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Here's important context: ICE has admitted to classifying people as MS-13 without any evidence they're actually in the gang, as a way of ensuring they don't get bond during immigration proceedings
We talked about Operation Matador and ICE's overzealous gang designations back in Episode 38 of @fsckemall:

At some point you'd think folks would just accept that the Papaya POTUS is a scumbag thug. This is the same guy who gave a speech this week demanding mandatory death penalties that were ruled unconstitutional back in the 80s.
The new phrase is "Black Identity Extremists" (seriously): foreignpolicy.com/2017/10/06/the…

Attorney General Beauregard warned about BIEs just a few days before a bona fide (white) Nazi killed someone in Charlottesville

They're clueless

Tacking in @normative's excellent thread this morning on why "context matters!" doesn't matter with Trump's "animals" comments

Another example – from a federal judge – confirming ICE designates people as MS-13 for sport without any actual evidence

Yep: features.propublica.org/ms-13/a-betray…

That one was just a few weeks ago

More-detailed story on the recent federal court order on ICE falsely designating someone as MS-13 in order to cancel their DACA status, via @mjs_DC

And a PDF of the Court's opinion is here:

I wouldn't necessarily call it sloppy – these are deliberate choices made to help pad the numbers for our Cheeto-in-Chief

"An hour later, they nabbed a second suspect."

You people really are dumber than a bucketful of rusty nails

By recognizing they're not "the keepers of law and order"


Your ancestors came here when we didn't even have immigration laws. So GFY plzkthxu

The right-wing / "conservative" love for a Big Guv'mint federal agency and the Moscow Muppet occupying the White House is truly fascinating to watch...
🗣: "All you did was [apply the same logic of my argument to a different set of facts, exposing my own incoherence]. HOW DARE YOU!"

I've been called worse by better


You're not making the point you think you're making.

Try again. Do better.

Sick burn bro

🤡: ::tweets insults::

🤡: ::follows up with incoherent gibberish::

🤡: "That'll show em."

This is how Trumpists react when you point out they make no sense
🗣: "Trump's not wrong about MS-13! We just can't trust the Government to tell us who's actually in it! This is not hard!"


This too

You appear to be literate! Congratulations, that's an important step in what comes next...

...continue reading. Including the part of the story where it notes the person "flashing gang signs" is a different person 😉

🤡: "SeE fOr YoUr YoUrSeLf"

I truly don't understand how you Trumpists can be this dumb. You're smart enough to click a link, and read a couple paragraphs in, but then think "HA! GOT EEEM!" before promptly rushing to Twitter to tweet your observations.
I'm going to enjoy cancelling out your vote in 2020 😘

I don't need to know the "full extent" to know ICE employees have admitted to fabricating gang designations.

I also never claimed it was Bonespur Brezhnev's fault; Obama deported more people. He just didn't have morons like you cheering him on.

No. See, I live in North Carolina. We didn't vote for the same offices in 2017. That's how things work.

See the tweet quoted in there? That was someone talking to me. I responded. That's how things work.

Good idea. I consulted with @HerbertGeorgeW -- we both concluded the less-intelligent one was you


If that's what you think happened, I won't disappoint you. I'll just note that Dunning-Kruger is real.

He was intellectually compromised before he ever waltzed into my mentions!

Not as sorry as I feel for the people who read your tweets

Do you read?

He asked "why did you bring this up?" I responded that I didn't, it was answering an @

Try again. Troll better.


No. I'd do society a favor and remove myself from the gene pool if we were related

"Unless you're one of the people falsely accused by an otherwise-infallible-really-I-promise Government of being a gang member, then LOL jk lulz"

It was apparent he wasn't terribly bright, so I just overlooked it



I trust you realize those questions, like the first, were predicated on me bringing something up on my own. I didn't; I responded to someone else.

Now that you've confirmed you don't read, you can run along to Mommy and let the adults talk in peace. Shoo

I am defending "real issues," including the real issue of "MS-13 ANIMALS" who are neither MS-13 nor animals, but you believe they are because your Government told you so

Funny you mention her, since the guy Cheddar Ceausescu claimed murdered her was acquitted by a jury for her death (and was never alleged to have been in MS-13)

So now you're claiming you've verified the MS-13 membership of those people? Through who? Where? How? Tell us more


Represented several street pharmacists who are better exemplars of American exceptionalism than your run-of-the-mill Trumpalo

Yes. Though the courts have severely curtailed what process is due in the context of non-citizens going through immigration courts

For a breakdown on immigration law and due process, check out the back third of this @fsckemall episode:


Facts don't care about your feelings Craig

You're not making the point you think you're making

I'm perfectly fine with letting tattoo choice define who's in MS-13 and who isn't

Just realize an awful lot of detained brown people would be released if that were the standard we used
We can't even get to the discussion of whether "gang bangers" can be redeemed (a cornerstone of Christian theology btw) because you incompetent dolts are too busy excusing a disingenuous Government to pwn the libz
(Also didn't realize when I tweeted that this morning that it'd go mini-viral. Apologies if any of you @'d me on something non-ICE-related)
You're not making the point you think you're making.

Try again. Do better.

You're not making the point you think you're making.

Try again. Do better.

The Party of Lincoln, R.I.P.

🗣: "If one life can be saved by the Government ✌️temporarily✌️ detaining someone without cause, wouldn't that be worth it?"

How many white ones do you think are in MS-13? 🤔

Think of the lives that could be saved by putting literally everyone on 24/7 house arrest!


I heard MS-13 *really* likes tacos though 🧐

No you don't. If you did, you'd have continued reading the thread where they're linked.

Great, you can read! That's important for the next part...

...keep reading. Including the part of the thread where a half dozen ppl share the same screenshot, and get reminded to read the article (where it notes the part you quoted was a diff person)

🤡: "I'm very important and mid-flight and working."

I sure hope you're paying closer attention to your work than the things you're commenting about on Twitter 🤔
In fairness to ICE, they like to let Customs & Border Patrol do most of the killing

➡️ dallasnews.com/news/crime/201…

➡️ abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/v…

➡️ azcentral.com/story/news/pol…

➡️ nbcwashington.com/news/local/Cus…

lol no

I can't qwhite figure out what the heil happened to it. Hitl'l come to me eventually though, maybe I just canNazi the outrage without my glasses 🧐

Except they do. And the receipts are linked in the thread.

I think I hear your mom calling you in for dinner. Run along now so the adults can talk in peace 👋

Addition by subtraction
Only when it's the same idiots over and over again. Dunking on fresh idiots is fun

Copy the link to the tweet, go back to my last tweet in the thread, then reply to myself and paste in the tweet URL

Makes it easy to scroll the convo


Missed that one, only too much stupid I can take in one tweet 😂

• • •

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Sep 29, 2018
Had Dr. Ford given the same testimony in the same manner in court, you'd have a conviction. Prosecutors absolutely care about numbers; this would be an easy win, even without Kavanaugh's testimony.

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Sep 19, 2018
Without diving into this particular case, this type of attorney letter is a stall tactic when you think you're going to lose on the merits
The latter. Assume this were a run-of-the-mill Title VII case; typically Plaintiff's attorneys strike at the point they have maximum leverage, which Ford had. You delay when you hope some external event will turn up useful info instead

She may very well be telling the truth. But the FBI is not going to investigate, because even if we assume she's telling the 100% truth, there's no *federal* crime that took place. It's a dodge.

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Sep 6, 2018
T.'s Courtroom Chronicles, #90618

The Case Where Everyone Loses Edition
Some folks were wondering what I was talking about when I tweeted this out yesterday

It was referring to a case where I'd be meeting with a client today

This one:
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Sep 1, 2018
"Love of police brutality is strongly bipartisan. This is what happens when one party loves 'law & order' and the other one loves public sector unions."
Soooo you didn't read the linked story


Dems have always loved police brutality just as assuredly as Reps. Particularly white liberals who rely on police to keep the poors away.

And writing laws to cover up brutality? It's all aboard

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Aug 28, 2018
In today's criminal justice news, the Balch Springs PD officer who summarily executed unarmed 15yo black boy #JordanEdwards – and then lied about it to cover it up – has been convicted of murder

Edwards was killed as he and friends peacefully drove away from a lawful house party
Our original thread on the extrajudicial summary execution without due process of Jordan Edwards is here, including the nonsensical police statement released after the shooting

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Aug 22, 2018
No. A person being pardoned can refuse it, rendering it ineffective. That was the precise issue in Burdick v US, where Burdick refused to accept the pardon so he couldn't be compelled to testify
There is no exception for pardoning his own crime, that's a myth. He can absolutely pardon co-conspirators

Impeach and remove faster. There's nothing saying they couldn't do all of that in the span of minutes; the procedural requirements for an impeachment trial are a political question courts can't adjudicate. See Nixon v US (*not* US v Nixon)

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