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My first thread. #QAnon #MAGA #WWG1WGA #EnjoyTheShow #PatriotsUnited #TheRainMakers

The other night, May 20th at 1:17 I posted this tweet... pretty much just another night: saving the world one tweet at a time and seeking justice for Seth.

The next morning I read President Trump's tweets like a good American.

I saw similarities to my tweet 8 hours earlier and the wheels started turning.

"There's no off position on the genius switch"
Kind of in jest and a little freaked I posted this tweet about the similarities and @POTUS "responding" to my tweet. Ha ha!

I started thinking, if @POTUS really responded to my tweet, what about Seth? I realized he couldn't mention Seth for obvious reasons but I kept thinking about it. I remembered that Q told us "misspellings matter". Q said "Learn" so I did.... back in March.
Q said they can't come right out with the brutal truth so we were told what to look for. Misspelled words. Missing letters, extra letters, miscapitalized words, etc...

So I looked, it took a minute but there it was.... I saw SCR and my jaw dropped.
I started #AmericanHeroSethRich in 2016 and think of Seth every day. My hero list is very short.

I knew instantly what SCR meant: Seth Conrad Rich.

I updated my tweet.
I'm shadow banned but the tweet started to get some traction. @DocRock1007 mentioned it in a thread and exposure grew.

It got picked up by a web site that did a great synopsis of Seth and ending with my tweet!…
Was this even real? Pinch me!

I updated my graphic to show the similar wording in Trump's tweet about the DNC server "in the center of" the hack hoax / all the Corruption...
The best part?

Feeling like I made a difference and helped President Trump raise awareness and seek justice for Seth. My personal hero.

Trump connected with me. Sitting here at a place I call nowhere.

Message sent and received! Decoded and spread!

The icing on the cake? Within hours and right on "Q" the Boston Globe did a story on Trump's typos and how they're a joke pointed at deplorables.

Classic deflection can only mean one thing.... a nerve was struck!…
MSM mocking birds couldn't let Trump draw a connection between the DNC and #SethRich. Why?

All roads from Russia lead back to the real source: Seth Rich.

Those who followed me before may recall my tag line and pinned tweet:

"Hillary Clinton blamed everyone in the world except the man most responsible for her defeat: Seth Rich"
I tried to get a Seth's birthday trending as #SethRichDay,

I suggested Seth have a chapter in history books and that his name be known in every household.

I nominated Seth for "Man of the Year" - (With him we'd have her}.
I hounded Donna Brazile relentlessly. I was brutal.

I stopped and made a public apology when she dedicated her book (in part) to "Seth Rich, patriot"
I loved the way #WikiLeaks and Trump Jr punked MSM to spread the word about Seth with MSM got real quiet about the DM's when they saw the link. Bravo!
I was there at 4am the morning "Seth Rich" and "John Podesta" were trending together before tw spotted it.

Me? I screen capped it.
Does Trump know me and how I felt about Seth? Nah, it's all a coincidence.

We now know that President Trump is aware of #SethRich's connection to the DNC server.

He told us.

He allowed me to bring that message to you and I am grateful.

I love our President and love you all!
p.s. I originally responded to a reply to one of Trump's tweets.

Yes, I'm up at the wee hours of the morning doing battle with trolls to defend our pres and what is right. It's how I roll.

Of course I included Seth in my tweet.... the rest is history!

* correct link to tweet

• • •

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