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1. I recently started #victimstigma after professionals I’ve never met in my field of psychology & CSE found out that I was raped 11yrs ago & used it to send hundreds of pages of disgusting emails claiming that I am mentally ill & unstable.
2. And they tried for MONTHS to protect their identities and silence me - hoping that I would never go public about what they had done because they have used mental health stigma to try to discredit years of my work. They work in mental health, yet did this to me.
3. Mental health issues affect every single one of us. These so-called professionals in my field must have never experienced a single trauma or experience in their whole lives, which makes them immune from mental health issues and able to take shots at others
4. It’s such a massive fucking low blow. Fair nuff, you don’t like my work or my activism. But accusing someone you don’t even know of having mental health issues because you read on the internet they were raped and sending it to their employer is sick as fuck
5. Let’s not pretend that it’s safe and supportive in our field of academia, psychology and abuse to actually even step up and say you are struggling or have your own traumas - you’re positioned as weak or vulnerable - less than
6. See, mental health is still being used to bully and harass people in the workplace. People are viewed through a deficit model - that if they have a trauma history they may as well quit their jobs because they are damaged goods. Well FUCK THAT.
7. I am the worst possible person to ever attempt to bully. I am the tenacious little dickhead who spent 4 months using the data protection act to get their identities and their emails from their own inboxes. I will never be silenced about this.
8. Mental health is still being used as a slur. It’s being used to discredit people. Professionals are distance-diagnosing people they don’t like (politicians, celebs, professionals) and it stinks of elitism and bullying. ‘Oh they are a cluster B!’ ‘Oh they’re clearly psychotic!’
9. I filmed #victimstigma to remind professionals that we are not this elite body of people with no flaws and no vulnerabilities. If you are a psychology professional who believes you’re above mental health and trauma, resign now.
10. What have I learned from this shitshow? That professional people can hold contradictory views of mental health in which they can work in the field with clients whilst actively using mental health as a slur against others when they want to
11. Trying to bully people cos of our trauma history only works if we hide from it and allow them to shame us and put us down. I’m not ashamed of who I am. I fucking love who I am. If it wasn’t for my mental strength I wouldn’t even be here. I am a role model to others now.
12. I’ll never be scared to speak out. I lived thru shit Shane Meadows couldn’t dream up. I will stand up & fight against #victimstigma and #victimblaming and #mentalhealthstigma til my last breath so if you don’t like it, tough. I’m 27 & I got SO MUCH MORE to do and say yet!
13. ... 13 is my lucky number so I’m stopping here.

I love all of my intersecting identities equally. I am the victim-survivor-author-mother-academic-chav-stokie-manc-teenmum-speaker-revolutionary-activist-feminist your elitist professors warned you about.

Peace ✌🏼
And for anyone wondering ‘why the hell would anyone do something like this to her?’ - well according to the emails its because I started #nomoreCSEfilms , because I swear too much for a laydeee and because I shouldn’t be in activism as an academic. Well. Tough.

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Oct 2, 2018
Some of you may have noticed that I have been a lot more ruthless with trolls and abusive tweets this week. I have absolutely reached my limit of the level of abuse I get every single day for sharing articles, talking about research, talking about women or my work.
I am absolutely sick of being told to take the high road, to be nicer to trolls, to not sink to their level, to not engage with bullies, to walk away and do nothing. I am sick of being told to be more polite or to deal with this better or in a more diplomatic way
Just in the last 4 days I have been told (by real people, not bots or trolls) that I am a bigot, a bitch, a slut, an attention seeker, a nazi, that I get a kick out of not being able to have children, that I am mentally ill, that I profit from the rape of girls, that I hate men
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Jul 28, 2018
EXACTLY why I’ve been taking my bikini body pics this week and posting them online. Sick of this shit
Bikini body pic for today.
As a Mum of two and dairy milk addict, summer scares me just as much as most women. But we gotta change the narrative. We gotta change the imagery we show each other.
Bikini body pic from the other day
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Jul 16, 2018
Excuses used by MPs, professionals, councillors and supporters of MP Andrew Griffiths violent and misogynistic messages and behaviours so far:

A thread
1. He’s a really good guy and a nice man (Heather Wheeler MP)
2. ‘I feel really sorry for him’ Patricia Akroyd (Chair of local Conservative party)
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Jul 4, 2018
I would like the field of CSE to demand an explanation as to why MESMAC were forced to close down CSE org BLAST after being investigated by Charities Commission and why their Manager was not re-employed - and why he is now banned from delivering training in Yorkshire & Humber
This has gone on in silence. The charities commission investigated an organisation working in our field and closed them down - their manager suddenly announced he became self employed which means he didn’t get offered another job. Why? Why did these things happen?
Why did BASIS have to take over BLAST? Why did only BLAST get shut down as MESMAC successfully runs other services? Why have the local authority issued guidance not to receive training from the ex-Manager of Blast?
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Jul 4, 2018
I’m interested in why people perceive whistleblowers as the problem, and not the people committing the actual crime that the person felt compelled to report.

Are we a community of professionals that still operate ‘tattle-tale’ rules of the playground?

That ‘telling’ is bad?
For example, if I was to say ‘this professional of this institution was found to have done X’

More people would probably respond with ‘omg why is she putting that out into the public arena and airing dirty laundry?’ than ‘omg that professional has done something terrible’.
Whilst we all still operate like this, we ALL collude with abuse, discrimination, bullying, offending & poor practice.

We ask our clients to trust us with their safety and their wellbeing but we can’t even trust each other. Even when someone raises a concern, they are silenced.
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Jul 1, 2018
Roughly translates to:

“We made a film about Kayleigh being murdered and we got so many views on the internet that now we’ve made one where Breck has this throat slit and we are going to show it to children again despite mounting evidence against it.”

The people who have made this and funded this have read the #nomoreCSEfilms report and know that national organisations are now opposing the use of traumatic films with children but are ignoring the warnings and the well-being of children
We cannot just keep making shock tactic films of kids being murdered to solve a global social issue of sex offending and child abuse. It doesn’t work. Has CSE reduced since they made a film about Kayleigh being raped and murdered? Have we protected more kids? No.
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