1) Truth Time: Damn Right @ThomasWictor - Let’s look at this highly optomistic tweet.

On Nov 7 2016, I was excited but pessimistic about the election
2) I posted THIS on facebook.
3) I supported Donald J Trump but fell into the trap set by MSM that he had no path to victory. I promised that I would support the winner.
4) I hoped the losing side would pull this country together. But THAT was not to be. Since oObama’s election, leftists have been actively tearing this country apart
5) I joined Twatter for the first time in 2018 because I could no longer stand facebroke. I found a wonderful platform with important writers like @Debradelai @ThomasWictor @_VachelLindsay_ @nameredacted8 and several others.
6) I wasnt aware of the truth behind the Obama admins corruption until I started really researching and reading these people.

My heart started to soar. I was getting more truth from threads than all of MSM. I listened and learned
7) We saw corruption but no progress, or so it seemed. Then we got to #releasethememo and things started becoming more apparent to me.

Then we got the Andrew McCabe firing and criminal referral and I knew things were different now.
8) The staggering amount of evidence pointing to a serious comeuppance for leftist, socialist, libturd, anti-Americansis lifting the haze.

I learned to realky trust President Trump. He has given not only me, but millions of people, hope again.
9) Then we had the omnibus bill and thousands of fair weather Trumpsters came out of the woodwork. I wrote THIS 👇 in response

Thread by @Jonejam222: "Truth Time 1) MELTDOWN OF TRUMP SUPPORT - threadreaderapp.com/thread/9772723…
10) Many came to their senses, but the MSM and Libturds continue muh Russia!

This week we had some great things hapoening.

Mueller admits he won’t indict Trump
US Embassy opened in Jerusalem
NOKO coming to the table
IG report on Clinton email released to senior leadership
11) Libturds showing their true colors by supporting Hamas, MS13, and North Korea. Begging EU to impose tariffs on the US. Midterms showing no blue wave.

Things are truly looking up. Magnificent change is coming to the world. Gulf Coop Council, Iran protests, NOKO denuclearizing
12) Trump approval surging (especially among minorities) and the economy is booming.

So along with Thomas, MY outlook for living long enough to see the results of this amazing time is very good. I wake up every day thinking positively about my childrens prospects
13) So I wrote THIS thread explaining why I believe these changes are upon us

14) So cheer up Patriots. Momentous things are happening. We WILL see justice restored. Our outlook for America is good. President Trump is large and in charge. Rest easy and stay optomistic. For the first time in 10 years I KNOW all will be well.

Addendum: THIS 👇 was my first thread on Twitter. It defines my hopes and dreams for the restoration of this great country. Please give it a read and please add a follow.

Thanks America

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More from @Jonejam222

Sep 19, 2018
1) Truth Time: Reportforthepresident dot org

This thread may take a long time (weeks or months) to finish. Why? I am not a professional investigator and this is going to be complex.

Big names here on twatter are invested in this website. Big issues are at stake.
2) Stealth Jeff @drawandstrike and The ConservativeTreeHouses @TheLastRefuge2 along with @Gingrich_of_PA seem to have an open fued on the legitimacy of those involved in the RFTP (Report for The President)/JTFMaga organizations and the honesty of those in opposition.
3) Let me start by saying my dog in this fight is to support Law & Order.

I will admit I am a nobody. I have barely 1100 followers. I am not here to question their conclusions (because I mostly agree - there was no collusion and @GenFlynn is a hero who was/is being treated ...
Read 39 tweets
Sep 19, 2018
1) Wow. Great article. This stands out to me:

“As for the judges on the secret intelligence court: "It looks to me just based on your reporting, that they have been misled," the president said, citing a series of columns in The Hill newspaper

2) identifying shortcomings in the FBI investigation. "I mean I don't think we have to go much further than to say that they've been misled."

"One of the things I'm disappointed in is that the judges in FISA didn't, don't seem to have done anything about it.I'm very disappointed
3) in that Now, I may be wrong because, maybe as we sit here and talk, maybe they're well into it. We just don't know that because I purposely have not chosen to get involved,"

My interpretation? Trump is giving the fisa judges the benefit of the doubt. That they werent
Read 5 tweets
Jul 23, 2018
Security clearance issue: I will say this again, security clearance is not a problem UNLESS

a) these losers who have left govt service can retain their clearances for all i care. It DOES NOT mean they have further access to classified info. If someone is giving them info they
should be prosecuted.

Brennan, Comey et al., have NO NEED TO KNOW

need to know, not clearance level, dictates a persons access. A clearance gives them no access by itself. Someone has to give them info and since they have no need to know, it is a crime.

b) the losers expose
classified info they already know, in their heads, they should be prosecuted.
c) they retained any classified documents after leaving they should be prosecuted

thats it folks

Why allowing w people who leave govt svc to keep a clearance? Here is why
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Jun 9, 2018
Truth Time: 1) Iran admitted WHAT?


Question no one is asking yet is: Why did they help Al Qaeda and WHY admit it now?
2) Why did they help Al Qaeda?

Answer) They hate America (the big satan), They hate Israel (little satan)

The Mullahs have been spreading hate, and supporting terrorists around the world since 1979.
3) Funding jihadist movements, supporting hamas, hezbollah, attacking US troops in Iraq, Khobar towers, taliban support. Bin Laden was given refuge there for who knows how long.
Read 12 tweets
Jun 6, 2018
Epic. Truth Time

1) Disgraced Former Deputy Director (and acting Director) seeks immunity from Congress in exchange for his testimony. WHAT? This is disgraceful ...
2). This comes as Former FBI Deputy under McCabe in charge of the Counter Intel Division (Peter Strzok’s BOSS) testified to congress today and is reported by Laura Ingraham as being “very cooperative)
3). As the ConservativeTreehouse article states, Senator Chuck Grassley is considering this, but wants to know far more about what McCabe will testify to.

The thought is that getting McCabe immunity will mean open public testimony where McCabe lays bare all the secrets...
Read 11 tweets
May 22, 2018
1) People hear “danger to our country” and shrug. They dont really understand the impact this has the potential to be.

America is strong and people believe it will ALWAYS be there, same as it ever was.

That is just not the case. The potential to lose our system of govt
2) is real. Our system relies on FAITH in, and LOYALTY TO, the constitution.

The continual degradation of our liberties is clearly a major goal of the liberal, progressive, socialistic left.
3) Obama’s “fundamental Transformation” was not just a slogan. He and his ilk literally wanted and had 8 years of implementation to destroy our country. It is not yet safe people!

Racial tensions are high
FBI/DOJ is a political arm of the left
Rule of law is no longer applied
Read 11 tweets

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