So, I mentioned yesterday that it felt like the so-called "feminists" on everybody's least favourite board were, in the terms of the analogy, working themselves up to another tantrum spiral.

Turns out I was right. And with things like this I hate being right, but, well, at least it's even more exposure about what really goes on at the so-called "Feminism Chat" board on @MumsnetTowers #mumsnet

CW: #Transphobia

2/n Yet another #transphobic post from the so-called
So, first of all, what am I talking about when I say 'tantrum spiral'.

@MumsnetTowers so-called "feminists" have a distinct posting pattern of late.

i) Things start to slump on the board, and they lose a few more posters.
ii) To try and make the board look more...

important than it is they will deliberately create a post they know not only breaches the distinctly lax and hazy Talk Guidelines, but is also filled with #transphobic dog-whistles that is an attempt to make them look reasonable to the lookers on.

iii) They get called...

on their bullshit and, eventually, and very begrudgingly, @MumsnetTowers #mumsnet does something about it as even they realise this is dragging their rep something hard.

iv) The so-called "feminists" then jump up and down howling about censorship, and being silenced...

and, of course, lashings of "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"

v) Tantrum then dies down, because nobody's listening. Board moves back towards sullen silence, and everything goes back to Step (i)
Welcome to Step (ii) from the so-called "feminists" @MumsnetTowers #mumsnet

So let's break this post down:

CW: #Transphobia

7/n Yet more #transphobia from a so-called
"I'm having trouble understanding how you can look at us and see hate? . . . We can't make you something you're not,"

Really, because you are the ones calling for an end to all medical treatment for trans ppl. The only treatment you want to offer are talking treatments...

That have been expressly described as 'Conversion Therapy' under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the BACP, the RCPsych, and others.

So don't think to piss on our chips and call it vinegar. We know what you're about with your claims because you want to make us

something we're exactly not.

Then there's this, and golly-gee there's a lot packed into there to breakdown.

Not only are we looking at some blatent and deliberate misgendering here, look at the language being used...

CW: #transphobia, #mumsnet, @MumsnetTowers

11/n Even more #transphobia from the so-called
"...would not have been appointed to labor as a feminine man. They would not have accepted him as he is"

Where to even start with that sentence. Trans women aren't "feminine men", I doubt that the Labour Party as a whole has a problem with actual GNC men being members...

12/n Same screenshot as previous post
and, regardless of how these GNC men wish to express themselves, I'm also fairly certain that the Labour Party would have accepted them as they are The Liberal Democrats certainly do. They also understand the difference between trans women and GNC identifying men...

not the least of which is that the former are women, and the latter men.

"They hate feminine men so much they demand that you hate yourselves and deny your reality"

Well, trans women aren't feminine men, and the only people who hate either and demand that we deny our...

reality are hateful, transphobic arseholes including you and the rest of TERFdom.

"Your self loathing is the only part of you that they value."

The only reason that trans ppl experience self-loathing is because of the hate they experience from bigots like you and other...

TERFs. As repeated studies have shown, trans ppl experience vastly improved mental health when they aren't exposed to hate from the people around them and society. TERFs quite literally are the reason for a lot of the mental health problems that trans ppl experience...

and also have their share of the responsibility for the shockingly high levels of suicide attempts and self-harm amongst the trans community.

So don't try and play on "self-loathing" you loathsome piece of #transphobic-filled hate, because every decent person knows...

exactly which quarter the loathing and hate comes from.

"We accept Transwomen as feminine men . . . Transmen as masculine women"

Really? Because that's exactly the same rhetoric used by 14/88 scum. Their views on BaME. . .

CW: #transphobia, #mumsnet, @MumsnetTowers

18/n Still more #transphobia from the so-called
, Jewish, and LGBT+ ppl are very well known. They only accept them as being "subhuman".

So take your hatred that you so desperately want to disguise as "acceptance" and ram it repeatedly into as many of your orifices as you can manage...

Trans men AREN'T masculine women.

Trans men ARE men.

Trans women AREN'T feminine women.

Trans women ARE women.

Non-binary people AREN'T a fad or a phase. Non-binary people ARE as valid in their gender identity as any other person on the planet.

And here we have what is probably one of the most disgusting dog-whistles I've ever seen turn up on Mumsnet.

"...the right to be around people like you and share experiences with them, organize with them, etc."

CW: #transphobia, dog-whistle #racism #mumsnet, @MumsnetTowers 21/n #transphobic hate call using a racist dog-whist by a so-called
If you've ever campaigned against Apartheid, you know those words, and that language. You've seen it used by ppl who support Apartheid.

If you've ever campaigned against Nazies the same is true.

Likewise for those in my US audience who campaigned against Jim Crow laws...

or are campaigning now against the vast and horrific injustices experienced by PoC and their communities at the hands of not only individuals, but state institutions.

Any Aboriginal, Native, or First Nations person knows that language.

It's the language of partition, . .

of hate. It's the language that says, 'We'll only tolerate you existence as long as you only stay with your own kind, and don't try to join the rest of us in society.'

It's the language that says, 'You stay with your own kind, don't mingle with us, after all it'll make...

it so much easier to round you up, to inter you, to make you useful members of society without you having to be a part of that society, to end you.'

Maybe this is another thread that you should be looking at @sainsburys what with your desire to be seen hand-in-hand with Mumsnet.
The responses in the @MumsnetTowers #mumsnet so-called "Feminism Chat" thread aren't any better.

Although congrats to this poster for posting exactly why they are hate-filled, obsessed, #transphobic, TERF bigot whilst being completely unaware that's what they've just done.
You've had answers. Repeatedly. There's one right here. It's this thread.

And guess what. It's out in a very public platform, where anyone can see it with a minimum of looking, and not being posted in an echo-chamber of #tranphobia filled hate.
unroll please

Thank you, as always❣️

• • •

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Sep 11, 2018
And the @MumsnetTowers anti-trans hate group over on "Bigot's Corner" are still busy with their legal illiteracy as they yet again deploy their Freeman-on-the-land arguments, this time with Girl Guiding.

So much deliberate stupidity—so little time, but let's unpack this...

"Having considered this I feel I can see where the issue is arising."

No, no you can't. No, seriously, you can't. You've made up an issue and have cherry-picked words from the Equality Act to support your arguments, but that's not how the law works.

"Equality Act 2010 does not suggest that single sex children’s organisations assort individuals as per their gender"

No, EA2010 doesn't suggest anything. It says straight out, unless an org meets the highly stringent exception set out in the EqA, an exception that can...

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Jul 23, 2018
Ah, the anti-trans crowd are desperately trying to get #ROGD traction and legitimacy by trying to get it trending on Twitter.

So let's break it down.

#ROGD is pseudo-scientific bunkum that has less credibility than the flat earth theory.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

But in all seriousness, #ROGD is nothing more than the #transphobic denial of reality, and an attempt to explain away a phenomenon that has parallels running throughout history and is already well understood.

See, here's the thing. As the results of the UK LGBT Survey...

showed, trans ppl in the UK still face horrific levels of abuse and discrimination in society. And, as with any marginalised group in society that faces that level of threat to their safety and health, anybody who wants to come out as being trans has to make a calculation...
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Jun 16, 2018
So, 29 pages of hand-written notes on the legal underpinnings re:Contracting States obligations under the Convention to respect an individual's Article 8 rights to self-declaration of individual sexual identity, how this led to the current GRA2004, and how recent...

ECHR rulings mean that GRA2004 is now no longer fit for purpose as it likely places the UK in breach of it's treaty duties under the Convention.

Tomorrow: examination of the legal process of self-declaration, models used, international take-up, future-proof compliance with...2/n
upcoming ECHR judgements, and likely future challenges.

And then Monday: examination of the benefits of self-declaration, and how implementing such a system can save the Government a load of wonga by highlighting all the studies that show just how vastly mental health...

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Jun 9, 2018
Mmm. this is an interesting one. Bare basics, police refused to offer the job of Constable to a trans woman, claiming that she was legally male, so couldn't conduct more than cursory searches of women, but was visibly female, and so couldn't. . .

carry out more than cursory searches of men, under the terms of PACE.

Conclusion of the tribunal was that this amounted to discrimination and that the officer in question would be able to legally carry out all searches in what is now known as their acquired gender, thereby...2/n
determining that presentation of gender should be used as the guide for determination of sex for use in interpretation of law under such circumstances.

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May 27, 2018
The #IWasCalledTERF #IwascalledaTERF crowd are at it with their pity-party again.

Maybe they should try some honesty:

'#IwascalledaTERF because I want to eradicate trans ppl from society'
'#IWasCalledTERF because I don't want trans ppl to openly be themselves'
'#IWasCalledaTERF because I want to deny trans ppl access to medical treatment'

'#IWasCalledTERF because I've called for trans kids to undergo Conversion Therapy'

'#IWasCalledaTERF because I've engaged in targeted harassment of trans individuals'
'#IWasCalledaTERF because I've harassed people who stand up for trans people'

'#IWasCalledTERF because I've taken it upon myself to be the sole judge and arbiter of people's appearences'

'#IWasCalledaTERF because I've said trans girls are rapists who want access to other girls'
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May 21, 2018
Well, those so-called "feminists" are once more at it on @MumsnetTowers #mumsnet trying yet again to claim that nobody at Mumsnet was serious in calling for a return of s28 to schools, this time solely targeting trans kids: Mumsnet so-called
Which is a weird bit of selective blindness. It doesn't take much of a search to find the times that posters, including very prolific posters, to the so-called "Feminism Chat" board have called, in one form or another, for an end to the teaching of trans issues in schools

2/n Mumsnet so-called Mumsnet so-called Mumsnet so-called Mumsnet so-called
I mean, they just can't stop going on about it. . .

3/n Mumsnet so-called Mumsnet so-called Mumsnet so-called Mumsnet so-called
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