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How did life originate? Our schools now teach that it was by evolution and not by intelligent design by our creator.

Thread ...

They conflate macro evolution with micro evolution and sideways evolution. They mostly do not allow what is effectively a religion of evolution to be questioned.

There is plenty of repeatable evidence for sideways evolution. It occurs in bacteria routinely. There are ...
There are thousands of species of beetles in different shapes with slightly varying features. No one disputes a common ancestor beetle.

As much as we have been lied to about Climate Change and other "settled science" by these same humanists who took over our education ...
system, do you ever question if they have hidden biases on origin of life?

But when it comes to macro or vertical evolution, the data is not there to support it. Yet it is taught the same as micro-evolution as the mechanism for how life originated. Many scientists are now ..
questioning the evolution orthodoxy as new understanding emerges of how complex life is. For example, there are 1.5 billion years of missing transition forms between single celled organisms and Precambrian fossils. During the Precambrian era, there was an appearance of ...
complex life forms suddenly out of nowhere. Genus Charnia is an example.

Serious scientists now are increasingly dissatisfied with simplistic Darwinian evolution and natural selection to explain the origin of life. They are looking for other mechanisms and explanations ...
more consistent with the fossil record.

Consider the gap between dead matter and the first functioning cell. Unless the cell has its full set of organelles, enzymes, RNA, DNA, and proteins, it cannot sustain itself or reproduce. Let's consider just proteins, of which ...
there are hundreds needed for life. These are complex long-haired molecules with amino acids in a specific sequence. If 1 amino acid is off from the proper location in the chain, the molecule is utterly useless.

What is the probability of even 1 of hundreds of necessary ...
needed for life. These are complex long-haired molecules with amino acids in a specific sequence. If 1 amino acid is off from the proper location in the chain, the molecule is utterly useless.

What is the probability of even 1 of hundreds of necessary proteins of forming ...
at random through Godless evolution? Let's take a common protein critical to life like Serum Albumin.

The probability of this protein forming at random is the same as a monkey sitting at a standard keyboard of selecting random keys and typing the sentence: ...
"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth."

Die-hard evolutionists say give him time, he'll type it eventually. Let's assume he types at 40 words per minute continuously. This is how long it would take the monkey to have a better than even chance of typing ..
the sentence. The closest star to the Earth beyond the sun is Alpha Centauri which is 4.22 light years away. 1 light year is 5.88 trillion miles. Imagine you have a planet whose radius is 4.22 light years. This would be by far the largest object of any kind in the universe
Now once every million years a bird comes to this planet and removes a piece of it the size of a grain of sand. The bird would remove 3 of these planets before the monkey would type the sentence!

In other words, the likelihood of forming the first protein needed for life ...
is essentially impossible through random processes.

It actually takes much more faith to believe that life formed accidently through random processes and evolution than to believe it was intelligently designed by a Creator.

Christian faith in God is not a blind faith. ...
Christian faith is a response to evidence we have. It is compatible with micro-evolution for which we can prove with experiment. And it gives a much more believable explanation for origin of life than the increasingly discredited macro-evolution theory.
Proteins are long-chained molecules. Not long-haired! Auto-Correct - what would I do without you. Ugh.
This. clarification is important. The theory that random processes can bridge the gap between dead matter,organic compounds, and a living cell is called abiogenesis now.
This thread shows the unlikelihood of this happening without intelligent intervention. Takes too much faith.

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