?428636-…
What did Trump do? He started marking territory like an alpha dog.

And not with hookers either.
Someone is tweeting out the history from this account
@ george_nader_
One clarification, I said Susan Rice and Nader were central figures in the dossier. I don’t know how much if at all Susan Rice contributed. I think Nader was on board by late Sept. Steele’s last report was Oct 18, covering Michael Cohen.
Once the election came and went, the op didn’t stop. Financing may have transitioned over to the Daniel Jones/Penn Quarter Group 7-10 millionaire donors at this point. Fusion GPS/Steele stayed busy.

I think at this point, Ruemmler’s other client Susan Rice got into the mix bigly.

Note how Grassley’s questions change from specifically about the meeting to “say, how long have you known?” at 9 and 10. Ruemmler pretends to not notice. Not a good sign for her client.

Prague seems to come up a lot. Probably a Clinton Coincidence™️

Michael Cohen-dossier Prague visit (wrong guy?)
George Nader-pedo arrest Prague
Marc Rich-Clinton pardoned, real estate Prague
Just saw this today, although it’s from January. The FBI revealed they had a CI inside the Trump campaign in Sept 2016. By late Sept, someone represented by Ruemmler met with Steele and Elias. amp.usatoday.com/amp/1017938001…
Feinstein (direct connections to Dan Jones/Steele/Dossier post election) released Simpson’s testimony, shocking congressional investigators.

While browsing Erik Princes testimony he is questioned about Christophe Charlier, who is linked to Deripaska. Glencore is asked about. Further in the questioning is about a blotted out name. An Ivan, board of directors at Rusal.
Googling Ivan+board+directors+Rusal leads to billionaire Ivan Glasenberg, who runs Glencore. Who in 2013 suspected of supplying Iran’s nuclear program. 🤔 jeez isn’t this news right now with the Iran deal busted?
Who also, I see by searching him in twitter, worked for Marc Rich. The same Clinton pardoned Marc Rich a few tweets up👆More searching leads me to realize this comes right back to the Clinton’s again, and John Kerry. Who was just Logan Acting on behalf of the Iran deal.
Which is all over my head. But it has occurred to me that while all the contacts Trump’s foreign policy advisors scream set up, Erik Prince’s Congressional questioning seemed to probe how safe the criminal Clinton circuit was, under the guise of framing TrumpRussia™️.
Up to 5 people were CIA/FBI useful idiots to spy on Trump’s foreign policy as soon as the team was announced in March.

There were 3 stages

👉Trump announcing Dec 2015 to July Nomination
👉July to Nov election
👉 Nov to Inauguration
Brennan tapped his spies worldwide for first phase
Steele brought on board for second phase
Nader brought on board for third

Brennan, the Criminal Clinton Clan and her State Department tried to protect their $$$ operations worldwide while trying to make Russia the useful idiot
By March, Simpson/Fusion GPS via Freebeacon had been oppo researching the R candidates. George Papadopoulos started on Ben Carson’s campaign in Dec 2015. He went to Trump’s campaign in March. March was when Fusion went to Perkins Coie (Marc Elias?) to continue.
Manafort, Page and Papadopoulos are all onboard by the end of March. Manafort came pre-wired due to an existing FBI investigation. He was also being investigated by Simpson, possibly Steele, DNC(Chalupa) and Shearer.
Don’t forget the “Russians” were in the DNC computers since 2015 as well, doing some standard espionage. FBI didn’t think it was a big deal and DNC knew it, but opted to wait until it was convenient to boot them out at the end of May 2016, almost a year later.
So Brennan and Clinton’s rag tag team were doing espionage on Trump’s campaign in March. FBI via the Dutch were monitoring the “Russians” and getting their espionage intelligence products on the DNC.
One of the espionage products turned into a problem for Comey and the FBI, who were at the time deep into Hillary’s email investigation. A document describing an email from DWS about Lynch assuring Soros and the DNC she wouldn’t let the email investigation go too far.
Brennan went to Moscow later on in that same month. He went to visit the FSB, who later were attributed as The Russians Who Hacked The Election And Stole All The Emails.
Mind you, DNC and FBI and possibly Brennan know someone’s in DNC emails coming to conclusions. No one gets booted out of the DNC system for two more months. Crowdstrike gets called in by Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias’s partner at Perkins Coie and they concur. No big deal.
John Kasich put out a campaign video about Trumps bromance with Putin in Dec 2016. I think the Dems took this idea and ran with it, rolling June email releases like DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 into TrumpRussia™️.

Side note: When Wikileaks dumped the DNC emails in July, it was conflated to the attribution of the earlier releases. Same with the October releases of Podestas emails. The DNI assessment talks about Mar/Apr phishing attacks and not the earlier 2015 (FSB?) espionage.
The data exfiltrated from the DNC “by May” doesn’t explain how Wikileaks DNC emails go past the end of April to 5/25/16. DWS, Crowdstrike and the DNC just sat and watched. Then shaped the message to frame Russia.
July was busy. Comey, citing that March Russian intel doc as one reason, shut the Hillary email investigation down. Trump was named the RNC nominee. And Steele was brought on board to manage the oppo research coming in from State Dept, DNC and the IC.

Phase 2 begins.
Phase 2 consisted of shaping the media message depicting the DNC as victims and that Trump’s NATO policies would destabilize the world. Also Bromance. On the day Comey announced the end of Hillary’s investigation, Steele passed his first memo to FBI Agent Gaeta.
Trumps campaign was by then full of IC “useful idiots” while Fusion GPS, FBI and CIA watched and helped as needed in the US and abroad. Reports were given to Steele. Elias briefed Podesta directly on these findings. By fall Nader “came in from the cold”.
As much as I included here, I have skipped over a ton. I will probably redo this in a more linear fashion rather than the frustrated brain squirrel method and correct inevitable errors. Add more sourcing etc.
If Elias met Steele in London, they may have used Latham and Watkins offices in London as the meeting place as PC doesn’t have a London one. It doesn’t really explain why Ruemmler herself replied to Grassleys request. 🤔
She is one of #George Nader lawyers. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
Simpson indicated that the FBI met with Steele in Rome in July and again in mid to late Sept in Rome again. Steele exited the relationship after Hillary investigation reopened because he felt the FBI was being manipulated by Trumps people. (Nader?)

• • •

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