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No Video ✔️

No Witnesses ✔️

Nothing Taken ✔️

No Ballistics Report ✔️

GM of Bar Lied ✔️

Suing our Team for Investigating ✔️

CrowdStrike Hush Money ✔️

Seymour Hersh Audio ✔️

Broken up with GF✔️

No Leads per Police ✔️
Please support our efforts, they are suing us and want to silence our investigations. We cannot do what we do without the support of all of you.

#AmericaFirstMedia #SethRich…
We cannot fight the legal battles, and everything else we’re fighting without the help of so many Patriots. Thanks to those of you who’ve joined the Fight for the Truth and Justice.

The Storm is Coming! #AmericaFirstMedia #SethRich…
So this is probably as good a place as any to start a Seth Rich thread tonight. Probably no way I'll finish it, but for those that want to know about this case, stay tuned. You'll be informed in the next 48 hours on what we've been doing.


1) Seth Rich was the DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party.

Unlike what the mainstream media will tell you, which is he was a "staffer" we assure you he was much much more than a "staffer"


2) Seth Rich was shot multiple times in the Torso and murdered at 4:19 AM on Sunday Morning July 10th, 2016.


3) According to reports, Seth Rich had been at Lou's City Bar on Irving Street in Washington, D.C. on Saturday Night July 9th, 2016. We'll soon show you in this thread how some of that narrative will unravel with the truth.


4) According to the GM of Lou's City Bar, Joe Capone Seth Rich was at the bar that night in his usual spot.

Joe Capone stated on Crime Watch TV with Chris Hansen in September of 2016 that Seth Rich was at the bar, and he offered him a cab ride home. Or he would take him himself.
5) Saturday Night July 9th, 2016 Lou's City Bar was hosting the UFC 200 PPV

Which means the bar would have been packed that night. Yet no other patrons, besides Capone or employees have ever came forward and admitted they saw Seth Rich that night.


6) Now does anyone really believe that with a packed bar, the UFC PPV, one of the most high profile murder cases in America, and definitely the most high profile murder in Washington, D.C. and no one has came forward from that night?

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
7) Here's where Lou's City Bar falls apart..

A few months after the Crime Watch TV Interview, Joe Capone the GM of the Bar changed his story completely. Now Capone states he was NEVER at the bar that night, and was in fact on vacation in Virginia with his family.. #SethRich
8) Capone flip flopping and changing his story completely is just the first of many "coincidences" in this case..

But it changes everything in the case, including the story that family and friends have tried to paint.

Capone stated that Rich left the bar around 1:30-1:45 AM
9) With Capone changing his story to he wasn't there, it now means the entire narrative that everyone else has tried to paint is tainted.

Capone was the #1 witness that night on when and what time Seth Rich left the bar, now he claims he wasn't there..

10) But for good measure, let's just go with Capone's story, because God knows no one else has told the truth in this investigation.

That would put Seth Rich leaving Lou's City Bar between 1:30 and 1:45 AM

Let's paint the timeline that his father was told next. #SethRich
11) But before we paint that timeline let's paint a little information about the man himself, Seth Rich. Who by all accounts was a Bernie Sanders supporter, all evidence points to that.


12) Seth Rich graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduation he went to Washington, D.C. for his first job with the polling and strategy firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. Before that he worked on the Senate campaign for the Kleebs in Nebraska. #SethRich
13) Seth Rich worked for polling and strategy firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for 2 years, where he was mentored by Andrew Therriault. Therriault would then recruit Seth Rich to the DNC when he was the Data Science Director for the Democrats. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
14) But Andrew Therriault, a PhD data scientist who mentored Rich at Greenberg and later helped him get a job at the DNC, said his protege “wanted to learn more from a technical standpoint. But that wasn’t his background.”

So they started to play the "He's not that talented act"
15) In June, Headlines from Cyber Security firm Crowdstrike would make the claim that the DNC was hacked... You'll find out as this thread goes on, there is zero proof of a hack, and overwhelming evidence of a leak. We'll get to it I promise.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
16) Seth Rich according to what his former DNC colleagues told the Washington Post was very upset about the hack, angry even.

We bet he was :)

Because with Crowdstrike's Falcom software, they now would know who's behind said "hack" or "leak" #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
17) So now that we've given you a little of what Seth did, and who he was, let's get on with the thread.

Let's fast forward to July 9th, 2016.

Joe Capone claimed Seth Rich was at the bar, then changed his mind and said he wasn't there.

Now how does that happen? #SethRich
18) @nyfinest1995 Frank Whalen on our Team, head of NYPD Homicide for 25 years. What do you call someone who lies in a murder investigation.... Answer: A Suspect.


19) So on that night, Joel Rich claims that Seth Rich tried to call him twice, around 1:30 AM.

Now I've got a father, and I love him as Seth did Joel. But If I'm calling my Dad at 1:30 AM something my friends is horribly wrong.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich #FactsOverFeelings
20) Seth according to Joel Rich made a call to another friend that would last around 1 minute. That friend, nor Joel Rich wanted to give up who that was. There were at least 5 calls after 1:30 AM per Joel Rich his father telling the Press.


21) According to Seth's dad Joel, Rich seems to have been on the phone with another friend, who had called him, when the bar closed. That 12-minute call ended at 1:33

That's a lot of phone calls to a lot of different people, all who won't be named

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
22) At 2:05, he called his girlfriend, who was in her home state of Michigan. They spoke for 89 minutes. Then the call dropped. A few minutes later, he called her again, and they spoke for 43 more minutes...

Seth Rich was shot at 4:19 AM per CIC Shot Spotter... One Second here.
23) So if Seth was on the phone with his Girlfriend for 89 minutes, that put's the time at 3:34 AM when he dropped the call.. A Few minutes later he called back and they talked for 43 minutes..

Without the time gap of the dropped call, that's 4:17, he was shot at 4:19...
24) That's one hell of a timeline, to have it just work out perfectly to 4:19 AM from what Joel Rich told the Washington Post and others...

I mean, right down to the very minute of how he dropped a call, called back, everything.. Almost like everyone is trying to stick to 4:19?
25) In Washington, D.C. and other Metro's like San Francisco, a program is used called CIC Shotspotter. It's anchored on sky scrapers and taller buildings around the city, and can triangulate the Police to where shots are fired.

That's how they claim it in the Police report.
26) The interesting take, is that First Responders and Police were quoted off the record in many large publications (Which we have documented) that they were patrolling that night, which is how they got their so quickly..

Which is it? #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
27) Four of the responding six officers were wearing body cams the night that Seth Rich was murdered.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
28) According to Liz Lyons, the Privacy Officer for Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police who has a background with the FBI and Homeland the body cams have been misplaced or were deemed not relevant.

They have never been shown despite FOIA requests from our team and others.
29) Per Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police's own General Orders. Body Cam Footage when murder is involved, must be kept for 65 years.

So we'll ask again Metro D.C. Police, where is the body cam footage?

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
30) To date, not one officer involved in responding to Seth Rich has ever spoke on the record about that night. Not one.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
31) Rumors started to fly in early Spring of 2017 that Dr. Jack Sava had gotten involved and had operated on Seth Rich. Our Team uncovered the actual Doctor who performed surgery on Seth Rich.

Jack Sava is married to Lisa Kountoupes, Top Clinton Finance Administrator.. #SethRich
32) Dr. Jack Sava real name is Dr. Jack A Ateljevich. When our Private Investigators ran searches, they found nothing under Jack Sava, but when we cross referenced, we were able to tie Sava and Ateljevich as the same person.

He is the Director of Trauma for Medstar Hospital.
33) However our research and Intel showed that Dr. Jack Sava in fact did NOT operate on Seth Rich the night that he was transported to Medstar Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Keep in mind, it took a lot of work to find the hospital, as they didn't want that revealed either.
34) Ambulance #17 was the first on the scene from DCF EMS. They arrived at 4:33 AM and had Seth Rich to Medstar Hospital at 4:48 AM.

These First responders have also never talked on the record about the events that unfolded that night, other than what the parents have stated.
35) America First Media's Team would unveil that Dr. Christine Trankiem, a renown Trauma Surgeon would operate on Seth Rich the night he was brought in, conducting emergency surgery. She also operated on Congressman Whip Steve Scalise. She would pronounce Rich at 5:57AM #SethRich
36) Joel Rich stated to Washington, D.C. Metropolitan TV Stations that his son had underwent emergency surgery that night per what he was told.

From our research, there was not foul play at the Hospital. Timelines according to physicians we've interviewed matched up. #SethRich
37) Our own Bill Pierce a 24+ year Licensed Private Investigator spoke to the Medical Examiner who did the autopsy on Seth Rich. They even sent this email, not details, and as vague as we've ever seen according to our LEO's on our team. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
38) Gunshot woulds to Torso definitely isn't lower back, or back.. It could have been the side, in the ribs... in the stomach... it could have been anywhere on his torso.. Investigators and Family members refuse to let others see the Autopsy.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
39) Now ask yourself this, if you have nothing to hide, then why wouldn't you let our team of REAL LICENSED Private Investigators, and REAL LEO's and Former Heads of NYPD Homicide look at the autopsy report?

What is the reasoning to not want the truth? #SethRich
40) Our Team went to Lou's City Bar, The Wonderland Ballroom, and other places Seth might have been that night.

All of the GM's and Owners told us the same thing.

No one from Washington, D.C. Metro Police asked for any video from that night..

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
41) We spoke to the General Manager of the Wonderland Ballroom. He explained to us that he knew who Seth Rich was, but he couldn't remember if he was at the bar that night or not..

Seth's Girlfriends house was just 2 blocks from the Wonderland Ballroom, he was there often.
42) The walk from Lou's City Bar to Seth Rich's house was about 1.8 Miles..

Who would walk 1.8 Miles at 2AM in a city like Washington, D.C. ?? By yourself..

We spoke to locals, cab drivers, and residents in that area. We couldn't find one that said they would have done that!
43) If Seth Rich had of been at his Girlfriends house Kelsey Mulka (Although she was reportedly out of town that weekend, the walk was about 1.7 miles home. Almost the exact same distance.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
44) One of Seth Rich's roommates told reporters that he was "probably coming home from his girlfriends house that night"

Now why would he be coming home from her house if she was out of town? Wouldn't the roommate know she's out of town?

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
45) In late June of 2017 Family members informed America First Media Group that Seth Rich and Kelsey Mulka were in fact broken up at the time of the murder. We have the text messages and screen shots to back that up. We're not going to dox his family publicly. #SethRich
46) Now why would the friends and family go through carrying on with the funeral, press releases, Crime Watch TV Show, and other things like they were still a couple? What purpose would that serve?

We've been asking ourselves that for over a year now...

47) Again, per our own Frank Whalen, 25 years head of NYPD Homicide..

What do you call someone that lies in a murder investigation...


#FactsOverFeelings #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
48) America First Media received some Intel while in Washington, D.C. in July of 2017, and started to focus our attention on the roommate of Seth Rich Dov Friedman.

Dov Friedman claimed on his own Facebook page that he didn't even know that Seth Rich worked for the DNC #SethRich
49) Dov Friedman was a Turkish Lobbyist working for Middle East Petroleum Ltd. While writing hit pieces on American allies the Kurds. You honestly can't make this stuff up. He's even mentioned in the Podesta emails..

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
50) Dov Friedman claims that he didn't know that Seth Rich worked for the DNC...

Here's a few screen shots of Dov Friedmans social media posts... We'll let you process these..

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
51) Here's the big one... For someone who claims he didn't know his roommate worked for the DNC.... While he worked with the Democratic Party of Virginia...

Dov Friedman went to work for Hillary Clinton for President Full Time less than 3 weeks after Seth Rich's murder..
52) So what do we know so far based on this thread..

a) The GM of Lou's City Bar Lied
b) They lied about the relationship status of Seth Rich
c) The Roommate claims he didn't know Seth worked for the DNC, but went to work full time for HRC for President 3 weeks after the murder
53) Police told the parents about a video that was at the Flagler market the night of Seth's murder.

They said the video showed Seth Rich collapsing, and two pairs of legs, possibly the killers.

54) Officials with D.C. police declined an interview request. A police spokesman would not confirm the existence of a video or reveal what Rich may have said after he was shot, saying that that information could compromise an ongoing investigation. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
55) Now ask yourselves this, how could releasing that information compromise an investigation where Police claim that they have no leads? What did Seth Rich say on those body cams??

Or claim that they have in fact exhausted all leads...

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
56) Want to know how I know they've exhausted all leads? Last July Washington, D.C. 3rd District Detective Antoine Weston attacked me on social media.

Here are the screen shots. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
57) Now why would Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Detective Antoine Weston from the 3rd District attack myself and team on Twitter?

Furthermore, Seth Rich was murdered in 5D, Weston works in 3D.

What does he know, what triggered him? something did.

58) In fact, Big League Politics even wrote an article on this when it happened last summer, as did other media outlets.

Here's the link to the Big League Politics article confirming Weston is a Detective with Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police.…
59) So now that we've heard from the horses mouth that Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police have exhausted all leads. Let's pose this question again.

Why would you be upset about other individuals with Private Investigators, Current and Retired Homicide Detectives investigating?
60) Nothing was taken..

Seth Rich still had his

Wallet ✔️

Watch ✔️

Jewish Chai Necklace ✔️

Cash ✔️

Credit Cards ✔️

Cell Phone ✔️

The necklace was a gift from his mother to his father during their courtship. Inscribed with "Ditto"

#SethRich #historicalhottie
61) Keep in mind, we have many VERY talented LEO's on this team. Frank Whalen (Head of NYPD Homicide for 25 years) Bill Pierce 24+ Years Licensed Private Investigator, Jason Redacted (Metro SWAT Commander)

None of them have ever heard of a "Botched Robbery" #SethRich
62) We spoke to other Metropolitan officers in Washington, D.C. as well as others from departments not in Washington, D.C.

None of them believed the narrative.

In fact, many stated that these type of people can go through your pockets in 1-2 seconds flat. #HisNameWasSethRich
63) Talking to gang members in the LeDroit Park area in Washington, D.C. we asked many of them about the night of July 9th, early morning hours of July 10th, and the murder of Seth Conrad Rich. They had all heard about the murder in the neighborhood. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
64) Talking to members of gangs in LeDroit Park. We asked them what they thought happened, or what they had heard. They stated "The Police said that was a robbery"

My team of Investigators informed them nothing was taken.

"Oh, then he was targeted then" was the response.
65) Official told the family of Seth Rich that he didn't know that he had been shot, and he wasn't in any pain...

That's an interesting take, I have members on my team who've been shot. They would tend to disagree with that remark.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
66) According to officials, Seth Rich gave his old address when they asked him where he lived..

Perhaps, or did he give an address of where he had been that night. This is something our team is still investigating and looking into. There was after all, a "party" #SethRich
67) Seth Rich's brother Aaron Rich claimed in a Washington Post article "They were very surprised that he didn't make it, said he was very talkative. Yup, that's 100% my brother."

Very Talkative, yet Police can't find the body cams...

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
68) Exactly 30 days after Seth Rich was murdered, the name Seth Rich was mentioned by Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange unprompted on a Dutch TV Program. August 10th, 2016 would start the REAL Seth Rich Investigation across the Country.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
69) Here is the full interview of Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange talking about Seth Rich on our website.…

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
70) Host: That was just a robbery

Assange: No, there's no findings of that

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
71) Host: "What are you suggesting, what are you suggesting?"

Assange: "I'm suggesting that our sources take risks, and they become concerned to see things occurring like that.

Host: "Was he one of your sources"

Assange: "We don't comment on who our sources are" #SethRich :)
72) Host: "Then why make the suggestions"

Assange: "We have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States, and that our sources face serious risks, that's why they come to us, so we can protect their anonymity.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
73) Host: "That's quite something to suggest a murder."

Assange: "Others have suggested that, we are investigating to see what happened to Seth Rich. I think it is a concerning situation, there's not a conclusion yet we wouldn't be willing to say, but we are concerned about it"
74) Julian Assange: "More importantly a variety of Wikileaks sources are concerned when that kind of thing happens."

This is the key line right here, they know he was killed. They're doing all but saying it.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
75) Julian Assange and Wikileaks haven't been wrong in 12 years..

Whether you like them, or dislike them, facts don't lie.

Why would Assange, and Wikileaks offer a reward for Seth Rich's murder?

Why would they mention the murder?

There is no such thing as coincidence.
76) Less than 48 hours after Seth Rich's death, he was mentioned by Hillary Clinton on the Campaign trail..

If Hillary Clinton mentions you less than 48 hours after you were murdered..

Well, enough said.. #FactsOverFeelings

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
77) The family was referred to Brad Bauman, a Washington public-relations professional with a knack with experience as a “crisis manager,” Joel Rich recalled.

This, he was certain, qualified as a crisis.

Strange, look what Joel Rich refers to Bauman as.. "Crisis Manager"
78) Enter into the picture Ed Butowsky and Rod Wheeler. Butowsky a wealthy businessman out of Dallas, Texas. Rod Wheeler a Private Investigator from the Washington, D.C. area.

The Rich's would claim they couldn't afford a Private Investigator, Butowsky offered to pay Wheeler.
79) Wheeler would sign a contract with the Rich family stating that he could not address the media about his findings without the families permission first.

Now that seems like an odd thing to put into a contract of a Private Investigator who's trying to solve a murder..
80) Here are the copies of the Contractual Agreement between the Rich family and Private Investigator Rod Wheeler.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
81) So the family agreed to allow Rod Wheeler to investigate the murder of Seth Rich, and allowed businessman Ed Butowsky to finance the venture.

The stipulations were don't talk to the media, don't investigate the emails, don't investigate the party, prove a botched robbery..
82) In May of 2017 Rod Wheeler would go on Fox News Sean Hannity show and say that the evidence he had lead to Seth Rich possibly being the leaker that leaked to Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

A few days later, Wheeler was silenced with a gag order due to his contract. #SethRich
83) Sean Hannity would start to take on the Seth Rich murder, but he was silenced quickly as sources tell America First Media that one of the Murdoch wives who is on the Clinton Foundation board told Hannity to stop his talking about Seth Rich. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
84) So the largest Conservative voice Sean Hannity was literally silenced for investigating and reporting on Seth Rich.

They even sent Media Matters after him to try to get him fired, but fans and conservatives rallied around Hannity in Late May of 2017 to keep his job.
85) Here's a video that everyone that follows the Seth Rich Investigation should watch. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich…
86) They have literally silenced or tried to silence ANYONE that has ever investigated this or mentioned the name Seth Rich

That in it's own right says all you need to know, but this threads not close to being over. Let's talk about everything missing and or wrong with this case
87) The Phone Records...

The Family refused to let Rod Wheeler see the Phone records, or tell him who Seth was talking to the night he was murdered.

Our requests also fell on def ears.

If nothing was amiss, why wouldn't you just share the phone records?

88) The Laptops and Computers of Seth Conrad Rich

Rod Wheeler requested these, and Seth Rich's brother Aaron told him that he had already inspected them, and Wheeler didn't need to see them. He claimed there was nothing to see.

Another piece of evidence withheld. #SethRich
89) Brad Bauman the Crisis Management person that was assigned to the family per what Joel Rich stated in the Washington Post in January, claims that the FBI was never involved in the investigation into Seth Rich's murder.

However the FBI's C.A.R.T. division shares offices with
90) Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Polices Cyber unit.

Per Pulitzer Price winning Seymour Hersh, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police couldn't get into Seth Rich's laptop.

They then went to the FBI's Cyber division, and that's when they realized that he was sending emails..
91) Anyone who hasn't heard the audio of Seymour Hersh talking about the Seth Rich Murder.. You need to hear it.

Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize winning darling of the left also..

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich…
92) Hersh explains that Rich wasn't killed for what he knew, but what he didn't know..

Our Investigation in recent months has started to turn towards what did he have that he didn't realize he had.

I'll explain more later this evening.

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
93) The Phone of Seth Rich, Where is it. Information from Private Investigator Rod Wheeler and others shows that Seth had two phones. He had just got a new phone as well.

Why will the family not let Investigators see them?

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
94) Why did Seth Rich's brother Aaron Rich ask people in February 2017 on his personal Facebook page if they had any connections to a Company named Cellebrite.

Cellebrite is an Israeli Digital Forensics Company that specializes in unlocking government phones and laptops...
95) So they won't let anyone see the phones, but in February of 2017 they were looking for contacts to an Israeli Digital Forensics Company named Cellebrite as we have just provided proof

Nothing to see here right?

How are we conspiracy theorists when we just provide the facts?
96) The Phone records..

Also something that the family would not give Private Investigator Rod Wheeler..

Which poses the question... Who was Seth Rich actually talking to that night..

There's a reason that you won't give up the phones... and you won't give up the records..
97) The Ballistics Report..

You've exhausted all leads, you've claimed that..

Why wouldn't you release the caliber of weapon used..

At least give it to a team with current and former LEO's like ours that can do something with the information. Why not? #SethRich
98) The Autopsy Report

Now what would this hurt? Why would you not release this? FOIA requests have gone unnoticed and ignored from our Attorney Ty Clevenger...

If you truly want people to help get to the truth, why won't you release these items?

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich
99) Our own Ty Clevenger filed a FOIA Lawsuit against the Department of Justice and the FBI in March. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich…
100) But wait a minute, why would you refuse to release information if the FBI was never involved...... This was 3 weeks ago.. #SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich…
101) So now you see we've filed FOIA Lawsuits based on the Seth Rich murder. We were told by folks on the left the FBI wasn't involved. The latest from the DOJ proves that's not true, they're refusing to release ANY information on Seth Rich..

Now ask why? #SethRich
102) Jared Beck, the Attorney suing the DNC for Voter Fraud and rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders came out with this bombshell while we were investigating. Jared is a true Patriot! #SethRich #ShawnLucas #HisNameWasSethRich…
103) In October of 2017, multiple National Media outlets reported that President Trump was inquiring about Seth Rich. See the story here below. We would be glad to meet with the President's people and update them on the evidence we have acquired in case.…
104) A little birdie in an Ecuadorian Embassy stated a question. Could he buy something on eBay and have it shipped to him. He reiterated "I"m not saying that's how it happened, but I could do that right"

We have since asked for the eBay and PayPal records of those involved.
105) The Missing Body Cams, something that no one has spent enough time on. The Body cams have now been released in the Las Vegas Shooting

Where are the body cams worn by four of six officers that responded to Seth Rich? Why is Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police not providing?
106) As we stated earlier, the General Order of MPD states body cams must be kept for 65 years when Murder is involved.

MPD is not honoring FOIA requests and Lawsuits filed to produce the body cams. Where are they? What was said? Why are they refusing to provide them? #SethRich
107) The Video from the Flagler Market, Police claim it's not available, but if it is showing it could hamper an ongoing investigation. How so? They're own detectives have attacked our team on Twitter, and admitted they've exhausted all leads. Where is the Flagler Market Video???
108) We've asked neighbors, Banks, Bars, Businesses, Retailers..

Amazing how NO ONE has any video from July 9th or 10th.. No one...

They also all tell us that Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police never asked.

Why wouldn't you want to retrace the steps of what happened?
109) As many of you know by now, we've been sued not once, but twice in our investigations. Once by the brother of Seth Rich, and now by the Crisis Manager that "Volunteered" his services to the family Brad Bauman.

They want to silence our Investigations #SethRich
110) The first lawsuit claims emotional distress, and almost 100% of it is frivolous and fabricated.

The second lawsuit is even more frivolous than the first lawsuit. Claiming we defamed Brad Bauman.

First off, you have to be famous to be defamed folks. No one knows Brad.
111) Understanding the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Witness.

As we mentioned many months ago, a Witness named Kristin Oland claimed she saw two men running into the LeDroit Park area of Washington, D.C. around 4:30 AM. But Police never mention this to anyone. #SethRich
112) Kristin Oland has a unique past..

She spent a decade working for a CIA Contractor..

She's a Pilot... A Vet Tech.. An MMA Fighter.. You know.. Nothing to see here. She just happened to be walking her dogs at 4:30 AM in Washington, D.C the same night Seth Rich was shot.
113) Attempts by our Private Investigators to speak with the witness went un returned. They left voice mails, dropped off business cards, emailed, and made every attempt possible to speak with Miss Oland about the night that Seth Rich was murdered. She's not talking. #SethRich
114) Photographs obtained by our Private Investigators and Deep researchers showed Kristin Oland hanging out at places Seth Rich liked to frequent.

You know, just more coincidences we're sure America.

115) Mike Mueller... Mark Mueller... Whatever his name may be.. He told NBC Washington that he just happened to hear gunshots, 15 houses down, at 4:19 AM in the summertime with everyone's Air Conditioners running. Again, just another pawn in the play we suspect. #SethRich
116) Now who in their right mind, hears gunshots, rolls over and looks at their alarm clock and says "4:19 AM" and then runs out in their robe to see what was the matter in a city like Washington, D.C. unarmed.

Who is Mark/Mike Mueller. (Still Vetting this part of the case)
117) Witnesses arise.

We've been pretty silent about this, until the last 2 weeks. We turned over information from video and audio depositions to people that have offices in the Rayburn building.

We currently are awaiting a response from them on our information. #SethRich
118) We're now waiting on the vetting processes.

Our own Hannibal Moot, Chief Editor of the Bull Truth Magazine, and Partner in America First Media Group has been putting out reports on Intel we have turned over as best he can without doxing those involved. #SethRich
119) Here is Part 1 of Hannibal Moot's report on our Investigation. I encourage all of you to READ it and SHARE it!

The only way we continue to gain momentum and to SOLVE this is with your help.

But you have to have the courage to SHARE and RETWEET information #SethRich
120) Seth Rich, The Justice Series Part 1 by Hannibal Moot @hannibalmoot

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich…
121) Seth Rich, The Justice Series Part 2 by Hannibal Moot @hannibalmoot

#SethRich #HisNameWasSethRich…

• • •

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Oct 7, 2018
⚠️**Official Seth Rich Thread** from America First Media Group
1) Seth Rich was the Data Director of New Voter Registration for the Democratic Party.

He was NOT a "DNC Staffer" as the Mainstream Media would love you to believe, along with the Democrats.
2) Seth Rich was shot at 4:19 AM on the morning of Sunday July 10th, 2016.

CIC Shotspotter (A D.C. Surveillance system on buildings that monitors gun shots and locations picked up the shooting and alerted Police.
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Oct 4, 2018
I’m sorry you feel that way John. We’re the only team in America fighting for the truth in multiple cases. We’re on the ground in Las Vegas right now with Licensed Professionals Investigating. We don’t just make YouTube videos.. We actually do the boots on the ground work. -MC
Furthermore we’ve been In Vegas working for a week, we’ve raised $320... not sure where you or anyone else thinks our team is “making money”

All of our Funding is public on Go Fund Me And Fundly.

Plane Tickets, Hotels, Meals, Travel, FOIAs, etc. are you trolling Tom Fitton to?
And Yes, this turned into a thread. We have hundreds of thousands of followers and the only people who ever complain about our Funding have never donated, they don’t share or retweet our Intel, they just complain. We have less than 500 donors in 1.5 years.. those are the facts.
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Oct 4, 2018
This card was left in US Marine Lieutenant Colonel Matt Meck’s Door. He’s not an ATF Agent, he’s an FBI Agent. Colonel Meck is blowing the whistle on Fast and Furious. We are going to help him anyway we can. #FastandFurious
They are trying to silence Colonel Meck
This was found in Colonel Meck’s mailbox...
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Sep 20, 2018
The President said release the Carter Page FISA and the Text Messages of Comey, Page, Strzok, McCabe, And Ohr to the PUBLIC!!

Any member of Congress or Senate on either side of the political aisle not okay with that, is a traitor to the Republic.

Are you fed up yet America?
This is why I only trust Trump and no one else! The evidence of corruption on both sides is overwhelmingly obvious..
If you don’t trust Trump by now you never will. There is no place in this movement for Never Trumpers like Joe Walsh, Trish Regan, Ben Shapiro and others.

They are bought and paid for opposition period!
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Sep 18, 2018
In just a few minutes I will have an Exclusive LIVE Interview with Former Navy SEAL and founder Craig Sawyer. It's going to be heart wrenching, and I'm truly honored Craig has entrusted my team to do this story. @CraigRSawyer We will not let you down.
You will be able to listen LIVE on all of our platforms, and I encourage you do to so.

You can listen LIVE on Periscope @RealMattCouch

You can listen on Spreaker at…

You can listen on YouTube at…
Again, this will be the first time that anyone will hear what Craig Sawyer, Former Navy Seal is about to reveal.

I know the back story, and I'm crushed for Craig and his family. I am however proud of their courage, fight, and God loving spirit to want to get this out
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