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This is meant to be 1 of #NZ's lest corruptible/non sexist institutions ?
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Time now to tell the Story of a 12 year old girl, raped by a VIP #NZ Citizen, raped at a farm beside Crewe Murder site 1970s-in her late teens worked at TVNZ & saved $ to flee to #US
Her letter to former #NZ Justice Minister
@ldaviesonenews @Alisonmau @paulapenfold @Mihi_Forbes
This girls rape was not only covered up by her Whanau ( family ) but also by #NZ Politicians, Police & Media

Documents sent to #NZ Justice Minister who responded with a letter to her

@SamuelPHurley @StaceyKirkNZ @kirsty_johnston @tmurphyNZ @JennaLynchNZ @RNZteresacowie
Her Rapist, a #NZ Government Employee was also a High Profile Church Leader/Preacher who was also jointly running Maori Boys Hostels in Auckland

@SusieFergusonNZ @investigatemag @TheHuiNZ
@lisaowennz @MikeWesleySmith @ikon_media @AmyMaas1 @em_cooper23 @LauraTupou @TaikaWaititi
Too follow over the next few week's will be her accounts of her 'RAPE'S' & the abuse by her 'PARENTS & SIBLINGS' to silence her

@FoxMarama @janlogie @MaramaDavidson @MPD_NZ @HumanHeadline @2Rarely @RandolphTrent @TrojanManifesto @DavidLeanLeano @DinoNocivelli @LizDuxLawyer
Also at the end of this series - the #NZ Girl who fleed to the #US to get away from her 'Powerful Politically connected Rapist' - I'll give you the link to her published book about the coverup by all She asked for help

NOTE - The 'Eye's of her Rapist
The #NZ girls 1 account of her 'Rape' as a teen & threats to do the same to her younger 'Sister'
Nb: this book was supplied to several #NZ MP's & given to CYF/OT who refuse to acknowledge the girl was ever 'RAPED' & refused to accept potential dangers to siblings & offspring
When the #NZ Girl was now a #US citizen, she later found out he Niece ( Woman 1 ) and ( Woman 2 - an Aunty via her brother ) were RAPED by her brothers 2nd wife's Father and convicted.

So this Rapist was the Step-Grandfather of Woman 1
& Father to Woman 2
Woman 1, at age 12 went to #NZ Police & CYF whom took her back to the Step-Grandfather Rapist & made her apologise to her Rapist ( more Rapes occurred over the years ) - when Woman 2 came forward, 4 years later the Police charged & it resulted in conviction of Step-Grandfather
Woman 1, Raped as child eventually finds happiness, marrying a well connected #NZ businessman ( who has relationships to all leaders of well kown #NZ Political Parties ) she is receiving ACC paid for therapist treatment for her Abuse, & becomes pregnant in early 2000

In early 2000 the #NZ Labour Gov is having financial issues with ACC - ACC staff are now pushing Childhood Sex Abuse Victims off therapy - Woman 1 is phoned at work while 7 months pregnant - resulting in a Suicide attempt from a Auckland Motorway bridge - which is prevented.....
Next day Woman 1 business husband while at Auckland Radio Station, is phoned by ACC Case Manager & with his Supervisor apologise for 'Pushing a ACC SCU Client to Suicide' conversation is recorded of air on Radio Stations reel-reel

Woman 1's Daughter then born, 2 months later
Business husband now deals for years with ACC & the National Gov - subsequent dealings with Associate & Ministers for #NZ ACC result in both ACC & Ministers not wanting to deal with the liability issue's of ACC SCU Inciting Suicide of childhood Rape Victims to save a few $ -
Woman 1 is now sadly harming her daughter

Girl ends up strangled in Starship Hospital

Business husband seeks help from #NZ CYF, supplying photocopy of Woman 1's Sex Abuse Diary

CYF bury the diary - & blame Husband's Brother of Abusing Child - PUAWAITAHI clears brother
Now PUAWAITAHI is a specialist #NZ Police/CYF/ Physc Unit whom use 'Play Therapy' to conclude that child at age ( 8 years ) has 'Not been Sexually Abused'

CYF'S position is that 'No Family Incest exists in Woman 1's, Paternal Whanau' & members don't pose a danger to Daughter
Next thing CYF & Woman 1 are accusing Businessman Husband of Sexually Abusing Daughter from ( Age 2 ) - PUAWAITAHI Report says she's OK at age 8

#NZ Family Court Without Notice Hearing, removes Husband from Caring for his Daughter.

Husband doesn't see daughter for 3 years
Daughter then gets into fights with Woman 1, #NZ Police involved, Woman 1 not charged for assault of daughter

Woman rejects daughter whom is then move to Upper Hutt, & placed in CYF/OT Safe House.

@rnz_news then does story of girls in this OT facility…
#NZ CYF/OT then ask Husband if he can organise his Family to look after daughter in State Care.

Husband organises family to care for daughter, but OT Upper Hutt transfers daughter to Woman 1's Aunt-younger sister of the #NZ Lady who fleed to the #US -a now known Child Abuser
Husband's daughter then runs away from ( Aunt - younger sister ) about 30 times - daughter tells police she is being Abused by Aunt - but Police under #NZ Law put daughter back with Aunt.

30th Runaway, Police put daughter in CYF/OT Safe House.

CYF/OT now need to save face...
CYF/OT now witnessed by #NZ Police & Daughters friends of fabricating evidence - that Husband is 'Sexually Abusing Daughter'

To silence daughter, CYF/OT lock daughter up in a 'Secure Refuge Unit' & deny Police access to daughter

@amnesty @UNHumanRights @ChildRightsNZ
Multiple sessions in the #NZ Family Court in 2018, Judge's can't help the Child, as the Judge is waiting for a s178 Physc report, but Judge acknowledges they don't have enough report writers & it may take a year to get a report

Now back to the LADY that fleed #NZ
The #NZ Girl ( 1st name Shelley ) who fleed to the #US by deed poll changes her name for safety sake, so I'll call her Shelley going forward

Shelley has 1 sister, 2 bothers older, & 2 younger brothers - who are twins

Book acknowledgment

@ruwanijourno @Child_PovertyNZ
Shelley marries a #US citizen has children, the boys of whom join the army and go to 'War in Afghanistan'

Next, some of the Abuse by her Father

( Nb: investigations show Father was severely beaten by his Mother - no history of Mothers childhood was found - The Cycle of Abuse )
Shelley's Father ( using that word loosely ) was also raised by his Father & Uncles ( all former soldiers from previous Wars ) no history for these Men was forthcoming.

Shelley is also getting severe beatings from her Father - a gruesome example ( the scaffolding incident )
Shelley's beating ( scaffolding incident ) caused by mixing turpentine in the wrong paint - Shelley learns from this incident, she can't rely on her Mother & Siblings, as they are also victims
Shelly has been 'Raped' in multiple locations around Auckland #NZ by ( Evil Eye's ) & is physically tormented by her Father with 'Loaded Spearguns & Drownings'

@TraceyMartinMP @DrJessBerentson @drjackieblue @JeremyReesnz @PeeniHenare
@Peter_Fox59 @MaramaDavidson @CarmelSepuloni
Shelley is being raped by high profile #NZ 'Evil Eyes' & is being beaten regularly by her Father - many broken bones are endured by Shelley, including multiple broken 'Noses'......

( Nb: CYF/OT on many recent ocassions say that Shelley's father is a pillar of the community )
Shelley ( Rape victim of a #NZ VIP ) as well as having multiple broken noses, also suffers other broken bones

On 1 occasion with an already broken arm, she is smashed against the shed wall , breaking her half healing broken arm again

@tommcrae_nz @Hilary_Barry @Amanda_Gillies
Shelley Raped by #NZ VIP & with broken nose, broken arm naturally see's her Doctor in the well healed Auckland Suburb of St Heliers

Doctors response, 'Valium'
Shelly is 'deemed not valuable to help'

You'll 'probably not be believed over such a prominent man of your position'
Shelley also has to endure watching her 'Siblings' being beaten

Her oldest Brother ( Brother 1 ) thrown down a staircase - a Full Metal Fuel Can thrown also down the stairs on top of him

( Probably worthwhile here to inform all this 'Family' is a #NZ Pakeha Family )
Her younger brother ( Twins ) are also beaten and forced to work building stone walls around the 'Home' ( again a word loosely used )
With all this Abuse, Shelley hiding in the #US regularly phones #NZ to check on her younger twin brothers - often resulting in altercations with her Father.

Reminding 'Father' of his drinking games & Abuse of the 'Twins' making them pull their pants down is denied years later
The Twins later in life marry Twins.

One Twin, later is accused of Sexually Abusing his daughter - is cleared in #NZ Court.

This twin moves to #Australia ( to get away from stigma of trial ) gets Cancer ( maybe from the stress of the ordeal )

His Father & Mother are meant... visit him on his death bed.

But Father changes the Air #NZ tickets, it's drinking celebrations at the St Heliers Bowling Club for ANZAC Day - his son dies that night.

Meanwhile Shelley finds out her sister, is involved in the kidnapping of a Maori Whangai Child
The trail that lead to exposing Shelley's sister kidnapping a #NZ Maori Whangai Child

Shelley's Niece ( the 1 Raped by her Step-Grandfather ) marry's a Businessman

This Businessman started his career working in the Education sector, & is headhunter to work at High school
This High School in St Heliers boasts such students as
#NZ All Black Captains
Members of band Split Enz
Singer Dave Dobbyn

The School is being run by Catholic Brothers, living on site ( with a boys boarding school )

One brother at the school has a disturbing interest in boys...
1 day Hostel Boys approach Businessman with a Paedophile Movie supplied to them by a Catholic Brother

Businessman reports incident to St Heliers Police, whom tell, him to F**K off

Catholic Brother is a Principal of a Primary School in Glen Innes

Years later Catholic Brother...
.is charged & found guilty of Sexually Abusing Boys at a school in Hamilton, 20 years earlier

No investigation of kids in Glen Innes or St Heliers is ever done by #NZ Police

Businessman has by now married into Shelley's family, marrying Shelley's Neice

The Niece divulges her..
..past sex abuse to Businessman

She knows she has been Sexually Abused by her Step-Grandfather, but thinks earlier she may also have been Abused by Shelley's Father, and one of her Father's drinking 'friends'

She also knows she has been physically abused by her Maori Mother
Niece to protect her Businessman husband gives him her 'Sex Abuse Diaries' to protect him from her family, which he reads & studies and learns his brother-in-law has been physically/sexually abused by Shelley's, Brothers 2nd wife ( so Niece's Step-Mother ) Neice watched her do it
Businessman decides he needs to take brother-in-law to #NZ CYF Mt Wellington

Here they disclose brother-in-law Sex Abuse & Family Incest info

Also disclosed to CYF is info about brother-in-law, Maori Aunties & Uncles ( via Mother ), & 12 children 'Raped on their 8th birthday'..
#NZ CYF Mt Wellington staff ask Businessman & Brother-in-law to leave, they make it obvious they do not want any more Famiy/Whanau Incest Info 'they can't help, they don't have the resources or expertise to deal with such a situation'

In Neice's Diary & Docs is kidnap info......
Shelly ( #NZ Girl that fleed to the #US ) Niece ( married to the Businessman ) & due to miss management of ACC, receives a phone call from SCU ( Sensitive Claims Unit ) while 7 months pregnant - Multiple Suicide attempt's occur

Labour & National ACC MP'S do not want to discuss
Neice - after birth of 'Daughter' continues to have extreme panic attacks
At 1 point , Niece's own lawyer ( PA) contacts husband Businessman about suicide attempts by Neice

Still no Labour or National MP will discuss ACC SCU inciting Suicide of Childhood Rape Victims
Disturbing conversations now occur, Neice tells Businessman husband she can't relate to her daughter unless she too is a 'Sex Abuse Victim'

Next Neice is leaving her daughter with the Step-Mother that she watched Sexually Abusing her own brother

Daughter ends up in Starship
Daughter in Starship has been strangled

St Johns tell Father strangulation was intentional
Step-Mother confesses to Strangling daughter

Businessman Father looks after wife ( Neice) & Daughter

Later he reports daughter strangulation to North Shore #NZ Police Child Abuse Unit
#NZ Police Child Abuse Unit tell Businessman Father they have investigated, speaking to St John's & Step-Mother - find no evidence

Businessman speaks with St John, tell him Police never spoke to Ambulance Officers. OIA shows ST Johns didn't record Officer's or Daughters name
#NZ now phone Businessman & Brother-in-law & threaten them
Telecom trace threat phone calls to PABX at Auckland Central Police

IPCA complaint is made, Police send in a Resolve Team ( not the IPCA ) , who refuse to talk to Witness ( Brother-in-law ) or view evidence
Businessman makes complaint to #NZ Justice Minister ( JM ) about actions of IPCA

JM reports IPCA has done no investigation, eventually it is determined that it's a Police Resolve Team did investigation of Police, hence investigation of strangulation of daughter has stalled

• • •

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