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There's a BIG problem with the PAPADOPOULOS story

Why didn't he tell anyone about the conservative holy grail, the hacked "Hilary emails"?

(Except the FBI and Alexander Downer of course)

Former Trump campaign aide GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS has sworn under oath these key facts:

1. He met "Professor" MIFSUD in early '16

2. MIFSUD told him "Russia" had 1,000's of "Hilary emails"

These come from his "statement of the offence" to the FBI, submitted to federal court
PAPADOPOULOS supposedly tells ALEXANDER DOWNER about this in a "drunken conversation" at Kensington Wine Rooms, May '16

DOWNER sits on it, eventually getting telling the FBI after he sees hacked DNC emails being released

From Jul 31, the Trump/Russian investigation is ON
By the way, DOWNER has NEVER gone on the record himself supporting this version of events. Please point me to a statement where *he* says he was specifically told about "Hilary emails" (and not just that he met with PAPADOPOULOS)

I'll wait.
The DOWNER information isn't in the sworn statement of the offence either. Not even as a redacted or vague statement. For example, "PAPADOPOULOS also told a Friendly Country National about the emails in London in May"
Back to MIFSUD. PAPADOPOULOS didn't just *meet* with him. He emailed him, repeatedly. Interacted on Facebook messenger. Spoke to some Russians MIFSUD hooked him up with. Spoke on the phone too. That's a big, big electronic audit trail he would've left behind
MIFSUD also denies ever mentioning "Hilary emails" to PAPADOUPOULOS. Maybe he's lying because he's a Putin spy?

Maybe, but that doesn't explain PAPADOUPOULOS not asking MIFSUD about them ever again. Ever. Not even the FBI claims he did (it's not in the statement of the offence)
As a backbencher on the Trump campaign PAPADOPOULOS was also trying to make himself loook important during this time. He tried to leverage his MIFSUD contact into showing he could arrange a Trump & Putin meeting, and improve ties with Russia
The campaign didn't seem that interested. At one point they deny poor PAPADOPOULOS reimbursement for travel expenses that he incurred without prior approval. He asks for a paid role, and is rejected. Weeks and months go by and no Trump Russia meeting ever comes close to happening
Here is the PROBLEM

The dream of finding "Hilary's emails", the 30,000 deleted ones? This is the holy grail of dynamite campaign info - almost anyone in the GOP or press would rip your arm off to get them, even today

Lowly George is on the cusp of finding them!

He tells NOBODY
Why does he never ask MIFSUD about the Hilary emails via Facebook, phone, SMS or email? It's too sensitive perhaps? Nope: he supposedly blabs to DOWNER after a few of glasses of Shiraz

He never asks any of the "Russians" MIFSUD has put him in touch with either
PAPADOPOULOS is trying to get himself noticed by the Trump campaign at the time TRUMP himself asks Russia to find the "missing" Hilary emails at a press conference

@DonaldJTrumpJr is also willing to meet Russians off the back of one sketchy email from a British music producer
Why does PAPADOPOULOS *never* mention the "Hilary emails" to the campaign?

The FBI, Mueller and Congress have virtually all the campaign emails by now. If such an email was there, you can bet shifty @RepAdamSchiff would have leaked it already

Nothing, bupkis, nada, snake eyes
I'll stress again: nearly everyone in the GOP wants these emails. @JudicialWatch filed lawsuits. Congress issued subpoenas. @seanhannity ranted on about them almost every night for months (still does)

*EVERYONE* wanted to know what Hilary had bleachbit and hammered into oblivion
PAPADOPOULOS knows someone he thinks is connected high up with the Russian government, who actually knows who has the "missing Hilary emails". MIFSUD.

He does *nothing* with this information.

Anyone else find that curious?
Here's another thing. If DOWNER really told the FBI that PAPADOPOULOS told him about Russians having "Hilary emails", why isn't this written down in the Electronic Communication of July 31 2016 that opened the Trump/Russian counterintelligence investigation?
In the aftermath of a DNC hacking breach and a spear phishing attack on Hilary 4 America Chair John Podesta, why does the FBI not even interview PAPADOPOULOS until Jan 2017, if they know he knows about "Hilary's emails"?

Why'd the FBI go after @carterwpage instead?
Stefan Halper also meets PAPADOUPOLOS in Sep '16. He pays him $3K. Wines and dines him like a boy king at London's finest. When Halper asks him about the emails, he DENIES knowing anything.

Wait, he blabbed to DOWNER who was angry at him over David Cameron but won't tell Halper?
Also, NOBODY was acting like MIFSUD was really a Russian agent as they should have, if this "story" is true

Why is Mifsud not detained while in the US Feb 2017?

Why does nobody warn people he meets (E.g. @BorisJohnson or Saudi Royals)?

Why's he *still* being protected in Rome?
This story doesn't add up and it is going to fall apart #soon

ADDENDEUM: Here is the @nytimes desperately trying to keep this story alive. Sorry, nope:

"No evidence has come to light indicating that Mr. Papadopoulos told anyone on the campaign....officials don't believe [emails] exist...turned up nothing..."


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Oct 7, 2018
If you're a blue tick on the left, you can make up anything you want with zero consequences for your credibility

Susan Collins & Merrick Garland

—met with him
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Oct 7, 2018
"I don't think editors and bosses were trying to tank [BK's] nomination" —@brianstelter

Okay, who at the WaPo green lit putting a blatantly anti-Kavanaugh activist reporter on a "throwing ice" story?

The WaPo editorial page itself opposed his nomination too. Who writes that? 🤔
Who at @CNN allowed Josh Campbell (ex FBI close to Comey) to "interview" Monica McLean (also ex FBI) to get a narrative out there without any disclosure of that fact?

At least when @JamesAGagliano voucher for McLean he fully disclosed his past working with her
Who at @NBCNews allowed a piece to attack "white women" for the BK confirmation?
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"Economist @paulkrugman Says GDP Won't Grow by 3%"

Krugman said this in Mar 2017. Let's revisit it with the Sep 2018 job numbers
“We’re pretty close to full employment” @paulkrugman

—THEN: 4.5% in March 2017 when this statement was made
—NOW: 3.7% in Sep 2018

That 0.8% difference is equivalent to 2,898,000 million more people employed
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Oct 4, 2018
If Monica McLean is the "lifelong best friend" of Dr. Ford, and McLean hasn't submitted a sworn statement to the Senate supporting Ford's story...

...That means Dr. Ford knew a 24yr veteran of the FBI/DOJ and didn't ever confide in *her* about Kavanaugh?

But she did discuss it with unspecified "beach friends" and mentioned her alleged assault by a federal judge to several other friends out of the clear blue. Got it
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Oct 4, 2018
"Keyser's attorney...confirmed that his client has spoken with the FBI and that when she did so she could not corroborate Ford's account...she [doubled down], denied all knowledge of the supposed party, the alleged assault OR OF KAVANAUGH"
"Injury forced [Keyser] to step down from her role as a golf coach at Georgetown University [and] have plagued her for years.

'Leland is not a well woman. She has had years of injuries that have seen her have 14 operations on her neck and back. She just wants to get better.'"
'It really felt a lot like Christine was the one called to the principal's office to give an account of something and just threw her under the bus. You know, just reached for a name.'
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Oct 1, 2018
Number of times Dr. Ford has changed her story:

—when it happened: 5X
—who was there: 5X
—where it was: 2X (at least)

And after all those changes?

STILL VAGUE on when/who/where


—"Late teens" (could be up to '86)
—"Mid 1980s" (*not even HS)
—"Summer of 1982"
—"Early 1980s"

—Near to Country Club
—Between Country Club & home
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